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The Onix: Fingers Crossed

Novel By: kidarox123
Young adult

A secret association with mysterious motives? A 21 year old woman unhappy with her mediocre life? A boyfriend who seems to have a double personality? How do these three things fit together? This is the story of Cayla Rights and the Onix.

Read read read read read read read read read read

This is a response to cantlive4ever's challenge. Her challenge gave me a name: Cayla Right
Genere- Young Adult
and plot: Destined for something great so when a group called The Onix call to her for her help why is she so scared? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 26, 2009    Reads: 154    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

"She is our last hope!" Jack screamed at the other members of the council.

"It's too late. She has been away for to long, she won't remember - won't believe." Belle retorted harshly, "It isn't possible."

"Of course it's possible, she's one of us." The members looked around the long oak table at each other, calculating. They had each accomplished unfathomable feats. Feats that only they alone could do, destiny's they were born to fill.

There was an uncomfortable silence as the members became lost in trivial thoughts. Most likely recalling their own experience for the order.

"Take a look at Sandra" Jack said, acting while he had their attention. Sandra was their latest member. She, being small, pale, and feminine, seemed to be the most unpredictable person for the Onix. And yet there she was. She alone had saved millions of people, and there she sat, silently looking at her hands.

" We can't do this without her." Belle brought her eyes to look at the screen, it was playing the video over and over again on mute. She noticed a little girls terrified eyes, in the far left corner, and recalled her own Onix experience.

She ducked her head, the most stubborn member had been defeated, "Jack, you know what to do- do it."

She got up, her black hair following behind her as she strided out of the room.

Jack watched her leave before drawing his attention back the the waiting members. "This is what we have to do…."


"I can't believe your finally 21!" My best friend Lillian squealed as she took me into a hug.

"I know! Now that I'm an adult, I don't know what I should do first!" I sat down on my bright pink polka dot couch and looked around the loft that Lillian and I shared so that we could split rent.

"Hey, on my 21st birthday I went out to the hottest club around, The Opaque!"

"The Opack-what?" I said baffled, a hot club that I haven't heard about?

"Yeah, it's so hot that you can only get in if you're a celebrity or if you know a celebrity"

"Then how are we going to get in? How did you get in?" I was deeply incredulous, a club? I don't know…

"It doesn't matter how I got in, Just invite Michael with you, show some cleavage and you'll be fine. Just wear that new pink Versace dress."

" Huh? I don't have a pink Versace dress." Lillian held up a Versace boutique bag and I screamed, "Nu-uh!! You're the Best!!"

Lillian laughed, "I know, I know! You just have to promise to wear it tonight!"

"Of course!!" We laughed and I glanced at the clock. "That's not for ten hours….what to do until then?"

Lillan rolled her eyes, "It's your day! Do whatever you want!"

The phone rang and I grabbed it knowing it would be birthday wishes for me.


"Hey babe!" Michael's voice sounded on the other side of the line.

"Hey…" I said, grimacing inside. Michael was a semi-producer for Universal Studios, and although extremely handsome, he is double time very sophomoric and conceited.

" What? You don't sound excited to hear from me! Come on, lets go out tonight." He tried to Woo me into his grasp.

"Uh-I'm going some where tonight…tomorrow maybe?"

"Don't you have to work tomorrow?" He questioned, probably thinking I'm cheating on him.

"Your right! Darn." I didn't try to mask my obvious sarcasm.

The pretty boy didn't even notice. "Well, I'll pick you up in a hour, wear something cute."

The line clicked and I let out a whiney moan. "Who was that?" Lillian said while handing me the mail.

" Michael" I looked up at her hoping for some sympathy but instead her eyes glazed over.

"I don't understand why you make him sound like such a chore" She said after she came back from Michael land.

"Ugh! Try being with someone who spend the half the date talking about flawless celebrities and the other half looking in the mirror."

" Well he is hot…" She shrugged and flipped through a people magazine. I took a pink fuzzy pillow and shoved it into my face while I screamed.

"So dramatic" Lillian said while trying not to laugh. "you give the girl a semi-celebrity boyfriend and it's still not good enough!"

She was referring to my boy friend history. I had had a total of 4 boy friends before Michael. Lillian mocked my particular taste, but if she had to spend one hour with any of these guys she would understand.

Boyfriend Number One: Tyler Scrawl

Boy friend Number one, aka the quiet one, was well…quiet. We went out to dinner and had me order for him because he was to scared to talk to the waiter. His eyes darted around like someone was out to get him with a gun and his hands shook. He never once looked up at me or talked to me. He just sat there…eating his food. We went out for two weeks before I called it off. I still have never heard him talk….he asked me out through text.

Boyfriend Number Two: Cameron Cruz

After having such a reclusive boyfriend I decided that an outgoing one was the way to go. Cameron was Hi-lar-i-ous and was constantly making me laugh. Every time he walked onto campus the crowds spontaneously split and waited to be charmed by his magnificent humor. Now as I look back….maybe they were drawing back out of fear. He was captain of the football team and enormous muscles came with the territory. He was good enough until I heard him talking to his friends:

"I don't know how much longer I cant put up with Cayla, she is so annoying! I don't think she's worth it, her notes aren't that great and she got three wrong on the last chemistry test! I can't take chances with getting bad scores…"

He ended up failing the semester and getting kicked off the football team after I dumped him.

Boyfriend Number Three: Marcus Lowe


Boyfriend Number Four: Brandon Ryder

Brandon wrote me poetry every time he asked me on a date. He made me laugh and smile and giggle for pointless reasons. I was helplessly in love with him. He was charming and beautiful and perfect. That was until I found out he was using me to get to my best friend; Lillian, they went out for three months after I left him for the dust. Lillian eventually dumped him for being too forward. I didn't think he had it in him.

And lets just say that Michael is on his way to boyfriend history.

I sighed and jumped into the shower so that I could be acceptable for when Michael got here. The nerve! Telling me what to wear! Pshhh!

I barely brushed my hair and I slid on an old holey pair of jeans that I new he hated. Then I put on a Cinderella princess I had from when my parents took me two years ago. With him working for universal studios he automatically hated Disney.

I opened the door before he knocked and he pretended like that what I was wearing didn't make him want to pull out his hair and run down the street screaming.

"Oh- Cayla, darling. Are you wearing that? It's kind of a nice place…"

"of course I'm wearing this! You said dress cute!" I brushed his remark off and turned around to cast a humorous glance at Lillian, "See ya later!" I shut the door behind me and followed Michael to his shiny sports car. He opened my door for me like a gentle men and I politely accepted and slid into his leather seats.

That's when it hit me. What am I doing with him? What am I doing with my life? I always knew that I was here to fulfill some sort of abnormal greatness, and yet here I was pretending to love a man I didn't even like. When had my life taken this dramatic turn? Had I always had such a mediocre life? Suddenly I felt claustrophobic, like I was suffocating.

There just had to be…more.


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