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Why Did You Give Me This New Life?

Novel By: Izzy15
Young adult

Selena was hit by a truck on Thanksgiving Day, changed into a vampire by Alexander. And from that moment, she is caught in a whirlwind of events. Including one having to do with Alexander's scorned creator, which could end up with her dead. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1
"Selena, honey, you can't just sit here and refuse to hunt. It's not healthy for you." Alex said while I sat in a corner on a sad Thanksgiving afternoon.
I looked up at him. At his black hair- with a blue streak in it to match his dark blue eyes. I studied his face, and saw the actual worry he allowed to show.
"Alex, I didn't want this. You forced it upon me while I was dying in the street. I should be dead. Why did you do this to me?" I whispered. He was right about the not hunting being unhealthy for me. I'd been a vampire for two weeks and I hadn't hunted- I only ate human food which did nothing for my system. As the days were going by, I was having trouble breathing and I felt like I couldn't move.
He didn't have an answer for that question. "Selena, be reasonable." He said instead.
"Because not hunting isn't going to kill you. You can't die anymore because you're an immortal. If you don't hunt by choice, your... need... will take over and you're going to feed whether you want to or not."
I sighed and the action made knives stab at my throat- figuratively. I stood up and leaned against the wall. "Fine." I said.

"Don't use your eyes..." Alex murmured from behind me.
I closed my eyes and breathed in deep. I couldn't smell anything on the air around me but Alex and the trees. (The little clearing we found was nice- I didn't know they had anything like it in Port Charlotte.) I sent my hearing out as far as I could and heard the bugs crawling on the leaves and the birds flying in the trees.
"I don't suppose birds are any good." I said quietly.
"They're too small to be satisfying." He answered absently.
"Did you find something?" I asked.
"To the west... but..."
I turned my head that way and breathed in. The scent made my mouth water and I growled quietly.
Alex grabbed my arm and ran with me deeper into the trees, away from the smell.
"We don't feed on what that scent was." He said.
I pulled my arm from his hand. "Why not?" I asked.
"Because it was human. I choose not to drink from humans because it doesn't bring out the best in vampires- makes us no different than regular animals. Believe it or not, I didn't choose to be a vampire either and I have more sympathy for humans than others."
"But when you were bringing me here, you said that hunting used a different part of your mind. How do you stop yourself when you catch the scent?" I asked.
He shook his head. "It took a while, and a few accidents did happen... Look for something else." He took my arm again, just in case.
I could still smell the human, but not as strong. Closing my eyes again, I fell into a crouch and found a scent close to the human's, but not quite as appealing. "To the south... whoa... is that a... a panther?" I whispered. My body leaned toward it. "Let me go, Alex." I said through my teeth.

