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Chapter 1
I can't quite remember why I came here any more, all it does is make me feel worse than before.
My name is Lutheran Kane I'm the youngest of ten brothers as they keep reminding me that I'm the baby of the family it's not fair really.
I've been living with my Aunt and Uncle for two years now, It's the anniversary of my mum and dads death, I was 14 the day we were called to the office at the school me and four of my brothers that were at school still, that was also the day I lost my best friend and my only sister Roseanna my twin sister the only one in the family other than mum and dad that actually cared about what dreams I have.
Anyway as I was saying I hate this place, who would it's so dreary and depressing in grave yards but i visit the grave yard for the anniversary of my parents and sisters death every year just to talk to them and get things off of my chest you know its a relief to talk to someone even though i know no one actually hears me.
It started to get dark so I headed home to the chaos of my family, as i entered the house i heard Todd yelling at Cattie for annoying him again, i just sigh at this, it's always the same, I walked passed my aunty and Cody my second eldest brother they were deep in conversation when i passed them i think they were talking about my brother above me Hunter who is always depressed these days,
Some days i wish they would just leave him alone, i know what he is going through but he always seems to get most of the attention around this house, god it feels like I'm invisible to everyone in this house, who knows maybe I am. Finally I reached my room after climbing the huge stairs at the entrance of the huge house, if you haven't guessed my family isn't poor actually we're rich not that i care much i really couldn't .
I reached my haven, my room where i could be alone with my black walls with poems written on the walls in multiple colours, the poems on the walls are my own poems that i have written, my favourite is cold eyes.
I sat down on my bed staring at the ceiling waiting for the world to go by i guess since no one really pays attention to me any more i guess i've changed the way i was, i lost friends at school because i was getting all depressed on them now i get Nigel and Emo mostly Emo because i dress in all black and i let my hair grow long and i have a side fringe, i suppose i did kind of go Emo but i don't care of what my former friends think of me anymore,
the one thing i got out of that was knowing who my true friends are, i mean i lost all of my friends but gained new real friends ones who stick by me, Tia and Kay they have been there since i lost my family and my friends, now i feel better in a way when i am around them well a lot better than i do when I'm around my actual family.
"Lutheran Kane get down here now it's dinner time and you better get down here you haven't eaten in three days hurry up", complained my aunty yelling to me from down stairs.
Grumbling i went down stairs to have diner with my family, and as usual i find Cattie kicking Todd out of the seat he was in, Eric and his twin brother's and yes i say brother's because Eric is one of three yep triples , there has been two sets of triplets from Eric, Jackson and Brendan to Dean, Todd and Kevin yep and they all think there better than me they probably are, to bad i don't care,
I sat down next to Hunter and he smiled at me and looked back down at his plate, sighing i did the same and guess what i found on my plate my Auntie's beef stew, to bad nothing can change the flavour of it,
looking up I saw my Eldest brother Axel sit down next to me this was a first he normally avoided me like i was nothing but a bug on his windshield, sighing again i started to eat, lucky for me no one speaks to me so i usually sneak my I-pod down and listen to it during diner but the bad thing was that tonight someone was talking to me and i completely ignored them and stared at the corner of the room and to my surprise when i looked back at my plate to see it gone i looked up to see everyone looking at me including Hunter which was unusual,
me being the silent type around my family due to the fact that i didn't know what to say to them, i got up and left the room heading out the door only to be pulled back inside by Axel, startled i pushed him away and he looked down at me with a sad expression on his face tears in his eyes "Lutheran are you okay you didn't eat much nor are you talking much what's happened to you", Axel asked distressed about my well being, i had had enough with my family i grabbed my coat from off the floor and stormed out of the house, while yelling "what do you care anyway", as i passed through the gate my tears threatened to spill over, i hate it when it does that i hate crying, i walked down the road not knowing where i was going not knowing that Axel and Cody were both following me.
Finally i reached the park were i sat down on the swing and put my head in my hands and let down my stone complexion which i rarely did and cried, for the pain and anger and sorrow that i kept bottled up inside me, and let it all go, after a few minuets my cry's had become silent sob's, i removed my head from my hands to see through tear filled eyes my two eldest brothers standing in front of me both with tears in there eyes Axel bent down and rapped his arms around me pulling me off of the swing and sat me down in his arm's he whispered to me " I'm so Sorry Lutheran, I'm so so sorry forgive me forgive all of us but we must go home it's dangerous for us to be out here alone".
