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Dominick Archer's goal in life is to sleep with as many girls as he possibly can. He never stays with anyone for longer than a week and the very idea of love sends him into fits of hysterical laughter. Then he meets Danica Moore and it is a hate from first sight for both of them He wouldn't call her anything but the Pest.
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The Pest


- I -

- Dominick, do you love me? - she asked in a small voice.

- Of course I love you, - I said sincerely and gently pulled her shirt off. - Why else would I be here if I wouldn't love you?

- Darla said that you are… - she hesitated. - She said not to trust you…

- Darla is just jealous, - I murmured, thinking that Darla's bitching was getting worse lately. - She is jealous of you, Carrie…

- She said that you slept with her and then dumped her like the next morning…

- She is making stuff up, - I said thinking that I didn't dump Darla the next morning. I dumped her that very night. - Carrie, I don't sleep around, okay? Call me old fashioned but I don't believe in sex without love… The way I feel about you… - I sighed deeply. - Carrie, I've never felt this way before… - which I guess was true to the point. She was one of the "good" girls and I didn't really have a lot of those. Virtue is so hard to find nowadays…

- Dominick… - she whispered and timidly stroked my chest. - I… This… - she started to blush. - I've never done this before…

- Neither did I, - I said sincerely and she gave me a small happy sigh. - I never found the right person… Until now, - I added in a very soft voice and kissed her slowly.

She shivered underneath me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

- Dominick, I love you… - she whispered.

- I love you too, Carrie, - I said with feeling and pulled her skirt off.

Two or so hours later I was ready to kill for a cigarette. Carrie was snoring softly, her head on my chest. I stirred carefully and she didn't even move. I grinned and carefully moved her away from me. I fumbled in the dark, looking for my clothes and suddenly she was awake.

- Dominick?… - she called and I cringed.

- Yes, love, - I answered softly.

- What are you doing?

"Getting my clothes on and getting the hell out of here"

- I need a glass of water. I'll be right back, okay?

- Okay…

I walked out of the bedroom and pulled my jeans on. I didn't even bother buttoning up my shirt, it was so late and dark outside that it didn't even matter. I was jumping on one foot, putting my sock on when a door to the second bedroom opened and Tony's head popped out.

- You leaving? - he whispered and I rolled my eyes.

- No, - I said. - I am just getting dressed so she can take my pants off again… Hell yeah I am leaving!…

- Usually you just kick them out, - Tony grinned and I shrugged.

- Yeah, well… Do you really want her to start crying in the middle of the night? - I nodded towards the bedroom that I just left.

- Was she really a virgin? - he looked really curious.

- She was, - I said solemnly. - I fixed it…

Tony shook with silent laughter.

- Okay, man, - he whispered finally. - See you in the morning…

- Right, - I muttered. - Don't forget my money…

He grimaced and I went away.

I got to my car and swore when I realized that I was out of smokes. I quickly checked my pockets and was relieved when I found ten bucks. Five minutes later I was pulling into a parking lot of 7-11. I didn't bother locking my car since I figured if someone steals that piece of shit, that'll mean they need it more than I do. I walked into the store and grabbed a bottle of Coke from the shelve.

- This and a pack of Parliaments, - I threw my ten on the counter without looking up. I knew everyone who worked here and they knew me.

- I need to see your ID, - I've heard and I couldn't believe it.

I looked up.

- I need to see your ID, - she repeated patiently.

- Who the hell are you? - I squinted my eyes at her.

- Excuse me? - she looked at me as if I just asked her to give me a blowjob.

- Who are you? - I said again. - Where is Marcus?

- He is on his break, - she said with dignity. - And I am new.

- Okay… Danica… - I kept my eyes on her name tag longer than she was comfortable with. - Ring me up, okay?

- If you are buying cigarettes, I have to check your ID, - she said stubbornly.

- Are you kidding me? - I demanded and she gave me a very nasty smile and pointed towards the sign that said "You Have to be 18 to Purchase Tobacco"

I rolled my eyes.

- Jesus Christ… I'll just wait for Marcus.

