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No such thing as a Fairytale

Novel By: Jazzy44
Young adult

Kristen Haines doesn't believe in love, she thinks it is all a myth, pure fiction. Kristen think that love and happily ever afters only belong in books. Kristen used to believe in love, that is until the love of her, Lucas Marks, broke her heart.

Lucas Marks, a drop dead gorgous susessful millionaire photographer, who will jump anyone with a heartbeat (has to be female of course), who doesn't care about anyone but himself. So he doesn't care if and who he hurts. So when he broke Kristen Haines heart four years ago he couldn't care less.

But now, four years later, when they meet again at Kristen's best firends, Clara Daivs's wedding, will they be able to become friends?

And when Fate keeps bringing them together will an unexpected romance bloom between them or will they grow to hate eachother more? View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 14, 2010    Reads: 122    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Authors note: Hiya there, this is my first novel so I am sorry if it isn't the best. I would also like to say sorry if it seems rushed because I wrote this really late last night, or really early in the morning depending on the way you look at it, so I hope you enjoy it.
Emerald Green Eyes
Is there even such thing as a fairytale? Or true happiness? Will you ever find the one? Do dreams really come true?
I know that in all the books and stories the princess finds her prince charming and they get married and ride off on a white horse into the sunset and live happily ever after.
But that is just a fantasy, not reality. So I guess the question is; Does true love really exist?
The answer to all those questions is: no. True love doesn't exist and there is no such thing as a happily ever after, and there never will be.
My name is Kristen Haines.
And I don't believe in any of that. I don't think that love is real.
I used to believe in all that though. I used to be like every other teenager dreaming of meeting Mr. Right and getting married to him and having his kids and growing old together.
But like I said, that is just a dream.
Just like every other average person out there I have had my first loves and my break ups. But to tell you the truth, throughout all my life, I only had three boyfriends. But it was my third boyfriend, Lucas Marks, who made me stop believing.
I thought that he was the one, I swore that I was going to grow up and marry him someday. I loved him, I really did. I loved him more than I loved anyone else. He made me happy and made me feel like I was important, like I belonged in this world. But of course, all those hopes and dreams came shattering down when I saw him kissing her, Leah Jones, my worst enemy.
He had told me that he really loved Leah and he was only using me to make her jealous.And that now that he and Leah are together he doesn't need me.
For days and days later I had lounged around my families little house eating ice cream and watching chick flicks with my best friend, Clara Davis. It was during the 'Pretty Woman' that I realized love sucks and that I didn't believe in it any more. It was then I swore to never fall in love and grow up being single. And now, four years later at the age of twenty, I still believe in all that. And there is only one person to blame.....
Lucas Marks.
All those memories came flooding back to me as I stood as brides maid for Clara Davis's wedding and locked gazes with the most beautiful, all too familiar, emerald green eyes, that belonged to the one person I didn't want to see.
Lucas Marks.

Authors Note:I hope you guys liked it :DI apologize again if it seemed rushed. But this was a first chapter and they are usually boring right! So please leave a comment on what you tought and please press the little like button. It is not that hard to press it, it only take 3 seconds!

Peace ~ Jazzy


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