"I say it is very Dangerous for you boys to be out here Axel, oh and Cody too but who is the young one you never told me you had a younger brother than Hunter Axel", said a man from behind us, looking up i saw twelve or so man surrounding us leaving us with no escape,
slowly Axel got up taking me with him and moving in front of me as Cody moved to stand behind me shielding me form there sight, "he has nothing to do with this Graven let us take him back home and we will come with you with out a fight", said Axel to this Graven guy,
"now why would I do that when i can see you want to protect the boy no i have a better idea we are going to take the boy and you two and if you think about not doing as i tell you the boy will get it", replied Graven, I heard the sound of boots crunching on the gravel when all of a sudden Cody was pulled away form me trying not to panic, i looked around for an opening and found one and ran for it, i was almost there when i was pulled to the ground and man did that hurt,
i looked up dazed to see Graven looking down at me with a wicked smile on his face, i turned my head to see Axel and Cody struggle in the man's arms then i saw them go limp in there captures arms, i scrambled to my feet running towards them when yet again i was pulled back and landed on my back, "no boy you will not be going with them your coming with me i always wanted to know how it would be to have a human pet i guess i will finally find out", Graven laughed,
looking up again i saw Graven pull out his cell phone and dial a number i didn't hear what he said into it but i couldn't care less slowly i got up off of the ground only to be slapped across the face "did i tell you to get up no but since your up stay", ordered Graven, as he moved towards the road waiting for something that i couldn't see, i turned around to find where my brothers were and when i spotted them they were both unconscious with there hands bounded in front of them, not caring as to what Graven said i made my way over to my brothers and to my surprise no one noticed me but not for long as i bent down to undo the rope one of the men saw me and moved over to me and pulled me up and shoved me back away from my brothers and came to stand in front of me and my brothers, i wanted to scream and i realised that if i screamed someone would hear,
I filled my lungs with air and was about to scream for help when Gravens hand clasped over my mouth muffling the sound of my screams, i tried to remove his hand but i couldn't Graven had also rapped his other arm around my waist preventing me from moving away from him, "shhh stop that or i might have to kill your brothers, now you don't want that do you, now stop screaming", Said Graven as he held me close to his chest, i stoped screaming and started sobbing again afraid of what he might do to my brothers,
"that's a good boy, no need to scream", cooed Graven as he petted my head in an act to calm me down, after a few minuets i heard the sound of a car coming towards us and felt Graven relax, i started to struggle again but Graven was prepared for that and threw me to the ground where i scrambled to get back on my feet, and as i got to my feet Graven was there with a set of hand cuffs he grabbed my right arm and put the cuff around my wrist and proceeded to put the other end around his wrist now i was attached to him, Graven pulled me along until we came to a stop at a van with its two back doors open and as i looked in i saw my brothers on the floor of the van,
Graven shut the doors to the van and the van drove off with my brothers but i was not to go with them i was to go with Graven as the van was black i couldn't see it after a while, so i turned back to see Graven and another car in which Graven started to pull me towards,
there was three other men with him all walking behind me when we reached the car Graven undid his side of the cuff and attached it to my other wrist now my hands were bound in front of me. Graven pushed me into the car, after all of us were safely in the car, the car started to move in the same direction as the van had gone,
sighing slightly i moved to look out the window but i was pulled back away from the window by one of the other people who had gotten into the car with me and Graven, "well aren't you a feisty one what is your name boy now i know your there brother you have the same colour eyes as your mother and that little brat of a daughter had the same blue very bright blue", Graven said to me and i realised that he was talking about my sister my twin sister.
I wanted to kill him there and then but i couldn't so i just ignored him in hope that he wouldn't keep talking to me but that didn't work, "oi boy I'm talking to you so what is your name boy don't make me ask you again", Graven said again, this time i answered him "Lutheran Kane", i said with as much venom as i could master up,
Graven noticed my tone of voice and move closer to me while pulling a knife out, "now you listen to me Lutheran Kane i don't tolerate boys your age very much but listen closely, you will do as i say when i say, you will not be seeing very much daylight if you keep up an attitude like that", said graven while running the blade of the knife along the line of my neck without leaving a mark, i tried to move back away from the knife still hovering on my neck, but the man behind me pulled me back into position, "well Lutheran are you going to obey me or am i going to have to punish you", asked Graven as he moved the knife away from my neck brining it into my line of sight.
I was freaking out at the way Graven was holding the knife in his hands i didn't know what he would of done to me if i didn't give in, i hung my head in submission, tears in my eyes threatening to come out, Graven moved back to his seat and nodded to the man holding me, he pulled me back into my seat.
After an hour or so latter i drifted off to sleep in the car i was woken up when i was thrown over someone's shoulder, don't ask me who it was because at that point in time i was drifting in and out of consciences by the time i really opened my eye's i was laying on a mattress on the floor, looking up i saw Graven, i felt so tired i didn't struggle when he lifted my bound hands and attached them to a hook on the wall and put a lock through it to stop me from going any where, i glanced up to watch them move out of the room, only to feel helpless as i heard the lock clicking as it sealed my fait.


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