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Accent in the Spotlight

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult


**Sequel to 'It's in the accent'***

Christine Sommers has been swept up in the whirlwind that has become her life, after moving to her Dad's home state of Florida and finding herself the star of the school. Christine had to deal with an Ex that wanted nothing more than to hurt her, a Boyfriend that drove her mad with his stubborn Russian ass...And giving up her senior year in high school after her band was discovered and was snapped up to Rock the world supporting a Rock band... How will the constant moving with the tour affect the finally back on track relationship with her and Dimitri and what suprises will happen................. View table of contents...

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………. The only sound in the car was the steady hum of the tires on the road. As everyone took in my revelation.

"You had no idea she was going to do this or was in talk to go this?" Lukas questioned

"No none at all" I shook my head "I can't believe this" Kerion put his hand on my back of my neck and rubbed it.

"Is Kellan sure that it's…" Ryan started

"He met my Mother" I snapped and then dropped my head "I'm sorry" I looked back up and put my hand over his "She'd seen a picture of us in the press so she had the casting people call his agent" I looked at Chad "You need to watch she doesn't call you"

"He'd never pass for an 18 year old" Mike chuckled. "Wow Chris, I'm sorry but you're Mom's beyond fucked up" I nodded as I looked at my phone and hit one of the numbers on speed dial.

Dad * Chris is everything okay I'm heading to a meeting, so I can't be long

Me *did you know about the movie deal?

Dad * What?

I tried not to become irritated with him, because half the time he had no clue what my mother was doing

Me * Mom's books and a movie coming off of them

Dad * oh that yeah…. it's exciting for her isn't it

Me * you knew and you didn't tell me?

Dad * It's only in talks honey and it's not my place to tell you this is your Moms thing.

I pinched the bridge of my nose

Me * no Dad they're casting for it and Mom's dragging my friends into this

Dad * imagine the publicity for both of you… when people know that the books are semi true… your friends should be happy to be a part of it

He sounded frustrated and irritated

Me * have you read the book Dad? She's taken my life and turned it into a character, she may as well have taken my diary

Dad * Christine you're over reacting

Me * Yeah I guess you're right

I was on the verge of losing it

Me * I'm just thankful both my parents are so wrapped up in their own worlds that neither of them know half of the shit that's happened to me.

Dad * Christine what are you talking about… you're life's in the press honey and you're going from one guy to the next…

Me * See you don't ask me… you presume and take what crap is in the press about what's going on… You're both clueless. She's off round the world forty weeks of the year and you can't get your head away from the football field.

Dad * honey stop…

Me * No DAD… I had to take care of Jess, deal with what Arron was doing, and the time I needed all of you… the one time I really needed my Mom and Dad… I drew a damn blank. I ended up having to tell you I'd been in a four wheeler accident when the truth was Arron had got me pregnant and beat me to make me miscarry.

Everything was flooding out right now and I couldn't stop it the pent up anger I had over it had been buried so deep I thought it would go to the grave with me no one in the limo moved

Dad * Chris…

Me * Dad, I tried to tell you I even came out with 'Dad I was pregnant' and you changed the subject each time and every time I started talking… The times I've said the words 'I need to tell you something' you've cut me off or left the room.

Dad * that sort of thing should have been between you and your Mom. I'm a man I don't…

I tipped my head back and the tears blurred my eyes as I looked at the roof of the car

Me * are you kidding me… Don't you think that would have ended up in her damn books as well as all the other crap that she did know about…? I needed you guys I lost a baby for god sake.

There was a silence on the end of the phone, Alfie's fingers linked with mine and squeezed my hand supportively as Kerion kept his hand on the back of my neck, their simple touches of support were giving me the fire in my belly to do this

Dad * I knew

He'd lowered his voice; I sat up and felt like the wind had been knocked out of me

Dad * I'm sorry… I didn't know… I wasn't sure… I shouldn't have let it go… what was I supposed to do my 16 year old daughter was having sex… how was I supposed to talk to you about that?

Me * Wow… I mean… Wow that hurts more than when I thought you were just being ignorant

Dad * I'm sorry Christine

Me * yeah… I…I… have to go, kiss Jess for me

Dad * Chris we should talk

ME * too late for that, way too late… I have to go

I hung up the phone tears blinding my vision and stinging my eyes

"Chris" Alfie rubbed his thumb on the back of my hands but I couldn't focus

"Christine" Chad's voice was like a slap to the face. I looked at him and blinked a couple of times, the tears splashing from my cheeks and onto my jeans.

"He knew" My voice was raspy and broken as the car plunged into the dim light of an underground parking garage. The driver stopped the car and got out opening the door for us, no one moved "He knew and ignored it"

"Get her inside" Lukas instructed Alfie

"Come on Chris" he stepped out and pulled me after him with Kerion and Pete following.

"When is that girl going to catch a break? This is getting ridiculous" Dan snapped looking round the car

"We're doing everything we can to keep her going" Chad said running his fingers through his hair

"Let's get checked in and see what she was talking about" Lukas got out of the car. They walked into the lobby Kerion was holding me, my head in the crook of his neck as his hand stroked my hair, Pete and Alfie almost blocking us from every ones view. Lukas walked over to reception and checked us all in. "Okay come on"

"Chris" Ryan rubbed my back "Come on honey" he pulled me from Kerion and to him putting a protective arm round me. Lukas opened the door to one of the suites that we had on the top floor of the hotel. "Someone get her a drink" Dan poured me a shot of vodka and handed it to me as I sat on the couch. I nodded and knocked it back, my stomach lurching as the vodka hit it.

"What did your Dad know Chris?" Alfie asked rubbing my shoulders

"He knew Arron had beaten me and the reason why" I looked round at the concern on all of the faces "I'm done... I can't keep doing this" I got up and walked to the window "The damn Sommers family so perfectly successful" I chuckled "Jess is the only one not fucked up… My damn mother living her dreams through the pages of a book, not giving a damn about who she uses or how it'll affect them." I shook my head "My Dad finally finds his dream job so he can throw himself into it so he doesn't see the failing marriage or the drama of his teenage daughter's life" I wrapped my arms round myself. I took a shuddering deep breath "I should be More Like Stephanie and be a damn junkie with all this shit shouldn't I? but I don't have the stomach for needles and I don't like smoking" I rested my head on the window

"And we'd kick your damn ass" Pete snapped I looked at him and smiled

"I'm sorry"

"You've done nothing to be sorry for" Alfie stood next to Pete

"You guys got lumped with me without much choice maybe I shouldn't…"

"Don't you even" Chad was off his chair and in my face "Stop it right now. Whatever is happening, we're behind you. We can stop the production on the movie if we have to" He held the tips of my arms "Chris we'll all get you through this… We'll all stand by you and hell shield you if we have to, but don't you ever think of giving up. You've got more backbone than that"

"Chad" Mike pulled him back "You're scaring her" Chad dropped his head and stepped back.

I grabbed my jacket from the bed and walked out of the room it felt like the walls were closing in and it was so claustrophobic. The Icy Russian winter air hit me as I stepped into the street the snow blowing on the wind stung my face as I huddled into my jacket. I walked across the street and stood on the bridge over the ice covered river……….


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