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Sixteen year old Lily Cole lived her entire life on the streets as a drug dealer and attic,when she meets Spencer Lewis an high school loner and out cast with abusive parents Spencer and Lily depend on each other as each others as breathing air and best friends...maybe more? View table of contents...


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My journey begins on the streets of Detroit Michigan,three out of ten teens go homeless yearly,from drug problems and such. My story was more complicated then that,I didn't end up here cause of drugs or anything like that,I was forced to live this way. My mother gave birth to me in an back alley,I was a rape baby,my father..well lets just say he's some sick bastard who raped my mom at a young age,she died giving birth to me on some shitty matress beside a dumpster,at midnight on Halloween.

I suppose your asking why I just couldn't get a job or go to school,I tried to do both but found myself failing each time.

I found shelter under an old bridge by the river,I lived with three others,a woman named May she took me in and treated me like her own child,an older man named Jerry,funny guy when he's not all hopped up on drugs,and a young girl around my age named Lydia,sweet girl she had high spirits for someone who doesn't have a house.

My feet were frozen cold through my worn out sneakers,as I shuffled down the busy sidewalk. Christmas was just ten days away,people were hurrying off to do Christmas shopping,I'd just be lucky to find at least a scrap of meat in the dumpster this Christmas.

I shoved my cold hands in my over sized hoodie's pocket,keeping my head down not daring to make eye contact with anybody,my hoodie's hood hiding my face from wondering eyes. Even if somebody did look at me,they would be greeted by my scars and bruises I had,from beatings I got while out here.

A beautiful girl underneath abuse.

My foot got caught on a creak in the sidewalk,tripping falling off the curb,my hands shooting out to protect myself from the impact. I noted that nobody stopped to see if I was okay,of course they wouldn't,nobody would give a time of day to a gross and dirty drug attic teenage girl,with no future ahead of her.

I curled my bruised hands close to my chest,and cried my body trembling violently,I was so cold and hungry.

I got ahold of myself standing up limping all the way back to the shelter.

"Lily? Lily what happened"? May asked in panic holding me arms length,to look at me properly.

"I fell off the curb,M'okay"

"Your freezing cold,your gonna freeze you poor thing" She wrapped a blanket around my trembling body,leading me over to a fire. Dry snot clung to my face my eyes heavy with black bags under them,from lack of sleep.

Why did life hate me so much?.

"Soup"? May offered me,handing me a can.

"Thank you" I slowly ate it,savoring the taste unsure when my next meal was.

"Lydia how is your baby"? I asked noticing the girl still had her big baby belly,chances is she wont make it through the winter,nor her baby sad as it is.

"I don't know,is it normal for her not to move"?

"Its a girl"? I asked putting the can down,crawling over to the pregnant girl sitting across from me.

Lydia nodded. "Yes,I known for awhile now"

I placed my bruised hands on her stomach. I felt a tiny little kick,I looked up at her and smiled. "I think its gonna be fine"

Lydia looked relieved,going back to eating her soup,she had two bellies to fill. I gave Jerry a friendly smile.

"How are you"?

The man returned a tired smile. "Tired but still pulling along"

I made sure everybody was happy and comfortble,before I took care of myself.

I went to my little cornor where my cot was,curling into myself falling asleep.

I woke up alone everyone else must of went off to find breakfast. I slipped on my shoes and left the safety of the shelter,into the cold morning air.

The sun shining behind some clouds,I liked mornings,they were always so crisp and beautiful,snow covering the earth like a blanket.

I shoved my hands in my pockets,and went across the street to the Gas Station.

A group of middle aged men stood by the enterance,they stopped talking when I neared them,fear welling up deep inside me.

The first thing they noticed wasn't the cute girl but the scars and bruises all over her pretty face.

"Hey sugar tits" One of them cat called,reaching out to grab my arm,I quickly yanked it back,fear clear in my eyes.

"What happened to your face baby doll"? Another asked in a smug tone,leering at me in an uncomfortble hungry manner.

"Its none of your buisness" I snarled in the most unfriendly way I could muster.

I was grabbed from behind,and yanked around I would of screamed,if a piece of cloth wasn't shoved so deeply in my mouth. Tears became visable. I sqeaked into the cloth when I got slapped across the face.

"Come on bitch! Lemme see that pretty body of yours"!

I screamed behind the cloth,as my body was dragged to the cold ground,hands from every direction,ripping at my clothes. I tried to fight agiest the hands,but I found myself powerless agiest them. I was downright terrified.

I began to cry when they made a way beneath my baggy and ripped jeans. "Damn baby! nice legs"!

I spat the cloth out and screamed,kicking as they forced my pants all the way off,along with my underwear,oh.my.god the only protection I had.

I noted that my breathing became hypervenlating and panic pants. I was scared shitless and I couldn't protect myself!.

I sqealed in fear when my hoodie and tee shirt was ripped off my soar and abused body,my back hitting the cold pavement below me brutally,causing wind to be knocked out of me.

Hands grabbed at every exposed piece of flesh I bared,I screamed and flared my cries became hysterical. I bit into my tongue,until I tasted the iron and salty taste of blood.

My blood.

I felt a strong hands grab my chocolate brown hair,slamming my head back agiest the pavement. My eyes rolled to the back of my head before blacking out.

I felt a pair of strong arms supporting me upwards,however these arms were different,they were gentle and careful. My eyes creaked open,my vision blurry,I blinked a couple times to correct it.

A boy,I was laying in this boys arms,he didn't look any older then me,maybe seventeen or eighteen,striking black hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was looking at me with a worried expression.

"Thank god,I thought you died on me" His voice gentle and soothing,he lifted my head very gently,tilting a water bottle to my creaked and bloody lips. I greedily drank the water,loving how it soothed my abused throat.

I also noticed that I was wearing a hoodie,his hoodie I guess.

"People were looking,so I wrapped you in my hoodie"

"What.....what happpened to-"

"Shhhh its okay,their gone I got rid of them,your safe now"

I signed closing my eyes resting my head agiest his soild chest,listening to his gentle heart beat,soothing me.

Who was this sweet and gentle boy? why haven't I seen him around?.

He dabbed my bloody lips with the cornor of his long sleeve shirt. "Lets get you out of here,my mom is a nurse she can help you"

"You don't have to...." I started but he cut me off with a stern look,the look a mother would give their children when they misbehave.

"I insist"

I let him carry me,he spoke to me in a soft voice the entire time,making sure I was comfortble and at ease.

The hospital was warm I had a full body shiver,causing him to coo to me adoraboly.

"Spencer what are-Spencer what happened"??? A red haired woman asked alarmed staring at me in horror.

"I found her on the side of the road,she was attacked and raped by a group of college guys,I couldn't just leave her,so I thought you could help her,maybe call her parents...."?

"I don't....I don't have any" I murmured.

Spencers mother gave me a pitied look. "You poor little thing"!

I managed to get a room,he softly layed me on the bed rubbing my cold hands between his,in attempt to warm them up.

I stared at him not saying a word,truely amazed by this boy,I wanted to know so much more about him as time went on,for now I would let him take care of me.


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