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Five New Boys

Novel By: jayymamakwa
Young adult

The nine group of girls are in the same school. This means: new school, new teachers, new people but mostly, new boys. Five new Australian boys attend the school of Sir Winston Churchill High School. Five boys, nine girls, who gets who? View table of contents...


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Chapter 17; All Over Them
I lied there in bed, crying my eyes out. I've never felt so broken. Luke has non-stop calling and texting me. I told him to fuck off a few times, but he never stopped. After an hour of declines and unseen text messages, he finally stopped I guess he got the message.
My parents were still up last night when we got home, of course they smelt the alcohol right away and grounded all of us until Tuesday, I don't really mind because I don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything with anybody.
After two days of pure boredom, it's Monday. Which means school, also seeing Luke. I'd rather not go to class today but English is my favorite subject. So, I guess I'll have to be facing him sooner or later.
At School
I walked into school with Ashley and Clara like I usually do every morning. We were laughing as we walked in because I told Ashley how she looked like when she was still sitting in the same spot when I left her and my smile dropped as I see that asshole's face along with his brother Jai and Ashley's face lit up.
"Hi Jai!" She says pulling him into a hug.
"Emily, can we talk?" Luke says walking past Jai and Ashley.
"Fuck off." Is all I say avoiding eye contact and walking past him. That didn't last long for me to try and walk past him until he ran up and blocked my way to the staircase door.
"Move." I say.
"No, just let us talk." He says, practically begging.
"Luke, I dont want to talk to you." I say, shoving him out of my way.
I make my way up to history class and just basically pay attention since I had no other choice. Ashley came a couple mintues late,
"Hello Ashley, glad you could join us. Have a seat." said my History teacher. She does as she says and sits at her usual seat beside me.
I smiled at her and she did the same, and we paid attention for the rest of the class and finishing this essay that had to be finished today.
We sit at our usual table, everyone seems to know my friends and I sit in the corner table now so nobody bothers to sit there.
We've all ate our lunch already and just talked like we usually do,
"Oh my god, after you know.." I say, almost losing my happiness remembering what happened, i continue, "After Clara found me, she told off Luke and we were trying to find Ashley, so I look to my left and see her still sitting there after leaving her for twenty minutes, this time Jai was with her and they had a bottle of vex in their hands." I say, everybody bursts into laughter. We all laugh so hard and long, I also showed them a picture of how we looked like when I snapped a pic of Ashley and I and we all laugh even harder.
"What's everybody laughing at?" I hear, coming from Skip. Everybody controls themselves and greets him. Jessica gets up from her seat and gives him a hug and says hi to him.
"Oh, you guys are dating?" I say, my brows raising.
"Yeah...?" She says confused. "I thought you knew?"
"No, since when?" I say.
"Um, last week." She says shyly then sitting back into her seat. Skip gets a chair from the other table and sits beside her and I see the rest of his friends coming and my happiness is gone just like that when I see his face.
"Ill see you guys later." I say, grabbing my bag and leaving. I don't know where I'm going, just away from him.
"Emily!" I hear someone calling from behind me,
"Jai?" I say confused.
He's on the other side of the hall, slowly running towards me.
"Emily.." He says panting.
"Hi Jai."
"Can I talk to you?"
"Okay, so um, Luke want-"
I walk off, I really just dont want to hear about him anymore.
"Wait! He says he's sorry!" He yells from where I left him.
"Well, tell him I dont want to hear it!" I yell, still walking.
I decided to sit in the library since it's made for a quiet place and thats what I needed, silence. I play with my phone for a while, seeing I recieved texts from Luke. I ignored them and went onto Twitter. I retweeted a few things, seeing I had a tons of mentions from the boys' fans. Some were wondering why we broke up, some hate from their fans i guess and new followers.
I didnt know what else to do, so I creeped Luke's twitter. I read some of his tweets, one that most stood out to me was 'Miss her. :(' He tweeted it.. today? I read the replies, people were already guessing it was me.
"Creeping my twitter I see?" I hear an Aussie accent whispering into my ear giving me shivers and I turn off my phone immediatly.
"What? No." I say seeing it was Luke who was sitting on the couch behind me.
