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Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

By: Jennifer Brighton

Chapter 21,


Thunder clapped loudly, and a bolt of white-hot lightning illuminated the black sky. It was almost 7:30. And, Jesse was still here. He quietlly held me in the darkness as we both listened to the pouring rain outside.
He nuzzled his nose and lips into the back of my neck, and pressed his body against mine. The rugged feel of his jeans against my legs was soothing… The stream of his warm breath blowing across the nape of my neck calmed me. And soon, I lost track of time…
“Jenni!! Jen! Open this door!”
I jumped up quickly. It was my mom! Oh my God...
“I’m coming, Mom!”
I scrambled up to the door and opened it, forgetting that Jesse was still here… somewhere… dammit…
“Wow, you actually did it…” she said, looking me up and down.
“Did what?” I asked accusingly, nervously awaiting an answer.
“Slept all day, Jenni-doll, what else?”
It was then that I noticed… I was in my bra and underwear… I unsuccessfully tried to cover myself with both hands.
“Oh, right--Yes, I did!”
“Hun… you’re acting a little strange… are you sure you’re ok?”
“Yea, mom, I’m fine!” I said, looking up at her with large, glassy eyes.
“Jen…” she uttered, walking towards the bed, “You know… I found that box of books downstairs… You know, the ones that I gave you? So, I know you weren’t  really  in bed  all  day.”
“What are you talking about, mom?” I tittered.
She held up a book. “Paradise Island  ring a bell?” She said, waving it around in the air.
“Damn…” I mumbled, face-palming.
“Now, I know I should have looked at the books before handing ‘em to you in bulk… but, I figure that you’re a big girl. You know all about the birds and the bees, etcetera, etcetera!”
“Mom, can you hurry this up a bit?” I begged.
“Well, I just wanted to tell you… Masturbation is a perfectly healthy and normal human past time—”
My mouth dropped wide-open… “Mom, no…”
“I have not been…m--mmmm—doing that!”
“Then why are you in bed--with just your underwear and bra on, nonetheless…?”
“Because I like to sleep naked?” I responded sarcastically.
“Alright, alright, granted… but why do you need to sleep with this?” she asked, picking up a book off of the floor.
It wasThe Sandpit… Jesse must have brought it upstairs with him…I shook my head piteously…
“That also explains why the door was locked… You never lock the door!”
“Mom…” I whined, putting an embarrassed hand to my brow.
“Jen, it’s alright. Masturbation is the safest type of sexual activity you could possibly practice. And, you can’t get pregnant!” She laughed.
“Mom… it’s strange to hear you talk like this…”
“Alright, alright, fine. But, never say I didn’t have this talk with you. And by the way, give me about ten more years until you think about giving me grandchildren,” she snickered.
“You know what, you‘re having too much fun with this… Goodnight, mom…”
“Jen, wait! One more thing—”
“No, mom! Goodnight, mom!”
After shoving her out of the room, I locked the door back and sat on the bed. I needed to think for a moment… I wish I had that little talk with her  before  she left for work this morning.
Jesse crept up behind me and kissed the back of my neck. As it turns out, he had been hiding down beside the bed the entire time…
“Your mom’s hilarious,” he said, brushing my hair to one side.
“Hilariously scary…” I said worriedly.
“Mhm,” he said, kissing behind my ear.
“What if I’m pregnant?”
Jesse laughed. “Jen, I doubt that you are.”
“I'm serious--”
“I am, too! It’s called pleasure. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re pregnant.”
“You did use protection, right?”
“Jen, do we have to talk about it this way?”
“Yes, we have to… I’m scared--”
“Don’t be… I did use it. Alright?”
“Now, can we forget this?”
“Yea, sure…”
We laid down beside each other again. The rain hummed loudly outside. The warmth of Jesse’s breath upon my neck made me feel… calm. Soon, I became drowsy. And before I knew it, I was falling asleep in Jesse’s arms again.
“Jen… you awake?” he whispered, peeking over my shoulder to see if my eyes were open.
“A little…” I mumbled, feeling his straight, black hair drape down over my shoulder and neck.
“If you were pregnant… not saying that it’s a possibility, but… if you were pregnant… I wouldn’t abandon you.”
He caught me off guard with his sudden lapse of conversational sensitivity… I didn’t know guys could be so…gentle. This was an odd turn from his usual pessimistically, anal self.
“Did you hear me at all, or did you fall asleep?”
“No, yea… I heard you…” I said in a whisper.
Then I felt him lay back down… He ran his fingers across my stomach and nuzzled his face into the back of my neck. But, I couldn't help but feel a bit paranoid… That settles it… Next week, I’m buying a pregnancy test.


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