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It was All a Dream

Novel By: jellylver123
Young adult

Thema finds herself kidnapped and her soul brutally tested for those she loves...
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Submitted:Apr 24, 2010    Reads: 235    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

The red hair girl with circular glasses walked out of the library with four school books piled up on her arms. The tote bag weighed down on her shoulders, making her ache with frustration. As she turned the corner into a long and lonely sidewalk, she quickened her pace, afraid of the gathering wind that was gaining up behind. The autumn leaves on the oak trees she passed shivered at the touch of the gusty air. A traffic light that was turning yellow was just a block a head, preceding a troupe wearing beige cardigans and worn out green jeans. Confused and distracted at why such people were out in such a windy day, the girl unintentionally tripped on a huge rock. The books she carried flew out of her arms as the girl fell flat on her face with her tote bag beneath her stomach.

Quickly as she could, she lifted her long face and stretched her arms to reach for the books. When she was about to grab the second book, her hand bumped into another hand. As fast as a varsity sprinter, she withdrew her hand away from the foreign object and looked up. Who she saw was wearing a brown cardigan and worn out green jeans. Instantly, the girl looked away and tore at the rest of the books fallen on the ground, jumbling them all into her arm and striding back towards the direction of the library.

"Wait," the boy from behind her called out.

The girl pretended she did not hear and continued her stride. Only a few more minutes until safety, the girl thought to herself. Sudden footsteps surrounded her before she could turn a corner and head toward the library's automatic doors. Instinctively, the girl put on her hood of her jacket and steered her eyes to the gray, cracked cement. A hand reached out and pulled her hood back.

"Thema Pin, we meet again," the boy's voice traveled from a distance.

The girl remained silent as the boy pulled out a black baton and pointed it in front of her nose.

"Do not think you can get away with it again. It won't happen," the boy spoke with a low voice, tinted with anger.

"I do not understand," Thema mumbled to the dirt in between the sidewalk squares.

In just seconds, she felt a hard kick on her back, sending her hard onto the ground, dropping her bag and books once more with a sick cracking sound. Thema held in a gasp of pain, fearing to show her vulnerable reaction. The boy then raised his baton and struck her across the face, lifting her glasses into the air and leaving a red trail of blood on her skin.

Thema tried to stand, but the pain on her knee caps pushed her back down.

"John, carry her into the van. If she struggles, use this," the boy commanded and threw a bundled up white cloth to someone behind Thema and turned away. A pair of strong arms encircled her frozen elbows and pulled her up. Then, the white cloth covered her face, and everything dissolved into a deep sewage hole.


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