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A new chapter (temprorary)

Novel By: JayceeGriffith
Young adult

Ivy has wanted to be a writer since she could remember but everyone around her seems to let her down. Born Writer's camp? is that the answer to this sad problem..
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I let my bouncy black curls cover my shadowed eyes. Nobody would notice. The teacher had her back towards us. I rolled my eyes at how ridiculously low Miss April's dress was. I had seen her at lunch time cuddling up to the new English teacher, Mr Sims. How pathetic. I remembered there had been a time where I had actually like Miss April. I thought she was the only pal I had in this horrible school, but she was just like the rest of them. Judgemental and mocking. I had remembered that cold day I had told Miss April's about my dream of becoming a writer.

"Class is dismissed" Miss April beamed as the bell rang, causing my eardrums to bleed. Why did the school bell have to be so loud, and in our classroom? Chairs scarped across the dirty grey floor and students had rushed out ready for the weekend. I took my time, it's not like I had anywhere to be rushing to, especially not home. "C'mon Ivy, " Miss April called from her desk. She seemed ready to leave; she had let her hair out and was applying lip-gloss. I envied her for being so young and pretty, she even had a place to go. "Miss you can go, I'm not rushing for anybody" Miss April put her lip gloss down and went back to teacher mood. "What's wrong Ivy?" Why would she care? "Nothing, look I'm going. You don't have to worry" I banged my leg onto a table "shoot!" my bag fell and all the contents of it were across the floor. I hid my flushed face as pads and my writing book fell out the bag. I hastily scrambled for the pads; Miss April grabbed my writing pad. "Oi! Miss Can you put that down?" I was still on the floor; Miss was perching on her desk. "Why do you have this?" Miss asked completely ignoring my useless protests. I stood up and swung my bag across my shoulder "One day I want to become a famous author, I think that Authors are amazing" Miss was frowning slightly "well, Ivy you're not going to get anywhere with this!" she was scrutinizing my work. I snatched the book from her "Excuse me?" I asked feeling my face flame up. Miss didn't even apologize "well, that opening line isn't powerful at all, do you listen in my English classes?" I stood there shell shocked. I felt tears rush towards my dark eyes, "WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW?!" I screamed and ran out the classroom "YOU'RE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS!" I slammed the door. To hell with her. But I could feel my tears rolling down my cheeks.

Ever since then I hated Miss April and purposely fell asleep in her class. All the other ignored me, but that wasn't usual.

"IVY!" Miss April shouted my name with venomance. I raised my head and rolled my eyes. "What!" I asked and the rest of the class turned to face me, all of them glaring at me. Boys giving me the middle finger. All the girls wanted to be just like Miss April and all the boys just stared at her massive bum. If Miss April noticed she completely ignored them or gave a radiant smile. Fools. "What have I just done to this sentence on the board?" she asked giving me daggers. I read the sentence and laughed "made it worse by the looks of it" Everybody gasped, some of them said some words, that was just really childish so I won't bother telling you. "Detention Ivy" Miss April turned towards the board and the boys carried on goggling at her massive bum.

I ran home from detention, Mum was going to be so annoyed. I almost got run over twice! I burst through my front door and leaned against it huffing and puffing. Charlie was sitting on the stairs; she was rubbing her eyes which meant she had been crying. "Charlie! What's wrong?" If Mum had laid one hand on her, I was going to punch her. "You promised you would come early! You said we could go to the park today!" Charlie rubbed her eyes again. I sighed softly running a hand through my dirty hair. "Sorry Charlie, did you ask Mum?" I didn't even know why I even asked. "Yes, she told me to go away and stop bothering her" Charlie ran up the stairs and slammed the door to her bedroom. I dropped onto the stairs, kicking my bag away from me. Where was Mum? I walked down the dark damp smelly hallway. I could see the puffs of smoke before I even entered the room. "Mum, smoking might affect Charlie" I muttered as I walked into the room to find glass bottles and stumped out cigarettes on the floor. Mum looked away from the small TV "do you see Charlie in here?" Mum replied in a gruff voice. She was flicking the ash on the floor and her already grey clothes. Her blond hair looked even dirtier than mine. "Charlie was banging on about the park" I picked up the last glass bottle" well I got detention from Miss April, you could've taken her" Mum snorted "why am I going park, am I Charlie's age?" I shook my head and found a plastic bag and put all the crap in it. Mum carried on watching TV "all these stupid adverts" she muttered. I faced the TV. There was a peppy looking man on the screen "if you want to be a writer; then come down to the Born Writers camp for teens!" I froze and dropped the rubbish. I went over to the TV and turned it up. "Born Writers camp, where you can follow your dreams" It was a really cheesy advert, but it had grabbed my attention. The advert had put an website at the bottom and I ran out the damp living and went towards my school bag and got out a pen from my pencil case. I wrote the website down furiously.

"Charlie! Dinner!" I yelled from the kitchen, where dinner consumed of beans on toast once again. There was no noise from the house apart from Mum's annoying snores from the living room. "Charlie!" I stamped my foot on the floor. She was completely ignoring me. I slammed the plate down on the counter. I was fed up of being responsible for anything around this house. Where was Dad anyway? He was late from work, but he could blame him. I wouldn't be rushing here if I didn't have a choice. I fell down on of the chairs around the cheap dining table. My older brother Luke used to help me around the house, cleaning up Mum's crap and sorting out dinner, also helping me clothe Charlie. But I guess he melted from the pressure as well. He whispered to Dad one night that he wanted to move, travel the world, get away from here. My Dad ruffled his hair like he did when he was little and patted his back. "Follow your dreams kid" and with that Luke disappeared. Literally. Well until I caught him. It had been late a week after I heard Dad's and Luke's conversation. Dad and Mum had a little argument and Dad went out for some air, but that meant he would be staying round a friend's house. Mum had sloped off to bed and Charlie fast asleep in her bedroom. I was wide awake. I couldn't fall asleep though. I decided to watch TV. When I had got downstairs I saw bags by the front door. Luke was rushing around in the kitchen. "What are you doing?" I ask worriedly as I had jogged to the kitchen. Luke nodded when I had pointed to the bags "I'm sorry Iz, come with me!" my heart jumped with excitement "g-go with you?!" Luke nodded smiling "come!"

I had run upstairs, packed my bags. I was ready to go. I peeked into Charlie's room. Her beautiful hair splashed around her pillow. Her little thumb stuck in her mouth. She was smiling a little, must be dreaming about something magical. I decided there that there was no way I could leave Charlie here, with Mum. Dad could look after her, but who would play with her when she was bored, feed her when she was hungry. Read her bedtime stories. Dad worked late. There was no way I could do this to her.

Luke frowned when I came downstairs empty handed.

"Bye little sis" He hugged me tightly and I cried, and wouldn't stop

"Come visit me, were ever I end up" I sniffed

"Bye big bro"


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