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Forbidden Love Series: Book 1: Dark Side

Novel By: icebelly
Young adult

When stange things start happening after he returns home after his 2nd year of college. Alez is forced to come to reality. His best friend has changed, and now his ex and his new love interst is starting to fight for his attention. Then when a stange attack happens, Alez is faced with a discover of his life. What is Alez ever going to do... View table of contents...


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Wooo! Wooo! He heard the train whistle as Alez watch the old black locomotive train pulls out of the station. His bags standing at his feet as he walked toward a bench to sit as he waited for his sister Nicky to show up to pick him up.

He sat there and rubbed his short black hair causing the blonde tips to dance on top of his head. He turned as he pulled his guitar off his back and looked at it. His golden hands ran across the strings as he looked at the reflection falling back on to his hazel color eyes changing colors in the light. A smile danced across his face as he strummed the strings. The music filled the air, taking away the dullness of Rustle Fields Station.

A sharp pain went on the left side of his arm as he rubbed his golden crossing swords tattoo that was a gift from his dad on his eighteenth birthday. Then it hit him of the memory of his dad's cruel death.

It was the middle of April, a rainy day in Memphis. Alez was preparing for his finals then Graduation. Then it happen, right in the middle of third period, he was instantly called to the office where he met his high school counselor, school vice principle, along with Nicky sitting there when he walked into the conference room. He sat next to Nicky and then the news was poured on to them… The rest of that was a burry memory as Alez rubbed his tattoo, for some reason, it always hurt, even after Dad took him to it.

A chill went down his spine as he pulled out his IPhone so he could read the email, which Nicky had sent him before leaving for the summer break from Mississippi State University. He took out his IPhone and read the email his sister had sent him:

Dear Alez,

I cannot wait for you to come home. Mom is so excited for the whole family coming home for the summer break. Even Joey is coming back home for summer break! I know, you and me, with him never getting along, but I'm so ready for all of us to be home. Mom told me you'd be home in time for Graduation. I can't wait! I already got my cap and gown and Mom is ready. Well I gotta get ready. I'll email you later bro.

Love you Bro,


He could not help but suppress a smile as he read it.

"Nick," he said to himself as he shook his head, "you are a crazy sister, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

I wonder how she has changed he thought to himself as he put in his ear buds listening to ­Good Time by Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen and he took out a pack of cigarettes.

He could hear in the back of his mind his Vocal Professor nagging at him Alex, you need to stop smoking that is bad for you and your voice

He looked at it, took one out, and lit it up. He took a long drag and then put it out. He was in the process of quitting.

He watched as he saw cars come up and down the road and I watched as a sliver ford truck pulled up and his heart dropped. It was none other than Joey coming to pick him up.

"Little brother," he said as he grabbed my stuff and sat it in the bed of the truck.

"Joey," Alez replied coolly. Alez could tell instantly that his brother had not changed one bit. His brother had on a camouflage-browning cap on with his sunglasses covering his eyes. His brown hair show very shortly behind his hat as he had a big wad of winter mint grizzly in his mouth, a person could instantly tell that based off the fact of his spit cup in his cup holder. His board shoulders shifted around as we started down the interstate. He was blaring his "Zac Brown Band" music as Alez bitterly much hated.

"Would you mind turning off that bullshit you call music," Alez said sharply toward his brother. It was bad enough he was riding in the truck with the puking smell of his chewing tobacco. His brother being five years older than he was, it did not help matters none. Joey looked at his brother and just turned up the music even louder.

Alez groaned in annoyance as we got off the main interstate and drove down the road. He knew Alez hated country and any genre that was closely associated to it. Also then, they didn't get along because Joey saw his brother as a faggot that would try to rape him in his sleep. Alez came out his freshman year of high school in a big way and it didn't help matters none when his brother made a huge deal out of it. He was one of the main bullies that would bully him.

"Stop your whining you piss ant," Joey said hatefully.

He simply shot a glare at his brother and simply retorted, "Why don't you grow up and at least stop being a dumb redneck."

Joey gripped the steering wheel as his knuckles turning ghost white.

"Listen here," Joey said rising his voice, "I don't care if it hair licks the Pope, this is my goddamn truck! Not some hussy ass faggot's beetle."

Anger and blood pulsed in his ears, he was now officially angry and it was not going to be simply calm as it normally is.

"You will not call me that again!"

"I didn't call you that, you need to learn who driving and who isn't"

"Pull over this redneck deathtrap," Alez said as his brother pulled over on the side of the road now four blocks away from his house, "I'll walk home, and you can explain to mom what happen." He grabbed his luggage and guitar and slammed his brother's door hard.

Joey took off down the road as Alez started to walk toward the house. He knew anger was building up side of him and nothing was going to be able to put it out of his mind.


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