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Novel By: KatyLee
Young adult

Leila is dead. She just can't remember why, or how. And instead of the nothingness that she expected would come after death, she's thrown into a strange new place where she is expected to get along with the mega bitch that is Lisa, not to fall in love with Harry, and most importantly; recover. The only problem is, Leila just doesn't know what it is she's recovering from. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 13, 2013    Reads: 10    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

My eyes flashed open. Shit. Was that a dream, or was that a memory? I hoped it was a memory, but then I hoped it was a dream because it was painfully obvious something had gone wrong after that. It must have involved Darren as well, because every time I looked at Harry I thought of him. Oh Harry. I hadn't realised how much I was missing him, because although we had only spent a few hours together, he seemed perfect. Like magic, there was a knock at the door and a voice called in "Hey, wanna go for a walk?" I grinned and jumped off the bed.

"Sure." I answered, opening my door. Harry stood on the other side, running his hand through his luscious hair and grinning back at me. "Great. Come on then" he held his hand out and then retracted it bashfully. I could feel myself smiling at how adorable he was. "Were you sleeping? Sorry if I woke you but..." he stopped himself from finishing the sentence, but then whispered "I wanted to see you". I was gone, whirling high above him in an instant. Harry wanted to see me? He actually wanted to spend time with me? This was insane. This was astounding. This was absolutely fantastically brilliant!

"Oh no, I was but I woke up before you came. Hey, where are we going?" I asked. "Oh, just into the garden bit. I only found out it existed earlier and yeah, I thought you might want to see it. My angel told me it's nice, like pretty and that" he was mumbling, embarrassed, by the end of his sentence. I replied "Oh right. Cool, that'll be nice." He grinned at me, his perfect teeth shining. He was gorgeous. He was gorgeous and his hand was twitching near mine, almost close enough to grab. Our hands brushed more than once on the 2 minute journey. The journey had led us to a door; the door labelled F18 with a big padlock. "This is the garden?" I asked, confused. He nodded and withdrew a key from his pocket. "She told me that this key will open the padlock and behind it is a garden, and in the garden is a well. She said not to go anywhere near the well." He chuckled mischievously as he unlocked the door, and pushed it open.

"Wow." Harry exclaimed. He started saying something else but I couldn't hear it; I was too focused on what was in front of me. I was faced with hill after rolling hill of lush green grass, dotted with patches of bright flowers; red, orange, pink, blue, violet, yellow, almost every colour. Smiling red and violet pansy's lined a stony walkway that led to a well, a red bricked well with a thatched roof. Beyond the well was a trickling waterfall, which started at the top of a hill and led right down to a small stream. The stream was stunning. The crisp, blue water lay still, other than the corner of ripples caused by the waterfalls slow trickle. Stones littered the edges and amongst these stones were tall happy daffodils, twitching every now and then from stray water droplets. It was all so mystifying, so breathtakingly beautiful, that I was rooted to the spot. I could only stand still and take in the beauty, much like the flowers that seemed to radiate with the gardens magnificence. How such an exquisitely beautiful place could be hiding behind a locked door was beneath me.

"Hey, wanna go check out the well?" I blinked myself back to reality, back to the boy standing next to me. "I thought we had to stay away from it?" I replied, still slightly dazed. "Yeah but I had you down as a bit of a rule breaker" He said, grabbing my hand and running down the path. I could only run with him, and try not to pass out from the fact that he was holding my hand. I felt utterly pathetic, like an 11 year old with her first boyfriend, but it was still so exciting and nerve wracking that a boy like Harry was holding the hand of me. Boys like Harry went for girls like Lisa, blonde bubbly girls who wore tight clothes and went to parties and squealed about shopping with her girl friends. They didn't go for plain, mousy brown haired girls who were cripplingly shy and who wore baggy clothes to hide the fact that they weren't just skinny, they were too skinny, and who had never been to a proper party and who didn't have any girlfriends to squeal with. But that was then and this is now, now in a different place where maybe boys like him did go for girls like me, because here he was in the garden holding my hand, not snogging Lisa in her room.

When we reached the well, we were immediately let down. Instead of being able to see down into the dark hole, we were met by a lid that covered the entire top of it, ad was padlocked on the 4 'corners'. "Dammit. There must be something pretty cool down there if it's all locked up like that" I said. Harry made a noise to agree, furiously jabbing his key into the padlocks. None of them worked. "That's going to annoy me now!" Harry said, laughing. I laughed too, unsure of the joke. Why was he trying to get into something that was locked anyway? I'd never been curious; if I wasn't meant to know something, I was happy not too know it.

"This place is so beautiful" I whispered. Harry and I were lying on the top of one of the hills. I stroked the petals of some nearby flowers, oh so careful so as not to break them. It really was beautiful, and so peaceful. It seemed miles away from the dark, scary place full of sick people with bad thoughts. I was lying so close to Harry I could hear his heart beating slowly. The dull rhythm was making me sleepy, and my eyes drifted and slowly started to close. I felt Harry's arm stretch up from behind his head, and he bought it down to rest behind me. His heart beat sped up, as did mine. It was such an incredible feeling to know there was a boy who liked me, a boy lying next to me with his arm round my shoulders.

I worried a little about hurting his arm, but when I shuffled to adjust myself he gently pulled me into his shoulder. "You're beautiful" He whispered into my hair. My entire body seemed to float above the glorious garden and I was up, up, up, up in the stars and whirling round and round. I couldn't believe it, he had called me beautiful. I felt silly and pathetic because it was just a word and people said it every second around the world and everyone gets called beautiful in their life, but I felt so special and so wanted and I'd never felt like this before. Everything about Harry was new and exciting and special, everything he did felt like it was the best thing he could ever do. Never, when I'd first woken up in the bright white room with a pounding headache and no clue where I was, had I thought that I would lying on a hill in a magnificent garden with a gorgeous boy who had his arm round me and was calling me beautiful. I don't think I'd ever been called beautiful. And then a ripping sound pierced my ears and my eyes blurred and went white and my head was going to explode, there was something in my head clawing at my brain and I could only see white.


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