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Orna Puella

Novel By: Katya Dee
Young adult

Everyone is familiar with the Cinderella story. This is another version of it except in this story the glass slipper is not the winning ticket. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 6, 2009    Reads: 291    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

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Orna Puella

"Orna Puella" - Latin for Ash Girl (Cinderella)


Do you have any idea how hard it is to wash the blood from underneath your nails? I scratched my fingers with the brush until they were raw but I could still see spots of dark blood under my fingernails. I didn't even care that the brush was hurting me like hell, I didn't even feel the pain by now. I felt tears crawling down my face and it surprised the hell out of me. Seriously, I didn't think I had any left. But they kept crawling down my cheeks like little spiders made out of warm glass.

Finally I dropped the brush into the sink and turned off the faucets. Sudden silence dropped on me heavier than a bag filled with bricks. The only sound I could hear was my own heartbeat. I slowly walked away from the sink and made my way into my bedroom. The minute I walked in there, I froze on the spot. It was right there, in front of me, on my dresser. Dragon, I completely forgot that I sat it there earlier…

I slowly walked to my dresser and picked the damn thing up. This is the reason that I can't feel anything lately, not even the pain. This is the reason that my heart turned into a cold lifeless stone. This is the reason that Raven is gone and this time he is not coming back…. Oh great Lizard… Wait, wait, wait a minute… He is not coming back?! No, that's impossible… He always came back, always!! Even after his first death… No, this is not happening… I looked at the damn glass slipper in my hand. This is the reason everything went to hell. Why, why did I go to that stupid Ball?! Son of a bitch, I should've just stayed home and did whatever the hell Elsie wanted me to do… Raven would still be here…

I swung my arm and threw the slipper into the wall. It hit it hard and broke into several pieces with soft melodic cry. I limped towards them and picked one of them up. The one that looked sharper than the others. I collapsed on my knees and this time no tears came. I stared at the shard of glass in my hand and finally brought it down on the inside of my arm. I made sure I cut myself vertically. I couldn't even think of the possibility that I might survive. Blood flowed and I marveled at the fact that there was no pain.

I cut my other arm in the same fashion and I could care less that blood was getting all over Elsie's white precious carpet. Finally I dropped the glass and stared at my own blood. After a while I felt really dizzy and then I thought that I was beyond stupid. Dammit, I should've done it in the bath tub or something… That would be better. I thought that maybe I should also run that shard of glass on my throat, just to be safe, and reached for it when everything around me started to spin really fast and I blinked when it seemed like someone suddenly turned all the lights off.

I stared at that shard of glass, trying to wrap my fingers around it and suddenly it started to grow huge in front of my eyes and then there was nothing else left but that shard. And then even the shard started to grow dark. Finally everything was gone and I welcomed the darkness that wrapped me like a very soft warm blanket.


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