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Best Friends and Boyfriends

Novel By: Jane Mitchell
Young adult

Tiffany , Amanda, and Georgia are all BFF's who go crazy over Teen Vogue and laugh during a serious matter but these three best friends aren't all that happy... Amanda's crushing on Tiffany's boyfriend and Georgia just wants one and tries to make one up to be cool but some one likes her she rejected along time ago! View table of contents...



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Tiffany's P.O.V

"Error!" Georgia yelled. We where at her house as we I mean I, Tifany and Amanda. We where playing "Geuss what happens next?" and Georgia is so secretive that when we come visit her house we are stuck in the living room. Her mother was a perfectionist, A bouqet of flowers on the white shiny glass table, a fire place fired up soothingly, her couch a love seat was plush red and the carpet--well striped.

"OMG what is it?" Amanda whined. She pushed her blond hair behind her ear and nibbled on her lip.

"Nope!" She stood up and swayed her arms side to side. "Okay I pick who goes next since not one of you bimbo's got it!"

Amanda whined. "Choose."

"Okay Tiffany!" Hold up! This wasn't fair I all ways lost because I never really had a secret thing to hide or well hide greatly!But I it was the rules.

"Okay once I went to the poool and saw a hot guy....geuss what I did next?"

"You--" Amanda was cutted off by Georgia.

"You wized out likke allways and ran to us!"

I turned red. "What!"

"Yeah I remeber that day!" Amanda slapped her forehead and rolled her eyes. "You said to us he was so cute then when we looked at him he wasn't there!"

"Ha!" Georgia said.

"What about you Amanda," I said pushing Georgia a bit.

"Tsk!" She suckes in between her teeth. "Kay well my mom and her boyfriend are both overly religous now they are getting married in two weeks but share a room. So what do they do?"

Georgia rolls her eyes. "Sex duh! They had to even though they're religous they'll tell you for sure but they do."

"Point." She leaned back.

"Girls time for pizza!" Georgia's dad yelled out. We stood up. I twisted my red hair in to a sloopy hair bun or what ever it was.

"Where we going?" Georgia said grabbing her Adidas.

"Pizzahut on Anne street! "

Amanda's P.O.V

I opened the door to pizza hut and followed Georgia's dad to the seat. We sat still waiting for him to order then a bal of papper hit my head. I turned to get it. I unwrapped it and read: Over here table 13!

I showed it to Georgia and Tiffany. We looked over my seat to see Josh! My boyfriend but he was with his sister a bitch but he doesn't need to know i said that.

We waved him over. He got up and ran to us.He sat right next to me as we leaned in to kiss his sister got in the way by nuddging me into the wall. "Ouch!" I said pissed off.

"Sorry," she said.

He rolled his eyes leaning in to get another chance at kissing me. When He got to my lips--

"Hey girls!" Georgia's dad said. He sat down and Josh's sister, Ruby nudged me and I smashed his lips. I think I bite it too!

Georgia P.O.V (Diary)

Day 1 of this diary:

I can keep stuff a secret but recently I have a huge secret. Well I haved lied about having a boyfriend but I just wanted to be cool! I know what you might be thinking. Hey be your self? Your cool? No I am not okay half way but I'm hated by the popular kids. Amanda's just adored by them since she goes out with the Quater back of the foot ball team (Bull dogs!).Tiffany's capitan of the Lady Dog volley ball team I'm just capitain of the book club which only has two members. My mom might be a new reporter and my dad maker of the leading grocery store ShopMarket.

Gotta go Dad wants me!

----Georgia Binfod


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