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When Everything Changes

Novel By: kidarox123
Young adult

Mark, Tessa, and Todd have been friends for their whole lives. (i know this sounds cliche but it's different) Mark is your average Joe, Tessa is an outspoken young woman who may be a little too vociferous for her own good, and Todd is that quiet guy that sits in the back of your classroom. As these three amigos set off for high school, Mark hopes that nothing will change. Little does he know that everything is going to change, for better and for worse. He finds himself in the middle of two people that he thought he knew and one that he has always loved. Mark must cope with the changes and deal with unexpected trials. Through it all he finds himself, and he may not be just an average joe after all. View table of contents...


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When we started high school it was all of us. Her, me, him. Three amigos with four years of forced education left.

I know that it's cliche but honestly we all grew up together. Our houses were on a coldisac and stood next to eachother in a row.

Tessa's house was first. Her's was a one story because it was just her and her mom at home. Her bedroom window lined up with mine and while we were young we used to write messages on our frosted window's to each other. Her hair used to be blonde but she'd died it brown in 7th grade for whatever reason. She started wearing make-up then too, it was almost strange to see her changing although i was too.

Todd was on the other side of Tessa's house putting him in the end. He had a two story and his room was on the top floor which gave him a view of the whole street. We had been friends first before Tessa came along but we hardly remembered those days. Todd was more of a quiet guy, while Tessa was very vociferous, she spoke her mind on all subjects and more than once Tedd and I had to bail her out of it. When it came to Tessa, Tddd would bend over backwards. He was the first one to put a punch in someone's face and the last one to leave her house for the night. Something about that bugged me. I wanted Tessa to be ours. Not in a sick minded three-some thing but as three friends. That way nothing would ever have to change.


I was sure that things would say the same when we started high school, i mean what's different? More people and harder classes right?

"Stop it Mark, nothing will change" Tessa had said while brushing her hair and looking in a little mirror that she had put in her locker. When satisfied she smiled at me, put the brush back and walked away.

I think of myself as normal, a little clingy but normal. Todd says that i'm clingy after what happened with my dad. He left when i was eight. That's all there was to it. Tessa's dad died in a car accdient when we were eleven. Todd's father, Kevin, acted as a father to all of us now. He'd taught me how to throw a football and ride a bike. Sometimes we even called him dad. He just smies when we do and then sort of pretends to not be flattered.

"Hey Dude, you with us?" Said Todd while biting into his daily turkey sandwhich. I shook my self from my reminising, "Yeah" i said picking up my hamburger that tasted like carboard. Ugh, school food.
"Where's Tessa?" He said while he chewed, if Tess were here she'd scold him about that and then do it herself.

"I dunno" i looked around the caffetiria and couldn't recognize her vocie or see her long black hair waving around. It was the third day in a row that she hadn't shown up to eat with us. That was pretty good becasue first semester it would be up to three weeks in a row.


"Did you get number seven?" I really hated history.

" Probobly not, but i did." Tessa said walking in my front door and sitting down next to Todd. They did this hand-shake thing that they made up in 3rd grade before she turned to look at me. (Todd and Tessa have an Emmett and Bella relationship)

"Hey Mark!" she gave me a childish high-five but it still made me smile.

"Hey, where were you at lunch?" She handed me her homework and pursed her lips mischeviously, "Somewhere."

"No, really?" i joked.

she rolled her eyes, " now give me your english homework."

"Wait, that's it? Your not going to tell us?" Todd said, "It's been the third day now."

" Just some school stuff, you know me i won't shut up?" she said waving he hand and trying to reach over and grab my english homework out of my hands, i pulled away from he reach.

"Todd, i think we need to do some pursuading..." we both smiled before attacking her with tickles.

"No! giggle. NO! giggle. Stop!" she said while trying to fight off our hands.

"What is going on in here?" My mom said enetering the room.

We pulled our guilty hands away from Tessa who had stopped squirming.

"Just a little bit of fun" i explained,
"I thought you said you were studying" she murmmered something before leaving the room. My mom didn't like Tessa. She said the Tessa was a recipe for disaster and would end up no where in life. She got in too much trouble and talked too much. Tessa pretended not to notice , she was good at it now that she's spent over half of her life doing it.

"Sorry about her" Todd looked down at his homework and Tessa smiled, "I think she's changin her mind about me...."

Todd and I pretended to agree although we knew otherwise.

Three hours later

Tessa shut her biology text book with finality. She took a deep breath and laid down into my bed like she always did after a long amount of non-stop homework.

well almost non-stop.

"So, do you guys want to go to the mall this weekend?"

"The mall?" Todd said, "We go there all the time....let's do something different."

"I think the mall is fine," Todd glared at me for that.

"Fine. What do you want to do?" She shot her girlish do-not-answer-that-i-am-hormonal-because-i-am-a-girl look.

Todd was wasn't phased , " Why don't we meet the guy that you've been ditching us for?"

My mouth hung open a little and Tessa's ears stood up straight, she always did that when she was nervous or alarmed, "I don't know what your talking about" she said defiantly.

Todd shook his head, "Well why don't you talk to us when you do" he gathered his stuff and left leaving Tessa and I in the room alone.

"A-are you really, i mean....is there?" i tried to talk but something about the concept of Tessa with someone else numbed me and almost made me want to cry.

"Todd doesn't know anything" She smiled at me but her ears stayed pricked straight as she too left for her own home, where she would sit alone all night. Tessa spent most of her time at either Todd's or my house becasue her mom worked from the time she got home from school to the time that Tessa would leave for school. They hardly saw each other. Tessa tried to act like it didnt' matter ,but i could tell. Something in her stature was screaming for some parental guidence.

My mom judged Lalane (Tessa's mom) harshly. She said that if she had gotten an education before marriage she wouldn't be in her situation. I argued the fact that she didn't know her husbund was going to die just like we didn't know my dad was going to leave. Then she would say that she should at least be around for Tessa, to keep her in line and at least act like a parent. I would usually leave the room then shaking my head irratibly. Todd said that someday my mom would learn the hard way what it feels like to be in Lalane's shoes.

We all called her Lalane, even Tessa. Before her father died Lalane was fun and energetic like Tessa, most people thought they were sisters (my mother disapproved of that notion completely). She always insisted on Lalane, she said it was more intimate, she said the word mom seemed so dreary. Everyone loved Lalane, she was just one of those people that was a friend to everyone.

Tessa had all the outgoing traits, but she was more harsh in her personaltiy. She constantly almost got into fights (sometimes she ended up fighting) and was always telling people off. People didn't want to piss her off. Todd would usually come to the rescue. He did football in middle school and has some pretty threatening muscles. Although quiet, when he wants to he can be scary. And for Tessa he always wants too.

After her husbund passed on Lalane was so overcome with grief that she hardly left her room or ate. Once the life insurance was half way used up she was forced to go to work, and well grow up. She didn't laugh much anymore, and her eyes didn't light up as often. Tessa and her grew distant and Lalane's face put on three years almost over night. That's about the time that Tessa started acting up more and even did some things that were put on her permenant record. Her and i became really close during that period, i too knew what it felt like to be abandoned, but to her she felt orphaned. Some how i felt that our hearts were tied together from her time or mourning. No one talked about her father anymore.

I went to shut my blinds and looked across the window to see "Good night!" written on Tessa's window with a big goofy smiley face. I wrote " Night, bed bug" on mine and shut the blinds.

I couldn't sleep all night. All i could think about was who Tessa could be "seeing" i didn't know all the details but i was going to find out.

Tomorrow at lunch, i decided. With that thought i let sleep comfort me with it's dreamless cover.

Tessa: (Might change, still deciding)







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