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By: KatyLee

Chapter 1, Leila is dead. She just can\'t remember why, or how. And instead of the nothingness that she expected would come after death, she\'s thrown into a strange new place where she is expected to get along with the mega bitch that is Lisa, not to fall in love with Harry, and most importantly; recover. The only problem is, Leila just doesn\'t know what it is she\'s recovering from.


Chapter 1


The purpose of life is being happy, right? It’s about living life to the fullest, making every moment count, and when it’s time for you to die, you die happy. You look back on all the memories, you’re surrounded by your loved ones, and you die feeling happy. And then what happens? Some would say that's the end. Others say you get reincarnated, or you go to heaven or hell, or countless other theories. I guess the most popular theory where I lived was the whole Heaven thing. Not many were proper Christians, like going to Church and all that, but they were desperate to have something to hold onto. They couldn’t accept that once they died, that was it.

I believed that once we died, that was it. Over, done, fini. I suppose that's what most people who die like I did believe; that when you die, that's it. I mean, if the purpose of life is to be happy then surely once it’s over, that's the end, because you can’t truly be happy knowing the people you love aren’t with you, the memories won’t be created any more. Most people who die like I died would want it to be over, would want it to be the end, because what’s the point of dragging life out after you’re gone? I mean, the reason I died in the first place was because I wanted to end it.

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the white. I had to blink about 5 times for my eyes to adjust, and even then it was making my head pound. I was in a small white room, with white walls, white floor, white ceiling. There was a single bulb covered with white lampshade, and a white door. My head was pounding and I couldn’t remember a thing about where I was, or why I was there. It smelt like a hospital. Shit, maybe I'm in a hospital? Like the mental wards, the solitary confinement rooms. I quickly checked what I was wearing, though it took me a few seconds to work up the courage. I was absolutely petrified that I would be in straightjacket. Wriggling my arms was possible, and when I finally looked down I was relieved to notice I wasn’t constrained in any way. Instead, I was wearing some sort of floaty white shirt and long white trousers. I wiggled my bare toes against the smooth, cool floor.

Shit. Where the hell was I? Desperately, I tried to remember what had happened. The last thing I remembered was coming home from school in a bad mood, as usual, and then my mind goes blank. Tears stung my eyes, threatening to spill over the edge as I realised that I had no idea where I was or how I got here. It was then that the door opened a crack, and a soft voice called in “Leila, are you awake?” I scrambled across the floor to a corner and hugged my knees close to my chest. The voice knocked softly and then came in. She was around 20, with curly long blonde hair and big blue eyes, framed with perfect fluttery lashes. She wore skinny white jeans, with a fitted silk white blouse and a silver necklace. I concentrated on the necklace; it was a silver chain with a little silver pendant of an S with a halo around the top. She smiled at me softly. “Hey Leila. My names Shona, I’ll be your angel while you’re here. Do you have any questions?”

I tried to speak but the words got caught up in my throat and made me choke. What did she just say? My angel? And how the hell did she know my name?! Bile rose and gathered in my mouth. Had I been kidnapped? I forced my mouth to work and stuttered “Where am I?” She smiled and let out small laugh, shaking her head. I hugged my knee’s closer and felt the tears drip down my cheeks. “You don’t remember? Well, it’s pretty rare for that to happen but it does every now and then. What’s the last thing you remember then sweetie?” I thought hard, but the last thing I could think of was coming home from school. I told her this, and she smiled briefly, but her eyebrows were furrowed in worry. “Oh dear. I hate to be the one to tell you this but, erm, well maybe you should just follow me. Come along Leila.” She held out a dainty hand with long, slender fingers. Her nails were painted with silver glitter that glinted like diamonds as it caught the light. Dazzled, and very confused, I got to my feet. My legs shook, wobbling uselessly as I tried to take a step. “Whoops, careful now!” Shona said, laughing as she steadied me. “Try to concentrate on putting one leg in front of the other. It’ll get easy again after a few steps.” Blood rushed to my cheeks as I flushed red in embarrassment as I stepped, legs trembling each time I lifted them off the solid floor. “That's it, it’s just because you've been lying down for a few days. Come on babe, it’s just through here.” I winced as she said babe, memories of Darren flooding back. She must've felt it as her hand, which had been helpfully supporting my arm, retracted down to her side. She turned and smiled encouragingly at me before opening the door..

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