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By: KatyLee

Chapter 2,


Chapter 2

In front of me was a long shiny white corridor. I was pretty confused, obviously, but Shona kept pushing me forward, whispering in my ear “It’s going to be okay Leila. No one is going to hurt you.” The corridor was so strange. It was just a long, white strip with doors evenly spaced out on the two walls. There was a number on each door. I counted 15 doors, 10 had the letter R in front of the number, 2 had the letter T in front of the number, and 2 had an O in front. The last door had a big padlock on it, with a big NO ENTRY WITHOUT PERMISSION sign and its number: F18.

We stopped in front of T1. Shona knocked softly on the door, and then gave me a slight push forward. I opened the door, not expecting at all what I saw. It was an ordinary white room- everything was white, and it was beginning to give me a headache- with 7 white chairs, and a white table with a jug of water, cups and some biscuits. All of the seats were filled, expect one. A man rose up from one chair and smiled broadly at me. “Leila, right? Do come take a seat. I'm sure you have many questions to ask!” After another encouraging smile and push from Shona, I stumbled over to the empty chair and sat down, shivering from the confusion and slight bit of fright. “Um, Rob, can I have a quick word?” Shona asked, leading to the man- Rob- standing up and going over to her. “Leila doesn’t remember. I didn’t know how to tell her, I've never dealt with this before and I didn’t want to do it wrong so I just left it and yeah” she spoke it all at once, clearly getting flustered. Too flustered, in fact, to keep her voice down. Murmurs leapt among the gathering of people and I could feel my cheeks reddening once again.

“Ah I see. Well I suppose explaining her situation will help the others get to know their own a bit better. Thanks Shona.” Shona nodded at him, and gave me a weak smile before turning out of the door.

“Hello and welcome to your first therapy everyone. Shall we go round and introduce ourselves?” I glanced around the circle and then averted my eyes to the floor, blinking to stop the confused tears. A blonde girl, around my age, stood up. She seemed overly happy for some reason, very bubbly. “Well, I’m Lisa, and I’m 16.” She giggled cutely, flicked her blonde ponytail over her shoulder and sat down. The boy next to her coughed and said “I’m Harry. 17.” He was good looking, dark brown floppy hair and deep brown eyes. He had rolled up the sleeves of his fitted white shirt, too reveal angry red scars. I shuddered. “I’m Megan, I’m 14.” I jumped a little, not expecting the girl next to me to speak next. I hadn’t noticed her before, but now I couldn’t look away. She had dark purple hair, pulled into bunches with blue ends. She didn’t seem able to smile; there were no laugh lines evident, not even a tiny crease. No one else said a word, so Rob gestured at me.

“I’m, erm, Leila, and I'm 15.” My voice shook nervously. The blonde girl, Lisa, tittered smugly. “You don’t seem so sure about that, Lee-La.” She deliberately dragged out the syllables of my name. “Now now, girls, come on.” Rob said, attempting to assert some authority. Lisa smirked and flipped her hair. “A pretty blonde mean girl huh, god, how desperately cliché.” Megan murmured. I chuckled under my breath as the other 3 introduced themselves. There was a man called David. He was 26, which he felt the need to add “and fabulous!” to the end of, making everyone laugh. He was so over the top, so feminine, so camp, that the only thing I was certain of in this place was that he was gay. I cringed at myself for stereotyping, but he proved my theory by eyeing up Harry and winking at me when he caught me looking. Then there was Gemma and Nick, both 18, and a madly in love couple- this was a fact that she had announced proudly. They looked eerily similar; same green eyes- hers glinted whenever she looked at him, but his were dead, the colour of moss- and same long black fringes. His hair was cut shaggily around his head, hers was almost down to her waist, but they both had an annoying habit of moodily flicking the fringe out their eyes every 10 seconds or so. I noticed that whenever he did it, Gemma swiftly copied. Weird.

“So know we’re all a bit more familiar, let’s explain why we’re here. I think some of us need more clarification than others.” He smiled at the group but his eyes were fixed on me. “Who’d of guessed it; she’s the freak who forgot.” Lisa said  sarcastically, blue eyes (of course she’d have the brightest, blue eyes- Megan was right, she was so cliché) gleaming. I blinked rapidly. I was use to being called a freak, but the freak who forgot? Forgot what? Everything here was so confusing that I found myself silently begging Rob to continue. “Lisa, play nice. Although it’s rare, people can forget what has happened. Some people block out the introductory talk as soon as they wake up.” Lisa scoffed and annoyingly flicked her hair, again. Her eyes darted from Rob to me. “At least I remembered and accepted what I did. Now I'm facing the after part. Not just pretending it didn’t happen.” Her eyes were gleaming even brighter, like a pool- a pool filled with sharks. Rob shook his head. “Let’s just explain it, shall we?”

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