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The Young Hollywood Club

Novel By: Kay Kluck
Young adult

Behind the flashbulbs and cameras, four best friends who also happen to be some of Hollywood's hottest young stars live their one-in-a-million lifestyles.

Thalia Dahlton is a major movie star buried in a heap of fame-spawned stress. Will she ever take a break from being her workaholic self and just chill?

Lexi Reed has had more hit singles than she can count on her fingers. As a breakout music star, all she wants to do is let her personal self pour through her self-written music, but her record label keeps pressuring her to switch up her style. Will Lexi ever gain control of her own life, or is it vampy-punk music covers from here on out?

Lindsey Holiday happens to be the offspring of a famed Hollywood director who could bathe in his Oscar awards if he wanted to. Lindsey has her own reality show, and has cameras following her everywhere. She lives for parties and shopping, but when some one openly tells her just how conceited she is, Lindsey realizes that she needs to clean up her image...fast.

Britta Allen stars on a hit drama series, but her co-stars are driving her up the wall. She just might love one of them, and others make her want to strangle herself with the straps of her Marc Jacobs purse. How will Britta cope when she sees them everyday?

Together they form The Young Hollywood Club. Welcome to your inside look at their lives.

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Chapter 1
Thalia Dalton smoothed the cover of the glossy new magazine her assistant Ellie had just delivered to her trailer. Apparently, she had been featured in this issue of M! twice: once in the star advice section and once in the best dressed segment. Thalia didn't read every tabloid she was in of course, that would be as impossible as there not being a line outside of Cabana Club in the evening. Meanwhile, Michelle, hair diva extraordinaire, put hot rollers in her hair.
Thalia had to be on set in exactly 35 minutes, or John Highcliffe, the infamous director who was in charge of making the movie she was currently starring in, would throw another tantrum like yesterday. John was a film-making mastermind, but had extremely short temperament. Thalia prayed today would be better.
Ah ha! The best dressed segment showed pictures of which starlets wore ruffles better. A picture of Thalia posing in a jean jacket, white blouse, ballerina pink ruffled skirt, lacey tights, and flats was sandwiched in between photos of Blake Lively and Katy Perry, also sporting ruffled clothing.
"That's a good picture." Thalia's assistant Ellie piped up from where she sat in a folding chair near Thalia.
"It is. I think I was outside of Henry's when they took it." Thalia agreed.
"Henry's, as in that new restaurant on Main Street?" Ellie asked.
"Yep. Oh look, here's me again." She pointed to a picture of herself on the red carpet, her long black hair glossy, her dove-white smile glowing, her blue satin mini dress shining. A photo shopped-in speech bubble came out of her glossy red lips, and inside was the following Thalia-quote: "Always believe in yourself and never give up. Remember that you have to fail at first to succeed."
"Good publicity." Ellie noted.
Thalia nodded, and Michelle told her to hold her head still as she worked with the hot rollers.
Thalia exhaled and took a sip from the mocha Ellie had just picked up for her from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, being a fifteen-year-old superstar sure took a lot of prepping. Ever since she was four, it had been work, work, work. She had landed a role on a family sitcom eleven years ago, playing the youngest daughter. That lasted for four years, and after that, role after role, hit movie after hit movie, fell into Thalia Dalton's lap. One of the movies she'd been featured in, The Secret of 1822 Bryerview Lane had earned an Academy Award. It was safe to say Thalia was one of young Hollywood's hottest stars. And Thalia felt that if she wanted to keep it that way, she could never take a break. So she didn't.
Her current project, a sci-fi smash titled Resistance was quite something. Thalia played Lana, a teen living in the future whose father Aaron was slowly starting to gain control of the earth, and was starting holocausts and slavery and torturing, and it was up to Lana to make Aaron stop before he destroyed the human race. Thalia had been ecstatic about the movie, but John Highcliffe was hard to please. Acting had never been this tough.
She boredly skimmed through the rest of the pages of M! and saw what some of the rest of her Hollywood buddies were up to, since she knew a lot of the people shown. After a while, Thalia tossed the magazine aside and picked up her iPhone to see what her three best friends, Lexi, Lindsey, and Britta were up to. She typed:
Hey guys, wassup? Getting hair done in trailer, bored. Txt!
The response came from Lexi first.
About 2 meet w/ the record label, big meeting, rlly nervous! I'll chat u l8r!
Then from Britta.
Abt 2 shoot scene, the 1 where I get to kiss Jay Miller. Can't w8! J ttyl
Then from Lindsey.
Going shoppin w/ La Mu & cameras, I promise I'll bring u back something from Gucci! G2g, luv yas, ciao!
Thalia sighed. The girls were all busy with their own careers at the moment. She put her iPhone back in her Marc Jacobs hobo bag and waited patiently for Michelle to finish. Suddenly, the door of Thalia's trailer burst open and Harmony strolled in, ready to cake Thalia with makeup.
After what seemed like an eternity, Thalia was done. The scene she would be filming today was where Lana snuck through the mansion she lived in to eavesdrop on her father's dinner party, where she would overhear his evil plans of world-domination. She hopped down the steps of her trailer, Ellie at her heels, toting Thalia's planner, which she was in charge of. The go-cart was already waiting for them. The guy who drove it was a skinny, shaky guy who still hadn't gotten over the fact that "he was driving Thalia Dalton around", even though this was the third week of filming. The June sunlight beat down on Thalia and Ellie, who sat in the two seats in the back.
"All right, so you have to make an appearance at the Humane Society benefit tonight, and then you're having late dinner with your family at 8 o' clock at Gordon Ramsey in the London hotel. Tomorrow your call time is 6 AM again, and oh, you need to RSVP to Charlene Gracey's birthday party." Ellie read from the book. Thalia nodded, she had been in a movie with Charlene last year, and the soon-to-be 5o year old Oscar-winning star took a liking to Thalia. The party would be doused with A-listers, and rumor had it, Oprah would be attending. Sure, Thalia would be one of the youngest guests, but maybe she could bring a friend.
The go-cart came to a halt and they hopped out. "Thanks." Thalia called back to the guy, who just looked astonished.
"No, no, it's my pleasure to drive you around Miss Dalton." The guy stuttered. Okay then. The guy looked like, twenty four, and had been taking her to set for days; he still shouldn't be star struck in the presence of a fifteen-year-old actress.
She walked over to the set layout, where Mark Mason, famed actor stood, watching John Highcliffe fuss over the script with a bunch of writers around him. Mark played Thalia's evil father, but in real life, he was a pretty decent guy. Mark took Thalia in. She was wearing a blue satin shirt with flowing sleeves and wide leg matching pants. These were supposed to be Lana's pajamas, since the scene took place late at night, and she should have been sleeping.
"Nice costume." Mark commented.
"Thanks. What's going on?" Thalia asked.
"John didn't think my character's dialogue revealed enough information," Mark said, "he wants to give Aaron more lines."
"Oh." Thalia sighed. The LA sun made her feel really warm in her futuristic pajamas, so she requested a bottle of Evian. However, a half hour later, John and the writers still hadn't made up their minds about the script.
"Do you want a folding chair?" Ellie asked.
When the chair was brought to her, Thalia collapsed in it. It was going to be a long day.


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