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Grabbin the Fire

Novel By: jaamzshow
Young adult

Elizabeth is a teen who is uniquely talented and beautiful. She has dreams of fame via her gift of music. The time and effort she dedicates to her gift causes her to drift in and out of the normal high school social life.
Elizabeth connects with an older dude who is in the music business. The time and energy demands to succeed are pulling her even further away from normal high school routines; and drive her into a passionate, albeit frustrating relationship with this guy.
Her mom is caught between being excited for her daughter’s career track, and anxious that her only child may be lost on a hellish highway.
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Submitted:Jun 27, 2014    Reads: 18    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

That's Not My Name: Chapter 1

One of those minor yet persistent questions which follow a person through their life is how different would I be if I had a different name. Although my name is Elizabeth, my p's call me liz-a-beth. I always thought that if you're gonna say the 3 syllables of my name, how much more effort is it to include the E; which is what my friends call me. Some teachers call me Beth or Liz, or they'll say "A ha, like the Queen of England!" Dependent upon my mood, I'll shoot back "which one!" I prefer the reference to the 1st one, the virgin queen; not the now one. Due to the fact that I live way out here, in the boonies, I have like one good friend. I basically eat, sleep, practice; and study and work on the farm; so thrilling; come join my world.

"Lizabeth, could you do me a favor and get a 1% milk and a can of cat food on your way home from your lesson sweetheart," I've had my cat Tiger since I was a baby and she only eats that smelly Friskies canned cat food. my mom asked as she kissed me on my head and handed me the blue Visa card to pay for the class. 11:30 every Saturday, I drive to my guitar lesson at The Music Depot in the mall. I've been taking lessons for almost 2 years; since I was like 13. "Sure mom," I answered, "could I use the card to get some stuff while I'm there?" "What are you gonna get" she asked. I told her nothing specific, "just some snacks with my friends." "Don't spend too much, I think there's maybe $100 or so on the card" she then explained, "and after you pay for your lesson, you have to put gas in the your truck." "Okay mom, I'll be back before 2, love ya!" Many times I would meet up with some friends at the mall after my lesson; but today I'm gonna crash early because I have like a terrible headache already. I downed 3 Advils; I'd usually take more but I'm all out; I have to remember to buy some more.

I live with my p's Lillian and Daniel; no brothers, no sisters, also with like a thousand animals due to the circumstance of living on a farm. It's my mom's dream lifestyle. I know that things could be even worse; my mom really would like to live off grid in Alaska, as deep into the bush as possible. She always talks about the excitement and the challenge of living in total wilderness; subsistence living; she's a prepper; you know, like for doomsday. Yeah, right; I would've split from that scene as soon as I could drive; that's not my dream; actually, it's the opposite of my dream; a nightmare. My friend Birdie and I want to live in the city; we want urban modernity; we want the sass and the sizzle, the life of a citiot.

My dad used to live and work in the city. He use to work as some kind of technical person for different businesses; I think with communications and computers. After a while, my mom convinced him to come and live with us out in the sticks and help run this place. So now he sort of works part of the time there, and most of the time he's here. My mom and dad aren't legally married, yet. When I was a kid, I questioned that whole relationship; and if my dad was my dad, and all that. After a long, multi-layered, convoluted story, I understood what was going on; after all, I WAS just a kid.

I've been there, to the city. I've seen a concert with my friends at the Garden. When I was like 8, we all went to Radio City to see the Christmas show. It fucking rocked my world.

I don't have a driver's license yet, but my p's let me drive myself to the mall for my class; they let me drive around town, as long as it's daytime. I have been driving around the farm and my neighborhood since I was 12; one of the perks of living in such a rural area. Also, because I have studied my p's well enough to know exactly how to manipulate them, and get the results I want.

I pull into the gas station a pump in $20 of gas. Now my hand smells like gasoline for my lesson, I should have waited till after class. I grab my guitar out of the back seat and go into the mall towards the music store. I liked lugging my dad's strat through the mall and the kids from school would check me out. My guitar with the case must weigh around 50lbs; my teacher says I could use my acoustic guitar for my class, but this guitar looks way cooler, and is easier to play.


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