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The Friend Beach

Novel By: Kairi
Young adult

The Friend Beach is a story of friendship, love, and finding yourself in what you do.

The four main characters are inspired by the four main seasons:

Summer - Sonny Rend. (Reh-nd) Sonny is no ordinary girl: she can sing, dance, and act her way into any play she wants. But when her world gets turned upside down, and she loses her motivation, how will she be inspired to do what she formerly loved?

Fall - Autumn Button. (But-tin) Autumn, best friend of Sonny, is very down-to-earth and quiet like. But her voice is nothing you usually hear. Autumn is generally shy, but when Sonny hears her for the first time, and is blown away...what will Sonny's reaction lead to? Fame or a new person Autumn will allow herself to become?

Winter - Mae Kouri. (Koor-ee) Mae is a foreign exchange student from Japan. Luckily for Sonny and Autumn, she speaks English, but is still unclear of the ways of Willow City, in the state of Boca. But her artwork, hoho!--that is NEVER unclear. Her impressive skills in art are changing the ways people think. There's just one problem: Mae is super talented, no doubt, but she doesn't feel as though she fits in. How will she cope with this?

Spring - Sky Vegha. (Vey-ah) Sky Vegha is a new student. Not new like she transferred from a different school of arts, new as in like this year is her first ever at one. She's nervous, quirky, and always smiling, but when something that might personally scar her happens, what will she do?

*Some places, all schools, and all people are made up*
*Chapters POV's are told by different people every chapter, you will know who is talking because I will say the name of whom is narrating* ;) View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 24, 2010    Reads: 121    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

Summer, August 20th.


* * *

Walking through the doors, I smile brightly and see the other students gathering in groups, or playing some kind of unique sounding song.

I continue down the hallway that says ACTING in graffiti letters. They looked stylish, modern, but were distracting. So I turn my head back to look down the dark hallway, until reaching what seemed like the exit from a cave.

Light bursted into my face like a shaken up soda, and once I was out of the spot where the sun appeared to shine the most, I saw the personalized lockers: some had names on them, some had people, and some even had completely random objects or patterns.

Looking up at the ceiling, I notice that the room I was in the shape of a star. I smiled to it lightly and then lowered my eyes to look for my locker. Number 182.

I begin to scan the front of the lockers, and a few seconds later, I find it, open it slowly, and neatly stack my books into it.

"Attention students, please report to your first class. Have a nice day!" a voice says from a speaker in the corner of the star.

I finish throwing my books into my metal cabin and take my map out, searching for the second Acting room. From where I was, it was on the other side of the whole building.

And so, my perilous adventure through this maze of a school begins! I think to myself, hoping nobody saw my expressions.

I turn the knob slowly and open it as quiet as I could. No matter how quiet I could've gotten, the eyes would've still crept on to me.

"Ah, Miss..." the teacher searches for a name.

"It's Vegha. Sky Vegha," I say.

I could already feel my face getting hot, but instead of running out like I wanted to, I closed the door behind me and looked around the room, seeing one seat open. The seat in the front row. Dead center.

"It's a pleasure to have you," the teacher says and folds his candy-looking, sleeves up to his elbow.

He looked in his mid forties due to his strange sense of style, he owned a bald spot that was growing larger, and you could see his humorous personality coming out of him like fireworks.

He continues to scratch the board with a purple marker until he turns around and faces the class.

Thankfully, I feel the nerves numbing and am starting to feel like I fit in with the class.

"Hmm.." he says and taps his bulgy finger to his chin, "Sky," he says which catches my attention.

"Yes?" my eyes felt as wide as owls'.

"Please tell the class how you got here, come on up, don't be shy." he gestures me to the carpeted area in-front of him.

"Okay," I murmur and the nerves have an adrenaline rush. I step up to the small circled area until pivoting to face the other students. I study them briefly: it's as if "talent" is written on their foreheads.

"So, Sky, how did you get here?" I move my jaw up and down and make foolish noises out.

But all of a sudden, my brain sparks a brilliant idea just waiting to unleash itself.

"Mr..." I recognize I never knew his name, so I lounge with my right foot front down to my seat and search for his name, "Hatter,"

He nods.

"They say he's as cuckoo as one, too," says a blonde haired girl next to me.

I laugh a little and then stand back up.

"Mr. Hatter, is it okay if I maybe act it out?" I ask, hoping he'd say yes.

"Of course," he says, "Does anyone want to assist Sky in her reenactment of how she got here?"

A few hands raise, and he picks two boys, one with a olive-tinted skin, and one with a deep chocolate brown.

I whisper them the lines, and it was as if they had a writer inside their head remembering the lines.

The one with the dark hair and olive skin's name was Ben, and the African-American's name was Andrew.

"And, are we ready?" we all nod, "Begin!" shouts Mr. Hatter.

"My name's Sky Vegha. Here's the story of my journey to this school." I walk to the small window.

"I was at my former High School, just minding my business, until I see a funny looking man running down to the lobby.

I followed him because no one was allowed down there today because they were adding the new art additions. Running, and chasing, I don't think he knew. And when I got to the lobby, no one was there, so I continued what I was doing, which was playing guitar for my chorus teacher who lost his CD for our play, so I offered to step in.

Anyways...I was the only one in the lobby, until Director Royale runs by again, and this time, he stops me."

"Hey, can you play?" Ben acted out.

"Yes," I responded simply and explained that: he looked as though he was in a rush.

"Can she play?" Andrew asks Ben, pretending to be the directors.

"Yes," Ben responds.

"Can she sing?" Andrew asks, and they both turn their heads towards me like the directors did in the past.

I played my air guitar and fake sung.

"That's a yes," they both say.

"Can she act?" Ben asks.

"What ended up happening was, the two directors came to my play that night, and that's where they made the final decision." I conclude with a bow; hand in hand with Andrew and Ben.

The students clap moderately loud and smile at my story.

"So, children, the assignment for tomorrow is to partner up, which I have decided, and do a skit about anything you want." Mr. Hatter says and then starts to distribute us in two's. Then he finally reaches me, "Autumn and Sky work together," he says.

I search for whoever Autumn was until finding her, she had blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a bright smile to match.

"Hi, I'm Sky," I hold out my hand.

"I'm Autumn, Autumn Button, it's nice to meet you," she says.

When the bell rang we walked to lunch together, and she introduced me to her best friend, Sonny. Sonny had strawberry blonde hair, and leaf-green eyes.

Autumn, Sonny, and I, who were soon joined by Andrew and Ben, ate lunch, and made my first day a lot better than expected.

*Hope you liked my first chapter!*



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