After hunting, my body felt... alive again. I moved faster, could see farther, could hear more, could do more.
"Apparently, I'm going to be stuck with you for a while," I said when we got back to his house. "Can you tell me how you became a vampire? Then what exactly possessed you to turn me into a vampire?"
He shook his head. "Why should I tell you all that?" He asked, his eyes bright after the hunt.
"Because you put me into a life I didn't want. When I was willing to accept that I was going to die, you gave me eternal life. That's why you have to tell me." I said.
He sighed, defeated. "You are extremely annoying, but... It was in 1862..."
"During the Civil War?"
"Yes, the Civil War. I was killed during the Battle of Shiloh. A vampire found me and- like I did to you- turned me. I opened my eyes and hated her- her name was Vanessa- I hated her because, in death, I'd found peace and she'd brought me back to a world I didn't want. But she told me I shouldn't have died, that my soul would have found life again anyway. After the night she changed me, I didn't see her again. I keep on hoping that she was killed..."
"Vampires can be killed?"
"Yes, but we're not talking about that now. You wanted to know what made me change you."
"Yeah. If Vanessa did it to you and you thought it was wrong, why did you do it to me?"
"I'm not completely sure. I saw you on the ground and you were so broken... you weren't dead yet, and the doctors would have found a way to keep you alive if you came close to death. You just seemed like a fighter; and I couldn't bear to just leave you there when I knew that after being hit by a car, your life would never be the same. You'd find pain again and again later on in life."
"Why was it any of your business what I would deal with in life? And, by the way, the doctors wouldn't do anything if I was going to die. If I were to die and anyone tried to revive me, I would sue. At sixteen, I believe I had that choice, right?"
"I think you had that choice. But..." His brow furrowed as he thought. "...I guess I really didn't have any right to do this to you."
"Too bad you figured that out too late." I stood and went to the room he gave me. "Don't follow me, please. I want to think alone for a while."
"That two weeks wasn't enough time to think?" He asked.
"Not when all I was thinking about was my thirst."
I shut the door behind me and sat on the beautiful queen size bed. I looked around me at the room I always wished I had. When I was sitting in the corner, trying to find a way to die, Alex had asked me about myself. I'd answered, not realizing until now that I had. He had heard every word and acted on them.
I was sitting in my dream room- there was even a skylight. My bed was covered with drapes like a queen's bed, a grand piano stood in a corner-though I barely knew how to play. The bathroom- a master bathroom- was around a corner. A remote controlled stereo could be heard throughout the room and even the bathroom. I had a CD display full of my favorite bands (Alesana, Breathe Carolina, 3Oh!3, All Time Low...) on a shelf. Under the CD display, were books. Many, many books. My favorites (like Twilight (the whole series), House of Night (the whole series), Vampire Diaries (the whole series), Thirst (six books in two)... ironic, isn't it?), and books I never read before- I'd have a lot of time to read them all. There was a flat screen that he knew I wouldn't watch that often- unless I was watching a movie, which he supplied me with. "Titanic" at the very top. Despite myself, I smiled. He cared...
But that was not what I wanted to think about. I wanted to think about how I would live my life now that I was stuck in it. I have to kill to go on... and though there is a way for me to die, Alexander won't tell me. How could I make the best of this situation? I didn't even want this.
I sighed heavily. "Alex, get in here." I said, feeling defeated.
He opened the door slowly and walked hesitantly inside. "What is it?" He asked.
"Thank you. For all of this. It's... amazing. I didn't think you were listening to me."
"I brought you into this life against your will. It was the least I could do. Besides, you're very interesting. I've never met anyone who loved vampires so much. Your whole shelf was vampire books and three of your top five movies are vampire movies."
"But not my number one."
"Still. That's a lot of vampire for a girl who didn't want this life."
"I wanted to be able to choose when it would happen. Besides, I didn't think vamps were real. They're not supposed to be."
"We all think that until we become one... Is everything the way you wanted it? I wanted to make it perfect."
"Its wonderful, honest. I couldn't have asked more of anyone. You got every band, every artist."
"Which wasn't easy, considering your wide range of music. From Alesana to Taylor Swift to Jason Derulo? Really?"
"I've been influenced by life."
Silence fell over us like a blanket. There was so much I wanted to say, but I wouldn't. He knew me well by now, but I wouldn't listen to him - I'd been blocking him out.
"Maybe, starting tomorrow, you can tell me more about you? I want to know... I don't want to hate you for all of eternity." I said hesitantly after five minutes of thoughtful/awkward silence.
He nodded. "Okay. I don't want you to hate me either. I think you can actually be kind of sweet when you get to know someone." He smiled at me and a I saw the dimples I hadn't noticed until just now.
"Uh... how old are you?" I asked.
"Literal age or the age I died?"
"The age you died."
"Was your birthday coming up when you died or did it pass already?"
"It had passed."
"Your actual age is 168?"
"Smart. Yes."
"You're old."
"Thanks for the compliment." He rolled his eyes and stood up. "Good night. And good luck sleeping... you'll need it."

I was up most of the night, the blood buzzing through my veins. I tried everything I could to make myself sleep, everything that worked when I was human. I took a hot shower; played every song I knew on the piano- even the songs I half knew; I listened to music; watched TV and nothing worked.
Around 3:30AM, I gave up trying to sleep and I looked for something to eat. (Alex also gave me a mini fridge because I said I hated going outside my room when I was hungry- how sweet)
"Brownie, brownie, brownie. He must of put at least half a pack of brownies in here. He knows that they're my favorite." I muttered to myself.
The brownies were in the very back and next to them, a note.
You realize that brownies are extremely unhealthy for you. I gave them to you anyway, grudgingly.
I rolled my eyes and smiled to myself. Even in eternity, I'd have a mother-like figure. I wrote him a letter back.
Who cares? We're the undead now. It can't affect us anymore. I'll eat all the brownies I want and there's nothing you can do about it.
I crept out of my room and slipped the note under his door. Before I closed my door, I heard him chuckle. So he was awake too.
"You could have told me that hunting makes it impossible to sleep." I said quietly, knowing he could hear me.
"That would have taken the fun out of it. Why would I do that?" He said just as quietly.


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