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Under The Breeze

Novel By: ItsNaomiHun
Young adult

A story I started writing a while ago just for fun, and decided to share now...This only the first chapter. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 17, 2013    Reads: 4    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

After getting off the highway onto the exit Into Ft. Lauderdale we both seemed to let our guards down a bit. "Turn left when you hit 15th" I told him. He didn't answer me he just stared ahead with a look of determination on his face. I rolled my eyes I wasn't in the mood for his bullshit. We'd been driving four hours straight with no cigarette breaks, no bathroom breaks, and no stops for food. He was actually lucky he didn't get slick with me...that would have resulted in a car crash. My entire body was shaking, and I don't know if it was from lack of nicotine or lack of food, and possibly lack of sleep. King turned on fifteenth and drove a little ways. "Turn right on 3rd, you hear?" I told him. He just nodded his head. We arrived at my place pretty quick. And I hopped out of his car, threw up in the grass, and stumbled my way towards the front door. My house was 2 stories tall, white, with aquamarine trim. You had to climb up a few steps to get to the porch. I felt really nauseous and dizzy and was about to trip over the first step when King caught me. He helped me up the steps and to the front door. I fumbled around for the key in my purse when the door swung wide open. The welcoming smell of apples and cinnamon drafted out towards me. "Savannah!!" James exclaimed, scooping me up into his arms and giving King an icy glare. He carried me to the couch and set me down. "What did you do to her?!" he bellowed. King looked from me to him confused. "James calm down love, this is who I told you about, King Hewes. He hasn't done anything to me. It's just just I haven't eaten since I got off the plane yesterday, or slept." I explained wearily. James lowered his fighting stance just slightly. He returned to his usual self but he still had his guard up. "I didn't know you were bringing him here..." James said coldly. James was my fiancé. I can't say that I loved him but I knew he loved me. He was very protective of my well being and was an extremely awesome guy. I liked him alot. King restored his confidence and reached out his hand in an attempt to shake hands with James. "Nice to meet you sir" he sad with a cocky hint to his voice and a smirk on his face. James looked at his hand as if there was a rare skin disease crawling all over it and ignored the gesture. He walked past King and entered the kitchen. King looked at me "how are you feeling?" he asked, touching my forehead as my body shook slightly. "I swear I didn't know you hadn't slept or eaten I would've stopped somewhere." James came from the kitchen with 3 hot pockets on a plate. By the smell of them they were ham and cheese flavor. "Here you go princess" sad James. I took the plate, set it down, and made my way to the bathroom because I'd been holding it for much too long.


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