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Samantha is a pretty girl who loves playing and toying her boyfriends. Dawn knew she's bad news the moment she saw her with her brother Nathan. Unfortunately, the two girl's lives are entwined by Ashley, a gothic band vocalist with a sly side she's not afraid to show others. View table of contents...



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Fat Chance

Chapter 1

By: J. A. Blackmoon

(unedited version)


It was already afternoon, the weather was nice but Dawn's younger brother Nathan has a sullen look on his face as he entered the living room. Dawn Owen, who wore her dark hair in pig tails, looked up from the book she was reading while sitting on a small green couch. It was an unusual sight for her to see Nathan at this hour. She was convinced that something was wrong the moment he entered.

He was quiet and walked quickly past his sister.

"Hey," Dawn called. Nathan briefly stopped for a moment but didn't look at her. His chestnut hair was ruffled like a guy that got out of a fight.

Dawn got up from her sit. "What happened?" her voice filled with concern.

She could hear a quiet sob. The kind of sob that tells you that someone's heart was broken.

Dawn grimaced. "Shit."

"You were right," Nathan finally uttered some words. "I should have seen it coming."

"Nate, don't let this get into you."

"I know, sis," with that Nathan leap upstairs and went to his room.

Nathan is a shy boy and for someone to get interested in him is a miracle for his, well, disposition. Granted, he isn't that bad looking.

Dawn knew how sensitive her brother was ever since they were young. She has always protected him when he was bullied because of his tendency to get emotionally upset very easily. It is also the reason he didn't have many friends. And this one chance at love might tear him apart.


She almost jumped when her cell phone rang.

"Hello, Judy." She paused for a moment. "Yes. . . .What? . . . You mean now?"


Dawn entered Clarinet's, an Old English style cafeteria just blocks away from the college she's attending.

She went straight to a familiar face waving at her while sitting at the left corner near the transparent glass window of the cafe.

Dawn waved back at her. "Hey, Judy."

"You're late, Dawnie!" A twenty-something female in orange-blonde locks greeted her with a smile she's always wearing like her chic blouse and killer heels.

Beside Judy is a girl in heavy black make-up she is not familiar with. Her jet black hair was styled to a bob ornamented by a big red ribbon. She's wearing a customized leather vest, adorned by pins and chains partnered by a frilly black and white skirt. She appeared like Marilyn Manson's long lost cute teenage daughter, if he had one.

When Dawn got to their table, Judy immediately introduced the girl beside her. "Her name is Ashley. Ashley Hall. She's seventeen and she's my cousin. Ashley, this is Dawn Owens she's old."

"Hi," Ashley offered her hand.

"Cousin?" Dawn took hers in a handshake. "I have to be honest. I can't see the similarity. And by the way I'm just twenty one."

"I know." Ashley managed a chuckled. "Coffee?"

"No, thanks I'm okay." Dawn smiled at her and sat down. She then turned to Judy who was sipping down her cappuccino. "So why am I called here again?"

"The band," she said with a moustache of froth on her upper lips. "As in a rock band...wait was it a Goth Band or something?"

"I heard you can play the drums," Ashley said with a slight eagerness in her voice ignoring Judy. "And I heard you are very good at it."

"Well, yeah, that was three years ago." Dawn was bewildered and gave Judy 'You-know-I-can't-do-this-shit-anymore' look.

"Please don't give me that," Judy huffed. "She's persistent to meet you the moment I told her about your high school days. Doubly more when I showed her your picture at the JS Prom Night."

"That's very good, Judy. You're starting to annoy me now."

"That's nothing to be embarrassed about, girl," Judy teasingly smiled. "At least you have fans fawning over you back in the days."

"Yeah, and most of them are GIRLS."

"Cheesecakes, what's with the homophobia," Judy groaned.

"It's not that-"

Ashley coughed.

"I'm sorry Ashley," Dawn faced her as if looking for mercy. "But I think you're mistaken. I'm not really that good."

"But that's not what I heard," she gave her somewhat a flirty look. "Please? We're in a pinch right now. We needed a replacement for our drummer who got in an accident."

"I'm sorry to hear that but I bet there are more qualified people than me."


"Dawn, you always have free time don't be such a stuck up," Judy said in a monotone.

"Shut up, Judy." Dawn narrowed her eyes. "You're not helping."

"So, you really want me to use that."

"Use what?" Dawn was bewildered.

"That thing you don't want others to find out three years ago when you got drunk and all."


Dawn found herself in a squeeze. Her friend is blackmailing her for that one event in her life she wanted to believe it never happened.

Ashley was intrigued. "What is-"

"Okay, when is the rehearsal?" Dawn cut in. She didn't want to delve in to "that subject" further.

"Is that a yes?"

It was Dawn's turn to groan.

"Yes, it's a yes, Ashley," it was Judy with her hand secretly reaching out to Ashley for a high five.

"Thank you, Judy," Dawn said in a sarcastic tone. "You've really done it this time."

"You're welcome, Dawnie."

Dawn got distracted when her eyes caught someone from outside through the glass window. A familiar pretty girl with long wavy blond hair in blue tank top and mini-skirt was talking intimately to a tall brown-haired guy in a loose white short-sleeved polo and jeans.

"That bitch," Judy said it first before Dawn could.

"You know Samantha?" Dawn asked in a surprised manner.

"NO, but I knew that Cole is head over heels for her."


"The guy she's talking with, hello? I've talked to you about him some time now."

"Oh, sorry, I forgot."

"And how did you know this Samantha girl?"

"She's my brother's girlfriend. I mean ex-girlfriend."

"And how come I'm only hearing about this now?"

"She just broke with him just about two hours ago."

"How long did she date your brother?"

"A week or two, I guess."


"Sounds like she's looking for her next victim," Ashley commented.

"That makes it more infuriating." With that Judy gulped down the remains of her cappuccino.

"That's not vodka, Judy."


- - to be continued on next chapter - -


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