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People Always Lie

Novel By: Kinah
Young adult

When Naomi tells her boyfriend, Liam she's in love with him, everything changes - but not in a good way. Naomi finds out her bestfriend and her boyfriend are in love and have been sneaking around behind her back. Frustrated, Naomi drives home only to get into a car accident on the way that should have killed her, but didn't. Now there's a new boy in school and she finds out the accident that was supposed to kill her, did kill her. Naomi is a vampire. What do you do when you are getting new powers you can't control? What happens when truth starts to reveal it self? What happens when you once again fall in love but are to scared to get hurt again? As Naomi's life plays out, she starts finding the answers to these questions. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 4, 2009    Reads: 435    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Naomi's P.O.V.

"Naomi, get up!" My dad shouted as he angrily pulled the white blankets off my cold body. "You're going to be late for school."

"Okay, I'm up" I groaned as I pulled myself up and placed my feet on the warm hardwood floor.

When I looked up to ask him the time, I wasn't surprised to find that he was already walking out my bedroom door. And even though he would leave the house after I did, I knew I wouldn't hear another word from him this morning.

I shuffled around my closet as I looked for the right outfit. Today would be special and I wanted to look just right. Last night as Ilay in bed, staring into the darkness,Igained the courage to say the three words I have kept to myself for months.

I found a black and grey skin tight top and slipped it on over my head, put on my favourite skinny jeans and headed towards the washroom. I walked in and opened the blue curtains, allowing the warm light of the morning sun to brighten the room. I turned the tap and watched as the water flowed down the drain. Finally, I decided to fill my hands with the cold water and washed my face. As soon as the water met my eyes I was fully awake. I quickly brushed my teeth, grabbed my leather jacket, slipped on my Manolo's and rushed out the door.


It was a typical Friday morning at school as I walked down the long halls of NightingaleAcademy.

"Naomi, wait up!" Lauren shouted as she walked towards me, surprisingly her usual posse was no where to be seen.

Lauren and I were the most popular girls at school, and even though we are best friends and I love her, we're two complete different people. You see Lauren loves the attention, the popularity, the fact that when we walk in a room everyone looks. But I on the other hand, hate it. Everyone thinks they know who I am, when really they don't have a clue.

On the outside you see a beautiful brunette, wavy hair, grey-blue eyes and skin with a tan that appears as though I spend all of my free time at the beach. The expression I wear on my face causes people to believe I think I'm better than everyone else, when really I'm just trying to picture my life as the people on the outside. Trying to figure out if I would be one of the many girls who wish I had what I do, or if I would have been perfectly happy as an outsider.

"Morning, Sullivan" I hate it when she calls me by my last name, but I'm too tired to argue right now.

"Morning" I moaned.

"Can you walk faster? We're going to be late!" She complained.

Lauren is one of the most obnoxious, self absorbed, bossy people I know. I hate that about her, I hate the fact that she thinks the world revolves around her. But the truth is, it does. And you can't blame her for owning up to it. I just sometimes wish she wouldn't act that way towards me. We've been best friends for as long as I can remember, and the one thing I know is that she wasn't always this way.

Lauren Ventura used to be a sad little girl who constantly mourned upon the fact that she didn't have a mother. And because of that she didn't have many friends, her depression pushed people away. But I guess I was always different, because her depression is what pulled me in. I was the only one who understood her, knew what she was going through better than anyone, because you see, I too have lived my life without knowing what its like to have a mother to share it with. We would spend hours talking about what it would be like to have a mom to tuck you in at night, read you bedtime stories and kiss you goodnight. To have a mom who kissed the pain away and made you smile when it felt as though it were impossible.

"We don't even have first together" I complained, as I rolled my eyes because I knew exactly what she was going to say next.

"And your point is? You don't expect me to walk to class alone do you?"


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