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"When the red moon comes on your seventh birthday, the prince of the Valestine clan will come for you. Remember when this happens, I will not be able to help you. This is your destiny and your fate. The Estaga is within you, remember that."
"But mama, I don't want to leave..."
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That night, it was cold, wet, and foggy. There were people in their beautiful gowns and suits in the mansion. They singed and danced till their voice and legs gave out. The hostess's were in their bedrooms getting ready for the party. They have a daughter who is seven years old. Her name is Alesia Estaga. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. Alesia was born with a bad heart. She always wished she could play with the other kids, but instead she walked around staring at the beautiful people who came to the party. Finally Alesia went to her parents' bedroom to escort them to the ballroom. When Alesia reached her parents' bedroom, she saw her mother drenched in blood lying on the floor. Alesia was in shocked from all the blood and screamed as loud as ever. A maid suddenly ran in and saw what had happen. The maid walked over to Alesia's mother and picked her up. Alesia's mother was still alive, she told the maid

"Please take my child away from here; we had made the wrong choice."

The maid laid Alesia's mother on the bed, took Alesia's hand, and took her out of the room. The hall ways were empty, people screamed from afar, the mansion was on fire, there was blood all over the place; the lights flickered on and off. The maid took her out in to the woods, but Alesia refused, because she did not trust the maid. Then suddenly a shadow flew over them, which scared Alesia and the maid. As they ran, Alesia was becoming tired as quick as fifty steps, for she has a bad heart. They stopped for only twenty seconds and the shadow from before came back. The Maid looked at Alesia with a frown and said

"I'm sorry"

and ran off. Alesia, still trying to catch her breath andran after the maid, she shouted

"No! Wait! Don't leave me behind!"

But she was too slow; Alesia ran and ran till the maid disappeared into the fog. Alesia tried really hard to not cry, she told herself

"She's coming back right?"

Following the maid's trial, when many shadows came by, Alesia would hide under branches, behind trees, and in bushes. After a couple of minutes, Alesia heard a waterfall. She ran as fast as she could to reach the waterfall. When she was only ten steps away from the water fall she heard voices. Alesia hid behind a bush and tried to see who was talking. She saw a lady with long brown curly hair and a boy with blonde curly hair. Alesia tried to hear what they were saying

Boy: "She got away"

Girl: "She couldn't have"

All the sudden a young man in a long trench coat jumps out of a tree right behind Alesia. Alesia was scared, because she never spotted him. He walks pastAleisa, hidding in the bushes,and approaches the boy and the girl.

Boy: "It's ok, as long as she doesn't grow old and have thick disgusting..."

man inthe long trench coat "Please, I don't need to hear this, get out of here; I'll look for her myself."

Boy and Girl: "Yes, young master"

As the boy and girl took off, Alesia took this chance to run away. When she had only took three steps trying to head in the same direction the maid head, all the sudden the man inthe long trenched coat spoke

"You there, stop hiding, come out here."

Alesia looked around and saw that she was standing only twenty feet away from the man, but the man's back was facing her.Alesia slowly walkstowards him, when suddenly a voice came out. It seems the man didn't see her, but someone else.

Girl: "Prince Xavier, please have mercy on me...

Xavier: "Where is the girl?"

The girl's voice sounded quite familiar, soAlesia went to take a closer look. It was the maid that took her away from the mansion.

Maid: "Please forgive me, I have lost her on the way here."

Xavier: "You lost her? What do you mean? You killed her?"

Maid: "Xavier, you don't need her, she's only a human after all."

Xavier: "Only a human? Have you gone mad?"

Maid: "of course I have"

The maid took off the top layer of her clothing and approached the prince.

Maid: "Ever since I saw you, I fell in love with you"

The maid closed her eyes and french kissed the prince. As Alesia was watching the maid was holding a knife in her other hand. Right when she was going to stab Prince Xavier, he grabbed her hand and squeezed it out of her hand.

Xavier: "My People wouldn't like me dead, especially if I was killed by a stupid girl like you. You put on a good act, but your motivation was not strong enough."

The maid tires to pull away but she couldn't, the grip of the prince was too strong. Xavier then pulls her in and says

"I wonder, how the blood of the Estaga taste likes, it's too sad you're not one of the Estaga, but one of the Riffen."

Maid: "Please, your highness."

What Alesia saw before her eyes was unbelievable. Xavier brought his head towards the maid's neck almost as if kissing her, but he bit her just like a vampire. Alesia stoodinfright; she didn't know what to do, knowing that the man in the trench coat could kill her too. The maid saw the little girl at the corner of her eyes and whispered

"Run, Alesia, run"

Xavier stopped and look towards the direction the maid was looking at and saw Alesia. Alesia turned around and ran as fast as she could. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew that if she keep running she could make it somewhere safe. Before she knew it, her heart was giving out. Alesia stopped running and sat under a tree to catch her breath. Alesia then spoke to her self

Alesia: "I, I don't want to die..."

Man: "You don't have to."

Alesia turned to where she heard the voice and it was Prince Xavier. She stood up and said

Alesia: "Who are you?"

Xavier: Why of course, my name is Prince Xavier; I am one of the Valestine."

Alesia: "The Valestine? My mother used to tell me tales about your clan."

Xavier: "Really? What did she say?"

Alesia: "She told me that the clan of the Valestine would come for me one day."

Xavier: "So wouldn't it be best to just follow me and do as your mother told you?"

Alesia: "No, I can make my own choices; I will not follow you Prince Xavier.

Xavier: "Fine then, I will give you some choices. You can stop your nonsense and follow me now, or I can force you to follow me."

Alesia: "And if I successfully ran away?"

Xavier: "That would never happen."

Alesia: "Let's see about that."


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