- So he can illegally sell you cigarettes? - she asked with so much poison in her voice that I had a sudden desire to smack her upside the head.

- How old are you? - I asked her and she winced.

- I am seventeen, why?

- No reason, - I shrugged.

The door of the store opened and to my greatest relief I saw Marcus.

- Dominick, - he grinned at me and gave me high five. - What's up, my man?

- Nada, - I high-fived him back. - Marcus, ring me up, will ya?

He frowned.

- Why didn't you ring him up, Danica? - he looked at the girl whose eyes became angry slits.

- Because he won't show me his ID! - she said evenly.

- That's Dominick right here, - Marcus said patiently. - He doesn't need no ID…

- You can ring him up then, - she snapped and turned away.

Marcus rolled his eyes and walked behind the counter. He rang me up quickly and I shoved my change into my jeans pocket.

- Fun night, huh? - Marcus asked me slyly, eyeing my unbuttoned shirt.

- You know me, - I laughed. - Hey Marcus… - I didn't even lower my voice. - When is she going to work here? What days? - and I nodded at Danica and her shoulders immediately became tense.

Marcus scratched his head.

- She is in training right now… - he said. - So all week this week… And then I don't know.

- Great, - I winced. - I have to come back here and buy a hundred cartons then just so I don't deal with her again…

Marcus laughed.

- She's cool, man…

- Uh huh, - I said and Danica slammed the drawer of the second register.

I grinned at that and waved to Marcus.

- Later, D, - he waved back.

I was driving home and didn't even get mad that my radio wasn't working again. I laughed softly when I remembered the new girl's reaction to my questions. I parked next to my driveway and got out of the car. I was rummaging through my pockets, trying to find the keys when the front door opened.

- Do you know what time it is? - my mother demanded.

- Yes, - I said and walked inside. - It's a little after three AM. Why, your clock is broken or something?

- Don't smart mouth me, Dominick! - she said dangerously and I shrugged and walked to the kitchen.

I was looking inside the fridge when she appeared in the doorway.

- Why is your shirt unbuttoned? - she asked shortly.

- Because I didn't want to button it when I put it on, - I said and pulled a carton of orange juice and a pack of bologna out of the fridge.

- And why did you take it off in the first place?

- Because I don't like to have my shirt on when I am having sex, - I said fixing myself a sandwich.

If looks could kill, I'd be twitching on the floor right now.

- Dominick… - she said evenly. - Until you live under my roof…

- The only reason I still live under your roof, - I interrupted her. - Is because you gave me an ultimatum. Don't worry, I'll be gone in August.

- I didn't give you an ultimatum! - she said shrilly. - I gave you a choice! If you want to move out, you can do it right now!

- Right, - I grinned and bit into my sandwich. - I can walk out right now with this shirt on but that's about it…

- That was your choice, - she shrugged.

- Gee, I guess I am dumb that I don't want to live under a bridge and that I want to keep all my stuff, - I said sarcastically. - Yeah, that's my choice. I will move out on August fourteenth.

- Until then do me a favor and show up at a decent hour! - she snapped.

- You don't have to wait for me, you know, - I shrugged and wolfed down the rest of my sandwich. - Just go to sleep… It's not like you miss me when I am gone… - I opened the carton of orange juice and drank some.

- Dammit, Dominick! - she exclaimed. - Not out of the carton!

I shoved the juice back into the fridge and started to walk towards the stairs.

- Don was asking about where the hell you are so late, - she said tightly.

- Tell Don that it's none of his business, - I said without stopping.

- Do not say that! - she said sharply. - Don is a good man and you need to show some respect!..

- Yeah, - I muttered. - I'll show him something, all right…

- What did you say?! - her voice flew up an octave and I grimaced.

- I said that I am tired and I am going to bed, - I said loudly. - I gotta go to school in the morning!

- Dominick!

But I tuned her out and went to my room. I locked the door and threw my car keys on the desk. I winced when I realized that I had to get up in less than three hours. I kicked my shoes off and pulled off my shirt. I was thinking that I have to tell Darla to shut the hell up finally when I fell asleep.


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