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Novel By: KatyLee
Young adult

Leila is dead. She just can't remember why, or how. And instead of the nothingness that she expected would come after death, she's thrown into a strange new place where she is expected to get along with the mega bitch that is Lisa, not to fall in love with Harry, and most importantly; recover. The only problem is, Leila just doesn't know what it is she's recovering from. View table of contents...


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Eventually Shona came in and saw me. "Oh god, Leila are you okay? I heard what happened. Don't worry, Megan's okay now. Are you okay though? It must have been pretty traumatic. That's the first public, erm, distress we've had in quite a while. I'm so sorry you had to witness it, especially in your, erm, condition." I could tell she didn't know how to handle my situation; she had little or no experience in people who had forgot. "I'm fine, Shona. I'd just like to go to sleep now." She beamed at me, grateful that I had reassured her. "Sure, that's fine. Tomorrows a big day; you're going to find out a lot about the people here. I remember my second day. That's when I realised I wanted to be an angel." I nodded at her, not really listening. "That's an option, then? I've heard people mention leaving here, but can you stay on and become an angel?" She nodded at me, smiling again at the interest I was showing. I followed her to my room and noticed the bed, toilet, shower, wii console and TV. I hadn't noticed any of it before, when I'd woken up. "We move all the stuff in here after you've woken up. It wasn't here earlier." Shona explained.

I threw back the covers, noticing the small clock that read '11.27pm'. "You have time here?" Shona glanced at the clock. "Oh, yeah. We time 24 hours and use that to set the clocks. It's not realtime, but an hour here is the same as an hour down there. We find that it helps set a routine, which improves recovery time. Sleep well baby. I'll come get you at 9.30 for your therapy. There's pyjamas under your pillow." I thanked her gratefully. "Wait. Shouldn't I have eaten something?" I asked. Shona laughed and turned back to face me. "You're not alive, darling. You don't eat or drink, or go to the toilet either! You can drink, if it makes you feel more normal, but we have no way of getting any food, and it seems a waste. Water is unlimited- there's huge oceans of it down there- but food isn't. Good night baby. Shut off your questions for a bit and go to sleep, or play a videogame! We don't have TV programs or DVD's, but we have games." she motioned at the TV before smiling one last time and leaving. I crawled under the covers in the soft pj's, and closed my eyes. I was fed up of feeling so confused, so shutting off and drifting into sleep was a welcome pleasure.

I woke slowly in the morning, slipping in and out of sleep until I fully awoke. I smiled to myself as I stretched under the duvet. For some strange reason, I had become fully accustomed to my situation. I guess it wasn't too bad; although I was dead, I was surrounded by people, and I knew that as soon as I had recovered- from whatever it was that I was recovering from; this, I did not yet know- I would be able to live a happy, new life. Memories from my past life were drifting in and out of my mind, but I was still unable to piece it all together. I knew I hadn't been happy, and was desperate to talk through all the memories with Shona. After all, she was supposed to be caring for me and helping me. It was so strange how I had woken up this morning and felt fully use to what I was going through. I mean, I assumed I would be distraught, missing my family, missing my house, missing everything. Who wants to be dead? No one, no one truly. I was adamant that there was another reason I forgot what had happened; I didn't want to believe that I really didn't regret that I was dead.


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