"Look Emily, I miss you. I'm so sorry what I did, I was drunk. I rarely remembered it until Jai told me the next day."
"Then you shouldn't have taken that many drinks."
"Me? You told Jordan we would take shots! We drank atleast two whole bottles of vodka."
"Oh, so you're saying this is my fault?" I say nearly tearing up.
"No, that's not what i'm saying at all. Its all my fault. I shouldnt have been kissing that girl who ever she was. Will you forgive me?"
"I dont know. It just.. it killed me just seeing you kissing her back. It hurt alot."
"I know, but it wont ever happen again. Just please forgive me."
"I dont know, i'll have to think abo-" I say, but the bell cuts me off. Either way, I get up from the couch and walk to my class.
I absolutely hate Monday's. Every Monday evening, I'm attempted to sleep, but if I do sleep, i'll be up longer than I should be at night. So it's best to stay up. I dont know what to do, it's so boring being grounded. Good thing i'm free to go anywhere tomorrow.
I go downstairs so find something to snack on because I haven't ate anything since lunch today. I make a peanut butter and jam sandwich and an iced tea can and I head back up to my room and watch movies on Netflix.
I watch maybe the first three episodes of American Horror Story of the first season. This show has to be my all time favourite, I have watched the first and second season during the summer. The third season started in mid September and the episodes are just amazing.
My mom walks in during the fourth episode telling me dinner was ready. I nod, pause the show and follow behind her down the staircase and into the dinner room where the meals were already prepared. Everyone else was already sitting at their seats, hmm, maybe she already called out dinner was ready but i didnt hear. Oh well, im just hungry right now. We had spaghetti, nothing special and ooh looks like my dad bought blueberry cheesecake from the grocery store on his way home from work. He knows how much I love cheesecake. Finishing my dinner, I cut a slice of the cheesecake and moan in desire, it's like the feeling of craving for something for a long time and finally getting it.
After dinner, everybody just sorta disappeared. Adrienne went to go hang out with her friends, Ethan got picked up by his friends and one of their older brother who is around Clara's age and took them to the skate park. Clara and Ashley were in their rooms and I'm currently in my room just staring into space going into deep thought. The episode is still on pause and I just stare at it.
I snap out of my own thought when Ashley barges into my room.
"What?" I say to her.
"Nothing.. What are you doing?"
"Nothing, I was just zoning out until you just walked in." I say smiling.
"Oh, sorry. What are you watching?" She says, looking at the tv.
"American Horror Story."
"What's it about?"
"Um, this family moves into a house from Boston to LA and they live in a house what is known as 'The Murder House' because everyone who perviously lived there died in there. Now it's haunted with a bunch of dead people. I dont know, it's just interesting." I explain, almost out of breath.
"Oohh, what episode are you on?"
She comes walking over to my bed and sits with me.
"I'm going to watch it with you."
"Okay? Are you that bored?"
"Yeah, I dont know what to do. Atleast we can go out tomorrow."
"Shit, I know right? I've been bored all weekend." I say sighing. I grab the controller and press play and we're both sitting in silence watching the show.
I wake up to the noise of my door opening and closing. I hadn't realized that Ashley and I fell asleep. I check the time to see if we didnt sleep long, 10:02P.M. Two hours? That's going to ruin my sleeping hours. I decided to take a shower and maybe try and see if I could fall back a sleep after that.
Its 1AM. I've been laying in bed for the past two hours watching videos on youtube. I check to see if Ashley is up. Looks like she is.
"Can't sleep too?" She asks as I walk in.
"Yeah." I say.
She was on her phone like I was. Not sure what though.
"What have you been doing you got up?" I ask.
"Nothing much, texting Jai mostly." She says.
"Ooh. Is Clara sleeping too?" I ask.
"Yeah, she was in here an hour ago and said she was heading to bed."
I nod hearing what she said.
"Alright, good night. I'm going to try and sleep."
"Okay, good night."
I lay in bed for probably another hour, which went by fast. I cant sleep :( I tweet. Instantly, there were replies. I've noticed ever since my friends and I started dat- my friends started dating the boys, we've been more noticed than we ever were. People at school started watching the boys videos. Everybody is pretty much all over them now.
* * *
Sorry I havent been posting. I had a grad last week, I was out of the house most of the time. Ive been too lazy to write this too. D: Yeah, well im back. Sorry if its kinda boring too. Ill try and make the next chapter more interesting.


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