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15... And Pregnant?!

Novel By: iLOVEyu424
Young adult

Aadi Leigh was 14 and had been invited to a party. It wasn't a regualar teen party and she wasn't expecting some of the unsupervised things that were about to happen. On her 15th birthday she gets something very unexpected and when she finds herself tied up in deep knots, she realizes she would have to eventually spill the secrets she's been hiding her whole life, but how? She's already going through a tough time and now has to think of the hard decisions she'll have to make. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 2, 2011    Reads: 425    Comments: 18    Likes: 2   

Aadi's alarm clock woke her from another dreamless sleep. She reached across the bed to turn it off and looks at the time, 12:30am. For a minute she tried to remember why she had set it for that late and realized her mom left for work at 11:00pm. The party! She was already out of bed and walked to the bathroom. After she undressed herself, she started the shower. Before she stepped in, Aadi took the razor she left on the sink from earlier that day. She dragged the razor slowly through her wrist, and smirks at the sight of the blood running from the cut. "Give me good luck tonight," she said to herself, remembering what people always said to her. "Freak, pain's your only friend so go enjoy it before you die. We all know that wont be long," They would say laughing. Though, she didn't care, she wanted to die. Pushing the pointless thought away, she stepped into the shower and let out a calm sigh. The steaming water felt good running down her back. When she was done she grabbed a towel and walked into her room. She was thankful her mom got a house that had her own bathroom, that way no one would see her cuts. Nobody in her familly knew about her cutting and she planned on keeping it that way. The only reason she started was because it was better than dealing with all the emotions of her father and older brother being murdered two years ago. She turned the light on, showing black walls and only lighting the room enough for her to see where she was going. A little over 5 minutes of looking in her closet, she officially didn't know what to wear. She thought about just going in her chained black pants and a black skulled shirt but decided instead, she wanted to dress like a slut and show off the body everyone said she didn't have. She thought maybe it would keep them from saying stuff about her in the future but still had her doubts. Then, she remembered the clothes her x gave her to go to a club. She glanced down to see if they were still at the bottom of her closet where she left them. They were. After quickly putting them on she walked over to the mirror to see how they fit her. As soon as she saw herself, her eyes lit up. "It's perfect." She grinned at the way the black mini skirt showed off the scarrs on her legs and how the rips in the pink, skin tight, belly shirt drew attention to her tan body. As she was walking back into the bathroom she started putting her hair up. It's been so long since she's had all of it up but didn't care for tonight. She finished, exposing her skinny face and dark blue eyes. After applying her make-up, she almost ran down the stairs. Her purse was laying on the kitchen table so she could quick grab it and leave. When Aadi got outside, she saw her friends waiting for her to get in the car. She opened the door and sat in the back seat with four other people. It was crowded but no one seemed to care. Everyone in the car saw Aadi's outfit and complimented her, saying she was a beautiful whore and other things. It made them feel good to be called trashy names every once in a while.


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