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Leah Ciato's life was perfect, until her long time lover breaks her heart. What else can she be but devastated? When she runs away from the pain, she finds an interesting path, and follows it. She trusts her heart, and just falls.

*Inspired by someones profile picture* :D

Chapter one is a little bad, so feel free for constructive criticism, and good! :D View table of contents...



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"We're just not meant to be, babe." he wriggles his index finger in between the space where I was standing, and where he stood.

My mouth drops open, waiting for an apology to come out, but shuts quickly. I blankly stare as he softly gazes into my brown eyes; filled with confusion, but soon enough, he uninterestedly turns away. I shake my head in non-belief, and begin to run.

I look at the people, gaping at me like I had just committed a murder. Soft whispers and gossip spread like an epidemic throughout the crowd as I cantered off.

"Leah!" I hear his uncaring voice shout, but nothing pressed me to turn around.

Tears were flying out of my eyes as my feet brushed against the ground, but I moved on. Every splash of water that hit me was a constant reminder that the person I'd thought I loved, never loved me, and the torturous re-run played again in my head, making my rage grow even stronger. But suddenly, I stop moving to catch my breath. Putting my hands on my knees and huffing, I spot a heart-shaped necklace, dangling innocently.

It was the promise necklace that Ryan gave me four years ago. He promised he would never leave me; liar. My fingers find the clasp and unhook it slowly; reaching down to slip it into my pocket. I didn't want to see it, but I was afraid to let it go.

Pushing the thoughts aside, I start to pick my pace up again, but before reaching the speed I was at before, I hurdle myself into a dark alley and sink down against the wall; sobbing violently. I settle down under creaking wooden stairs that prevented the raindrops from pelting me more than they already had. For moments, I try to speak, but I could choke no words out, no whisper would leave my lungs; I would sit there, and wish something good were to happen.

Finally, I build enough courage and air to scoot out from under my protection, and ask, "Why?" all the joy withdrawn.

Waiting in the rain for a moment after I squeaked, I pull myself back, lower my head down slightly, and begin to pull on my sleeve; wiping my heavy feeling eyes with the dark blue cotton.

Minutes pass as I erase the wet emotions from my face, and try to tame the hyperventilation. Once I can breathe and see again, I stand up with assistance of the wooden steps, noticing that it's dimming hastily, soon to be completely opaque.

I look up to the half-moon, looking scratched as the rain thrashes down, but turn my direction back to the alley as noises awaken my fears.

The gloomy twilight sets in paranoia, forcing me to check my surroundings every few minutes. I stumble along, and recognize the alley I was in looked everlasting, and the stairs I rested under, were getting lower and lower. And usually in alleys there are many flights of stairs. These were the only ones. Trusting my intuition, I begin to follow the path until the stairs touched the wet gravel. My fingers reach out towards the warm and damp railing and trace it as I amble on.

* * * *

**Justin's P.O.V**

"Did you see her after she ran off?" the mother asks.

She sits in the silence as she interrogates me, soon to be crying deeply on her husband's shoulder.

"No, I tried to follow her, but I lost her. You know, she runs fast." I reply nervously.

Her mother turns her head back me, with a slight smile on her face, and holds that position for silent moment. But it was as if a countdown went off until she began to sob again. Although, despite what seemed predictable, she did not start up again, she kept her brown eyes, identical to Leah's, on me as I sat still; dispassionately.

We all sit soberly in the solemn silence, until three men with badges on their chests walk in, holding their hands on their belts, and the questions come out hurriedly.

"What does she look like?" the nicer looking cop requests.

Flipping my head back and forth between the cops and Leah's parents, the pain of loss sinks in deeper, but I make no move to leave; just sit and listen.

"Brown almond-shaped eyes, and straight brown hair, shoulder length with bangs, and about five three..." her father trails off.

"Could you say what she was wearing today?" the second tallest man, with a comb over demands, looking a tad impatient.

"A pair of dark blue jeans, black Converse, a blue baby doll shirt, it's about this color." her mother rapidly hands the well-mannered cop a colored pen that was similar to Leah's shirt.

The conversation loiters, until I was dismissed, but as I shut the door behind me, I heard the voices falling and rising like waves.

Pulling my sweatshirt on, I look up into the rain, feeling them sprinkle into my eyes, and say, "Why?" with no happiness that could stay long enough for a smile.

I crank my head back until it looks straight ahead, and drive myself forward towards my car. Every step I took reminded me of Leah, every boom of thunder reminded me of her laughs, and nothing could make it go away.

**Leah's P.O.V**

"Hello?" I hesitate as my shoes scrape the sliced logs.

No one answers, so I continue on, but my emotional instability was sloping down quickly, and within moments, I was tearing again. My voice echoes around the alloy roof as I gander timidly, seeing the flat boards that lead to other sets of steps. I begin my adventure with a fast pace, but slow down after numerous flights. It felt endless and after a while, I completely zoned out. Until, I stepped out from under the shielded, timber steps, and just as the rain trickles down my hair again, I hear a voice.

I slide my feet forward and peek my head out, ignoring the voice. I gape at the black water as it swishes and swirls violently, and shudder and stumble back, almost losing my balance as the water fiercely burst up. Stepping forward, about to let go, I hear the familiar chirp.

"Leah!" I hear, and this time I pivot around, noticing how long I'd been traveling up the steps.

My dark eyes widen as I see Justin, soaked, with tears in his eyes. He stands completely motionless on the flat platform with the metal dome over him. He starts to walk towards me, but I don't move a muscle.

"I'm sorry," I say, and turn around.

The boards creak as I breathe in and out, but I ignore the distractions.

Tears are now flowing freely down my face, but will soon be mixed with the bloodthirsty aqua.

And trusting my intuition, I fall.


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