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Beautiful Blood

Novel By: Kendra Webb
Young adult

When Dakota Ferrel is dragged to a Black Veil Brides concert with her best friend, she doesn't realize that she has just put her life on the line. Will this night be her last?

This is the return of my Andy Six fan fiction, Beautiful Blood. I apologize to all my fans for taking so long to repost this story. I hope you all still like it. View table of contents...


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It was late Thursday night, I was working my history homework when I heard my phone vibrating on my bed. I picked it up and pressed the green phone button.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Dakota, what are you doing tomorrow night?" My friend's voice asked me. What was I doing tomorrow? Oh, that's right, absolutely nothing just like every other Friday night.

"Um nothing." I replied, twirling my pencil around my fingers.

"You wanna go to the Black Veil Brides concert with me? I'd planned on going with Chase, but he's got a stomach virus and I'm left with an extra ticket." She explained. Black Veil Brides. I'd heard some of their songs, but I wasn't exactly a very big fan.

"I don't know, Linds. I'm not sure if I'm up for a screamo mosh pit." I joked blandly.

"Come on, it'll be fun and I need someone to go with. Please for me?" When Lindsey started to beg, I knew how much she really wanted this because she never begged me for anything.

"Okay, I'll go." I surrendered, giving a hint of a smile. After a hundred thank yous from my friend, she told me what time to be ready after school before we said our goodnights and ended the call. I sighed, not even wanting to think about how crazy that concert would be. As much as I dreaded going, Lindsey was my friend and I was going to do it for her. I brushed the thought away by going back to my homework. Once I was done with that, I got ready for bed.

The next morning, I woke up and got in the shower. Basically, I just followed through with my every-morning routine. At school, the concert was all Lindsey talked about. At least I was free during Art III. Drawing was always something that relaxed me, which was something I needed at the moment. I was working on a sketch of a lone wolf surrounded by woods. He was beautiful, but alone and sad looking. That's how I felt sometimes, always alone, but certainly never beautiful. I always felt I was plain and boring, nothing that a guy was looking for.

The class flew by quickly and so did the rest of the day up until the dismissal bell rang at 3:15. Lindsey drove me home and we went up to my bedroom to get ready. She'd brought some clothes with her so she could change at my house and save time.

"I'm not sure what to wear."I sighed, looking into my closet disappointed. My wardrobe was nothing fit for a concert, especially Black Veil Brides.

"Thought you might say that. I got some extra clothes for you."Lindsey smiled as she went through her bag, she pulled out an outfit and shoved it into my arms."Hurry up and put them on." She finished.

I went into my bathroom and did as she told. The borrowed outfit was a black, long-sleeved Ed Hardy shirt and gray skinny jeans. Lindsey and I were about the same size so everything fit good. I walked back into my bedroom so she could see how it all looked.

"Well, do I look okay?"I asked, unsure of my appearance.

"Holy shit, Dakota, you look hot!" Lindsey exclaimed with a wide grin. I smiled a little, feeling less self-concsious. I let my friend do my make-up and hair since she had more experiance with the rocker look. She put light purple eye-shadow and black eye-liner on me. Then, she took my long, dirty blond hair out of its usual ponytail and curled it. When she was done, I looked into my bathroom mirror. I was shocked at how different I was, how pretty I was.

"Thanks, Linds." I said to the brunette standing next to me, smiling at her work.

"It was the least I could do. Now come on, its gonna be a long drive and I want to get there before its too crowded." She replied, running out of the bathroom. I followed her, throwing on my red converse. Lindsey was already outside with her car started while I wrote a note and stuck it on the fridge. It read: Went to a concert, I'll be back later tonight. Luv Ya!


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