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The English Girl Falling For The American Boy

Novel By: iceprincess13
Young adult

Brooke is your typical 16 year old London girl. But when Brooke finds out she has to move to Miami, Florida because of her Dad's job, she is not happy, especially when she has to start school there too.
Meet Nick who's 16, the bad boy of the school, the jock, the popular and every girl in school loves him, except Brooke of course when she finds out what a jerk he is. When she tells him how it is, he finds her somewhat attractive, and she thinks that she likes him too. But they carry on hating each other, when really they're loving each other. This is the English Girl Falling For The American Boy.

Warning: Contains swearing in various points of the novel!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 13, 2012    Reads: 356    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I can't believe that it's first day of school in Florida. I've been here for the last 2 weeks settling in and have managed to make a few friends, with the girl next door Sophie. This is the time to dress to impress, I mean if you are starting a new school, you kinda want to, but you have to check out the cliches, the competition and of course the boys! I am really excited but I am so nervous, I mean I'm the London girl going to school in America, big change! I take one last look at myself in the mirror, it's hot today so I've chosen some deniem short, shorts and a white lacey top which sit nicely on my hips, then my wedges. I pick up my bag filled with books, my make up bag, girly supplies and a change of clothes ready to go meet Sophie outside. 'Hey Soph,' I say giving her a hug. 'Hi Brooke, you ready for school?' Soph asks as we start walking. 'Honest? No, I'm nervous like hell!' I say laughing. 'Don't worry, I'm sure all the boys will love your accent!' Soph teases as we cross the road to meet up with the rest of the gang. There's Lexi who's the gossipy one, Madison the bubbly one and Michela the popular one. 'Hey Brooke,' they all say when they see me, I smile and they all hug me. 'Let's go guys, I want to check out the new hot guys in school,' Soph whines we all laugh and walk to school faster. We get to "high school" or as I call it secondary school and it is massive. Back home in Chelsea our school seems tiny compared to here. Soph and I make our way to the reception area to pick up my schedule for class, and somehow Sophie managed to get me to have the same classes as her. We make our way to homeroom and I take a seat beside Sophie at the paired desks. So far everything is great people are talking to me, telling me my accents cute, I'm loving Florida. 'Anyway you see that guy who just walked in, in the white shirt, yeah that's Nick Santiago, stay away from him, girls watch him from a distance,' Sophie says looking at him. Ok this guy was hot! He's obviously Hispanic with his surname being Santiago, Spanish guys are hot! Anyway he's really tan, has this amazing brown eyes with hints of green, the perfect jawline and his lips, oh I could so kiss those lips.... What am I thinking I don't even know they guy and he looks like a total bad boy, every girl wants a bit of bad boy. Then the homeroom teacher Ms Russon comes in to register us and then lets us make our way to class. 'Let's go, I'll show you your locker and then we'll go to history,' Soph says as we walk down the corridor. We stop at my locker and you never guess who's is next to mine, Nicks. He looks down at me then looks away at Sophie, 'Hey Soph,' Nick says closing his locker. 'Hi Nick, this is Brooke, you know the girl from England I was telling you about,' Soph says looking at him with a smile. 'Hi,' I say as he looks at me, he turns away to face Sophie. 'Anyway, I'm still coming over later right?' Nick asks leaning closer towards Soph. 'Yeah, you still picking me and Brooke up?' Soph asks placing a hand on his chest. 'Gladly,' He says looking at me before walking away out of school. I look at Sophie and raise an eyebrow, 'What happened to watch him from a distance?' I ask as we link arms and make our way to History. 'I've known Nick since I was 12, yeah I still think he's hot,' Sophie says giggling. So far I'm liking school, but I think that at the moment from the way Nick's been acting towards me, he seems like a bit of a jerk.


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