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It's a Matter of Trust

Novel By: Josipa
Young adult

I want him so badly. I hate him. Sophia doesn't know how to feel. As she gets ready for college, she doesnt want any distractions. Caring has always seemed like a vulnerability to her, but she can't suppress her feelings anymore. Who does she trust them with? And does she really get to choose? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 11, 2012    Reads: 70    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"hey :)" One little word started it all, one little word and a smiley face. Or maybe I should say restarted. We had a history you could say, but it was much more "PG" then what I got myself into the second time. Or was it the second time? Rewinding back, it was hard to tell where everything even began. I had gone to middle school with Danny, but we didn't really hang out with the same people until high school. We became friends more toward the end of freshman year, but it was really more from having so many mutual friends than any kind of personal friendship. He was close back then with my best friend at the time, Emma. During the summer before our sophomore year, Danny, Emma and I all ended up going to an amusement park together. It was supposed to be a bigger group, but others had cancelled. The three of us still had fun together. It was the first time Danny and I actually got to know each other. After, Emma and I were back at her house sunbathing and texting in the backyard when she started laughing. "Ooh, Sophia" And I knew, somehow I knew it a second before she said it. "Danny likes you." "Wasn't he obsessed with you a while ago, Em?" This news only made me uncomfortable, I could remember Emma complaining about how he couldn't get over her a while back. "Nah, that was middle school." As if it were ancient history, instead of only a couple years ago, and we were much older, wiser creatures now. "He's cool now." "If you say so. But I'm not interested." I was shy and neither had nor desired experience with boys. "Can I give him your number?" Emma asked. My answer was a resounding "No!" "Aw c'mon, you're not promising to marry him, it's just your number!" Emma wore me down and I eventually grudgingly agreed. She was the outgoing one, and constantly wanted me to push my boundaries. But she was also a good friend in the fact that she would respect them, and wouldn't act without making sure I was on board. That's when I began talking to Danny. He was funny, and a good listener. I was surprised by how much I liked talking to him. But I still didn't like him the way he liked me. He would try to flirt when we texted, but I wasn't responsive. By the time our school's homecoming dance came around, I knew he wanted to ask me. He talked about it, but I said that I had promised Emma I would just go with her and we wanted to make a group of girls. I was talking to another guy at the time, Cole, and he had also hinted at asking me. While I would have said yes to him, he never did ask, but I ended up dancing with him the whole time at homecoming. Cole and I had a brief fling, but it didn't even last a month and he never kissed me. Danny and I stayed friends. Besides seeing each other at school, we texted a lot and got to know each other even better. Fast forward a year, to homecoming again, junior year. I still talked to Danny frequently. Over the summer we had hung out a lot with groups of friends. Fall of our junior year, we had math together. I would work with him occasionally, but I also had that class with Logan, who has been one of my best friends since first grade. More often then not I ended up working with him. I adored Logan, but working with him was not my first choice. Even though I didn't want to admit it, I was starting to like Danny.


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