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Not that kind of girl

Novel By: kidarox123
Young adult

If you've ever felt that your life is like one song that just keeps playing over and over again, or have felt like you stand on the outside of the crowd, or have ever been loved by someone who you will never love. this story is for you. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 5, 2008    Reads: 217    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I'm not the kind of girl that's friends with everybody. You know the kind that knows everyone's name, and is friends with the whole school. The outgoing type, the kind that people want to be.
I'm the girl that walks to her own beat and everything she does has no rhyme or reason. I'm that one girl always silently watching in the background with eyes full of secrets, and words full of mystery. Sometimes I try too hard; sometimes I don't try at all. The one who only has one best friend. No one wants to be me. Sometimes I don't even want to be me.

It happened to be rainy day that afternoon while driving home from school. The windshield wipers squeaked as they went back and forth, and the rain pattered as it fell. Nothing good was on the radio, and the gray scene playing out in front of me was affecting my mood.

It was another predictable day. One of those days that replays every so often and you sometimes stop and think "haven't I done this before?" if you've ever had d�j� vu you know what I'm talking about.
The house was silent too. No one was home and I didn't bother to check and see if a note had been left. I wanted to be alone anyways.
I sat on my window seat and looked through the cold glass. I pulled out my notebook from school and started doodling.This was one of those "no rhyme or reason" moments. I was sure that one of the more outgoing type of girls would be out with friends right now talking about the latest nonessential gossip, sipping star bucks and listening to music, not giving one thought to the rain or anything else for that matter. But not me.

You see the difference between me and them is that I have ambitions, hopes and dreams and a million other things that I keep to myself. No one knows what I'm thinking, no one knows how I feel, no one knows what I hope will happen tomorrow. The other type, the type I like to call, "the energizers" (they remind me of the energizer bunny the way they bounce around all the time) radiate all that through everything they do-everything they say. Nothing is sacred to them. Everything is for everyone.

And yet part of me still yearned to be one of them.

i sighed and closed the notebook. I could hear the garage door opening now, disrupting nature's soft song of rain and I figured conversation might wake me from my sullen mood. I found my dad in his office typing furiously away at something. You could always find my dad in one of two places: His office or in his room.

My dad was a clean cut guy perhaps one they might call "type A" or "Up tight". When he has work to be done it will be done, perfect, on time, and flawless.
It was not abnormal that he hadn't heard me enter the room. Even if he had he wouldn't have acknowledged me. He knew if I need something I would ask.

"Dad?" he turned his head quickly to make sure he knew who he was talking to, then resumed what he was doing.

"What can I do for you" he said quickly to the beat he was typing to.

"Nothing, I just wanted to see if you were home"

"Okay" he nodded, not even taking his eyes off the screen.

I couldn't help but smile. He was always predictable and typical.

"I'll be doing my homework in the kitchen"

I was casually walking into the kitchen when the phone rang. Our caller ID had stopped working last week which made it extremely difficult to determine if you wanted to pick up the phone or not. I felt it was one of those "you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone" kind of things.

The high pitched ringing stopped abruptly. I guessed my dad had answered.
I was about to sit down and start my homework when I heard my dad calling for me.


Mackenzie! Phone!"Curiously I picked it up.

"Hello?" my voice echoed into the phone.

"Hey! What's up girly? Guess what? Today this one kid said that I should be called "Queen Klutz" and I just glared at him and when I turned to walk away I tripped over thin air!"

I laughed. Courtney was my best friend. We didn't go to the same school, so we always had stories to share. She was one of those people who just radiate happiness and makes you want to smile. She's absolutely impossible to hate, but gets teased a lot for her constant injury's and erratic tripping.It's embarrassing at first but hilarious afterwards. She claim's it's the size of her ears, other's say it's all in her head. I say that' what makes her unique.
We talked for an hour about classmates, strange teachers, and family stuff. Her mom is expecting a baby and their praying it's a boy after four girls. I didn't have much to say but my guess had been right. Conversation had lifted my mood.

i eventually hung up the phone and noticed a note my mom left and I had purposefully ignored.

I'll be out late tonight. I left a twenty on the counter- order a pizza or something. We can have extra's for lunch.
P.S James called for you.

I grimaced at the mention of James. Although in a month I'd be 17. I'd only been on one "real" date. And it had been a disaster. Well, from my point of view anyways'.

My mom and his mom had hooked us up for a date and promised no strings attached. I consented; little did I know that James was two years older than me, and to put it boldly, a complete and absolute nerd. A true chess playing, math loving, computer game playing nerd.We went to dinner and I had to endure three hours of nothing but talk of stuff I didn't even begin to understand. I practically ran up the walkway to my house. And get this- he drove his moms' mini-van.

Courtney and I had laughed about it for two weeks straight. And ever since that one date he hadn't stopped calling. I was probably the only one that ever said yes. When you think about it the whole ordeal is pretty hilarious.

I grabbed the twenty and placed an order for one large pepperoni pizza. While I waited I finally started my well put off homework. By the time I had finished, my mom had come home, my dad had gone to bed, and the pizza was half eaten.
I got into my pajamas and crawled in to bed. I realized the rain was still pattering off the roof. The discarded symphony or rain drops lulled me into a well awaited sleep.


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