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Stephanie Palmer is a 16 year old high school student who was home schooled until her junior year. She is quiet, smart, and shy. On her first day of school she sees the school's most popular boy - Tyler Blake and she immediately falls in love with him even though he is "off limits for everyone" View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 22, 2009    Reads: 667    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Okay, this is the same story, but it is revised; so if you have read it before, it still has exactly the same plot. I am simply making it more reader-friendly; I got rid of all the hyphens and replaced them with quotation marks. Also I fixed quite a few punctuation mistakes, and going to post chapter after chapter instead of crumming several chapters into one. So yes, that about covers it... Otherwise, it's still the same story.


March 14th, 2005

I looked down and thought if I am careful, I shouldn't hit anybody's car. It felt silly to worry about stuff like that just minutes before I was just a splat on the asphalt, but I couldn't help thinking that if I end up in the windshield of Laurie's Lexus, my parents will have to pay for the damages. I squinted my eyes and calculated the distance carefully once more. If I only take one tiny step off this roof, it should be just fine. Why does the highest building have to be right next to the stupid parking lot?

"If you are going to jump, then just jump already," Tyler said in a tired voice. "If not, then get off the damn roof…"

I looked at him, marveling once again how handsome he looked in his leather jacket and black Ray Bans. God, I loved him so much right now that my heart ached. He looked at me through his sunglasses, his blond hair falling on his face.

"Steph," he said quietly. "This is ridiculous… Get away from the edge."

I just shook my head. Tyler sighed and flicked his cigarette away.

"Fine," he said. "Do whatever you think is right, then."

"I love you, Tyler," I said, thinking that he'll say that he loves me back; that he'll beg me not to jump; that all those movies and books about guys like him falling in love with the girl like me were true; that he'll dump Laurie today just so he can be with me.

He looked at me and took his sunglasses off. I knew that he was about to say everything I wanted to hear, and I actually took a tiny step back from the edge of the roof.

"I know," he said and put his sunglasses back on.

I was waiting for him to say more, but he just sat there, flicking his Zippo on and off absent-mindedly.

"Tyler…" I whispered, feeling lightheaded.

"Steph," he finally said. "I proposed to Laurie last night…"

I just stared at him. All I could hear was the sound of my own heartbeat. He was saying something else, but I couldn't hear him. I turned away from him and looked down at the almost empty parking lot. If I am really careful, I'll land right there, in the empty parking spot between Laurie's Lexus and somebody else's Toyota. I closed my eyes, but then decided it's a bad idea; I needed to see where I was about to land. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. I threw a last glance at Tyler who was sitting a couple of feet away from me, his Zippo making incredibly loud clicking noises. I wondered why all I could hear was his Zippo and not his voice, and then I took a step off the edge of the roof.


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