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Memories For Sale

Novel By: Kale Youngblood
Young adult

this is a extremely experimental, the idea popped into my head. and i just wanted to write it down before i forgot. so forgive the many mistakes, but feel free to correct them. it help me and i appreciate stuff like that. i'm not sure where this story is headed but i thought i'd give it shot. warning i got excited so i may have missed a word to actually put in. my brain was moving to fast for my hands. anyway this is the outcome of a very experimental first chapter. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 1, 2009    Reads: 128    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Chapter One

"Wait, what are you saying? Could you back up a second? Please? Ms. Todd, you're parents were in a car wreck."Are... are they okay, my voice trailed off. "Well no, they're gone you see." Tears stung my face in the cold wind, my sense of survival kicked in before my flood of emotions. "What am I going to do? I'm adopted, there's no one else. You're putting me in foster care aren't you? Wait, I'm seventeen! Can't I apply for emancipation", I ask my questions frantically. I know foster care is bad, I was never in it. But I've known people who have been. "Well the court system has already worked something out for you, the social worker stared at me like I was a freak for not crying my eyes out. But I know tears never solve anything. So there's no point in shedding them. "What's the court worked out?" They have contacted your biological parents, and applied them temporary custody of you. "Wait, they're actually still together, I was definantly caught off guard with that one. "Oh no, they've applied joint custody. But they do still live in the same city, the social worker said it like that was something to be happy about. I realize something like this was bound to happen to me, life was just to good for too long. It was inevitable like karma. I never believed in karma though.

_Four Days Later_

I knew these young birth parents lived in whole entire state than me, BUT Vermont?! Really? Not even one of the known towns, they live in some place called Essex. Isn't that in like England or something? Apparently this is my home for now. My plane lands. I wait for everyone to get off before me, to be honest I'm really nervous about meeting these people. I know I share my chromosomes and all that DNA crap with em, but that doesn't make them family. Did they even know my name before they were contacted? "You coming Ms, the stewart questions me with a smile. "Yeahh", my voice is a little shaky. He helps me with my bag like he understands that my life is spiraling downward as I knew it. I walk through the glass doors, how am I suppose to recognize who's picking me up? I've either one of my birth parents in my life. That's when I see the man holding the sign. It simply read "Isla", which is kind of stupid if you think about it. There could be more than one Isla in the airport. Idiot. I walk up to the man, I stop cold when I see his face. He has my eyes, I mean I have his eyes. Down to the T everything about them is the same. His are amber, they have the grey specks in em just like mine. In the exact same places. Is that possible? I finish my steps, he looks up at the person who caught his peripherals. He startles at my eyes, knowing. As much as I do that he is my father. Before he can do anything I figure it's time for me to make my impression. "Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to tell me your damn name?" You Isla, he asks. Well obviously, but how do I know you're here for me? "Okay then are you Isla Todd, he asks slowly. Why yes! Yes I am, maybe I should throw you a bone too while you're on a roll of who I actually am. Sound good? His nostrils flare for a second, then it's gone. "Can you give me a little credit as to knowing your name", he half jokes. "So you are you my dad? Or is it just a mere coincidence we have the same eyes, I question the man like it's actually a question. "Yes I am, I'd say we have a striking resemblence towards each other. Except you have Maris' hair", he says with a crooked smile. "Yeah well that's not my choosing here, and why do you keep staaring at me like that, I ask. Well... well, he says turning slightly red. Well, you're just so big, I just didn't picture you as you know big". My eyes widen. "I mean... I mean I just saw you as a newborn. I didn't picture to look so much like us." For some reason I snap, "Listen just because I look like you, doesn't mean I'm like you. It most certainly doesn't mean I give a damn about you! Why should I? Did you give a damn about me then? You know what just call foster care I'd rather be with them be with the likes of people like you, much less live where you came from." With that I turned on my heel and walked away from James Ashley. What kind of last name is Ashley anyway?


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