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New kid, new school, junior year of high school sounds fun right? Well, you are dead wrong, or that is how Kadon Maxco feels about it. He just transferred from out of state over 200 miles away from the place he was rose up in, away from all his friends and family, just to live with his dad. His story is there has been more than enough trouble going on, and now Kadon’s mother fears for her son and she and him leaves their hometown of St. Louis to live with his father in the small town of Staryhorn, Mississippi. Now Kadon is a new kid in a small town, but strange mystic are start to happen. First his aunt’s strange powers, and then he falls into a portal that takes him to another world where his family original comes from. He must hurry and discover how to master he knew found powers and destroy the dark creature of the night or the whole world collapses around him and falls into a black hole. Now he must hurry with his new friends to save not only save his family but must save both worlds.

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Chapter 1


An amber sunset fell upon the small town, standing outside near the baseball field. The breeze softly blew as a small white Chevy 94' truck pulled up in the parking lot. A window rolled down to reveal a small woman with her hair pulled back in a bun, her sharp green eyes pierced the air, as she glared around the field.

Her eyes carefully looking around studying her surroundings, things have not changed in years since she had been there. Still the same old field where she met her first love. Just then, a soft breeze bellowed behind her and a voice followed it.

"Why Anna," said the voice from the dugout of the field.

The woman's eyes retracted toward the dugout, "So you came?" her voice was full of question. She was clearing not expecting to see her ex in her dream

"Yes, I did and the only reason was the voicemail I got from you." He said as he revealed himself. His eyes were dark dirt brown, and his hair matched his eyes as he followed her getting out of the car - a cigarette hanging from his thin lips.

She weary glared at him and walked toward him with her arms crossed.

"Anna, it has been years since I last saw you." He said as he wrapped her in a hug.

Anna just pushed him away, "Jason, I know, but I…"

She started to say and then he cut her off, "Tell me what happen. I need to know so I can protect you and Kadon"

She just gulped and then she started, "It happen yesterday, luckily this time Kadon was at school, and had the protection of the other youth there, but 'him' has found a way into the school. I do not know the exact details; but a fight broke out with Kadon and this boy, and Kadon beat the boy down with his fist, but when I got there, I found out Kadon was expelled from the school for fighting repeating times and I can't keep him here with me. I have my job and life to worry about, but he is now in grave danger. His protector was in the fight. His death was by a lightening elemental with the name of Shicok..." Her lips tighten up fast and then she said all in a blur, "but when I got word of this, I used -what little I had left-magic to put a protection spell around Kadon."

He stood there silent, and then he said, "When will he be coming to live with me…"

His eyes were unreadable as the dream slowly shifted into a classroom sitting. The ceilings where high and had soundproof walls. The classroom was sitting at the end of the hallway of the school that she once attended with Jason.

"You remember this classroom?" He asked with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"How could I forget? This was Coach Skinner's old room. We got into so much trouble in his class, remember senior year when we had him for a year of study hall. We had him going there for a while."

Her eyes lit up with memories but then faded quickly.

He walked her over to his old desk and said, "And now I got Coach Skinner's room as my class room here. I teach World History and U.S. Government now."

Anna just laughed and pulled out a small emerald gem.

"You still have your spirit gem!" Jason said shocked at what he seen in her hand.

"Yes, I managed to keep her all these years," she smiled as she walked toward the open window, "I still see you have your spirit gem." She noted to a small sapphire gem sitting on a stand.

"Yeah, he..." He was cut-off by a sudden sound.

Just then, a loud cackle filled the air, and Jason and Anna both quickly turned.

"Why, Anna and Jason, how are you two lovely doing?" The air became dry as the desert. Jason and Anna both froze in there.

"Michael!" Both of them said at the same time as a young looking man with cold blonde hair and solid white eyes walked into the room.

"It's so nice to see you two again." He looked at them as he walked to the front of the room where they were in the back. "How nice to be able to enter this dream world in a place you're both so familiar with. It is such."

"What do you want Michael!" Jason said with a plucky voice, as he got in front of Anna to protect her. The young man busted into laughter at the sight of him protecting Anna.

"Do you honestly think you can protect her, Jason? Think again." The boy's voice changed from a low tone to a deep demon voice.

Just then, the room started to change into an open field, like the football field. Michael just grinned and stomped the ground sending a rippling wave of earth toward Jason and Anna.

"No you don't!" Anna shouted as she got in front of him. "I am not going to let you hurt him." She punched the ground sending a shockwave back to him.

"WHAT!" Michael shouted as Anna approached him with her fist high. "I warned you before; death can always be put back into a seal." Just then, she opened her eyes and she held up the small emerald she had in her hand. "You remember when I got this; we both got it the same time. But you wanted more, more a lust for destroying things that were never meant to be yours," she said "but you shall never beat me!

Just then in a huge whirlwinds, a giant like loin creature appeared. Her fur was a dark tan, and her eyes where an emerald green. "My lady," she roared as she approached to protect from Michael's attacks. "I warned you Michael once before and you shall be warned again!" Nefert said with a deep growl in her throat. "But no time for warnings for they are no use to you." Just then, she let out a giant rumble sent Michael flying backwards causing him to flip but he landed on his feet.

"My my," he said, "Nefert, I see your no longer a cub that I use to see all the time. Last time you were younger more developing just like me, but this time I think I have something that will stop you."

She growled deeply as he approached her, "You are going to learn not to dare attack me again, but I do have a little surprise for you now." He took out a black onyx gem, "you see this? This is the pure darkness gem, it has the power to allow me to take any spirit, and make them mine.

Anna's eyes widen in horror, as did Nefert's, "I would never obey your command." She growled at him with a fury in her voice.

Michael just laughed with a dark grin and then said, "As, darkness falls on the land, and as fire is fueled by the flames of death, I, Michael Heart us the Dark Onyx to capture and seal the spirit of earth!" He held out the gem and it started to glow. His dark evil grin grew and his eyes got lust filled in them, and his mouth moved with the dancing of darkness.

Neferet knew to retreat but she could not because of the dark powers where getting to strong. What is going? Anna thought as the darkness drew near to Neferet.

Neferet let out a loud roar in rage, but she could not

Just as before a huge whirlwinds came, but this time a giant black raven appeared. His eyes blood red and let out a scream that made Neferet disappear.

Horror filled Anna's eyes as she fell to the ground in pain and sorrow. "I can't believe I just lose my spirit." She howled in pain, her body felt like it was on fire.

Just then, Michael's eyes when from white to deep pit black, "You mainly see why I returned Reaper is strong enough now to take you all way. For on the next full moon I make my return to the world, and when I do, I swear I will destroy everyone in my path."

Just as he finished his sentence, a huge wave abyss hit both Jason and Anna sending their dreams into nightmares.

Just with that, the dream completely faded out and Anna woke up in her room grasping for air. It seemed like a powerful spirit she could not see attacked her.

Just then, she quickly jolted out of her room, down the hall to her son's room. She found him sleeping peacefully undisbursed. I am so happy to see he is okay. She thought as she walked back down the hall but still she worried that her son was to be attack, I hope he is going to be okay. She walked out of the room and back to her room where she dreamed without another dream for that night.


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