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Novel By: Katniss
Young adult

Crepusculum Private School, home of the Immortals. It's not just the name of there football team though. Crepusculum is a school for any creature that isn't normal. And by not normal, I mean they are supernatural. You have the werewolves, the vampires, the ghost, etc. Don't think that just because they aren't human doesn't mean they don't have drama. Trust me, there is allot of drama, more than your average middle/high school. View table of contents...


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"Welcome, new students, to Crepusculum Private School, home to the Immortals." The secretary's voice boomed into the microphone as she spoke. "As you all should already know, this is no ordinary school. We have the highest grade technology, highest standards, and are best in the world. Don't think this school will be too hard though. For you are no ordinary students!" Her voice was extremely high pitched and excited, even though she looked like she was dead. She was also extremely fast. "Now, I will hand over the mike to Dr. Dracule, your headmaster." She is dead. The way she walked across stage proved that. And the fact that they had to reattach her leg when it fell off. She handed the headmaster the microphone and waddled away.

"Thank you, Mrs. Winchester." Dr. Dracule said; his voice a heavy Transylvanian accent. "You may be expecting a long boring speech, but that is not how I role. All of you are already past elementary school, so you should know how to behave. The most important rule is no going off campus after midnight until five in the morning. That time should be used for studying and sleep. I understand that some of you are nocturnal. You don't necessarily have to sleep. The only other rules we do have vary with what you are. You'll read them in your handbook." He paused, seeming like he would take a breath, but he did not, for he doesn't breath. "Any questions?"

A senior raised his hand. He was obviously not a newcomer. "When do we get to show them their rooms?" He yelled.

The headmaster laughed. "Immediately!"

Chapter One

The gates to the school opened. All the parents reluctantly let their children go into the building, even though it looked utterly creepy. Some kids didn't have parents there. They were normal human parents who hated their weird children. A couple of mothers cried while their young said their final farewells. A few moms forced a cell phone into their child's hand and demanded a call at least once a week. A couple of teens gave their parents the cold shoulder; most of them were goth. A couple of children were already storming away saying they hated their parents for sending them to a boarding school. All of the normal stuff that goes on when a person gets sent to a boarding school.

All the seniors graduating this year gathered the new comers into the auditorium of the school. The valedictorian, Jacques (pronounced like jock, the "j" soft) answered any questions the new students wanted to ask. "Is there a curfew?" "What are the dorms like?" "How's the food?" and so on.

Jacques always seemed to have a fake smile while answering these questions. He wasn't really paying any attention to them. That whole time what he was doing was thinking. He was thinking about Marie. He had a crush on her ever since they met, in the 6th grade, almost six years ago. He was always too nervous to talk to her and he wasn't sure if he ever would. The only way he knew to keep her mind off her was to occupy himself with another girl. He had a girl friend, but wasn't sure about his feelings for her. Maryna, his current girl friend, was using him as a distraction as well. The details are far too complicated to go through right now though.

On the other hand, a new comer was totally apathetic about this whole event. She always had her headphones on, even when someone was talking to her. She didn't even bother asking any questions but one.

She went up to a receptionist and asked "When will we get our dorm assignments?"

The receptionist looked up and smiled brightly. Not a fake smile, by the way. "I can give you your dorm room right now if you would like. Is that all right?"

"Sure." She replied.

"What's your name?" The receptionist asked while typing into the computer.

"Taryn Reynolds."

"Well, Miss Reynolds, here are the assignments," She smiled while handing Taryn her dorm room number that was on a slip a paper. "Enjoy your year here!"

Taryn chuckled. "I'll try."


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