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Please, Save Me From Myself

Novel By: kairoru
Young adult

Skylar Harding was the only hope of either saving the world or destroying it. Too bad the sixteen year old didn't know this. Can she survive long enough to keep her sanity and save the world? Or will she crumble and give up before she even knows? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 9, 2010    Reads: 76    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

The room was dark. No light shined through the cold, darkened room.
In the center of the room stood a lone girl. Her dark hair fell over her eyes, making her seem almost unreal. Her body hung over in an almost bow. Her arms were restrained to the sides of her and her body was seemingly unmoving.
At least until the body arched back, pulling at her restraints. Her mouth opened to scream but nothing came about. She was trapped like prey of a black widow, just waiting to be eaten.
Nothing worked. She was stuck. Nothing would bring her freedom.
The girl's arms stopped pulling at the restraints and her body slumped soon after. Her head settled to her chest, and tears began to freefall from her eyes.
'I'm going to die,' she thought.
She didn't know how right she was…
Unbeknownst to her, a shadow loomed from behind her; the darkness did a good job of cloaking him within. He held in a chuckle and watched her give in to resolve. He had been watching the brunette for a while now, studying her. He knew just the way she'd crack.
It all began two moon cycles ago, when the brunette turned sixteen. What she thought was the year of freedom with a license soon turned to a year she wished had never come.
It wasn't her fault at all, now that the shadow thought about it. It was simply her makers' fault.
What began as a safety measure backfired against them. The shadow smirked. Yes, it was only a matter of time before he got what he wanted: her strength. She was the only known person to unknowingly wield the power to help the world, or destroy it.
He had to get that power. She was a mere human, she didn't deserve it. But, her makers still had to empower her with it. It should have been his all along.
'Doesn't matter anymore,' he thought, 'she'll give me her strength willingly or against her will. Either way she's losing them.'
He stood in the shadow, watching her struggle against the restraints lesson slowly but surely. Any time now she'd be ready to give in.
"I'm going to die," she whimpered out. Her mind was shutting down on her; her body was beginning to accept this fate dealt to her.
Suddenly, her body jerked the restraints. Her arms refused to stop pulling at them. It was like they had a mind of their own.
'No!' her mind yelled. 'Don't give up! He'll get them!'
She was shocked when an arm slipped away from one of the restraints. She was getting free? It was impossible to fathom! Soon her other arm was free as well and she was out of the restraints.
She turned around to see what was holding her. What she saw caused her to jump in shock. She was still restrained. But, how could this be? She was out of the restraints!
She then looked down at herself.
She looked the same. Same shirt. Same pants. Same muddy Converse. Then she came to some of her hair on her shoulders. From her perspective, her hair looked to be darker… almost, black.
"What's happening to me?" she asked herself. The voice resounded through the room in an echo. Her brunette self just lay against the restraints, unmoving as before. "I need to get help," she decided quickly.
She turned and ran from the room.
Not once did she notice the dark figure smirking at the prone figure.


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