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Accent in the Spotlight

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult


**Sequel to 'It's in the accent'***

Christine Sommers has been swept up in the whirlwind that has become her life, after moving to her Dad's home state of Florida and finding herself the star of the school. Christine had to deal with an Ex that wanted nothing more than to hurt her, a Boyfriend that drove her mad with his stubborn Russian ass...And giving up her senior year in high school after her band was discovered and was snapped up to Rock the world supporting a Rock band... How will the constant moving with the tour affect the finally back on track relationship with her and Dimitri and what suprises will happen................. View table of contents...

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............... We walked out of the school after spending most of the afternoon giving an impromptu show. All classes had been put on hold because we were back , so even the kids that didn't like us were happy we were there. Xander hip checked me

"So after that, you ready to go out to the beach?" I shook my head as my phone began to ring

"I'm beat jet lag and that stuff" I was making excuses now and it made me feel horrible for lying. I wanted the security that I felt when I was on tour, without having to face kids I used to go to school with the added hassle of Niko trying to get me to see his brother hadn't helped at all. I stepped away from my friends and answered the phone

Me * hello

Lukas * hey how's it going?

Me * Are you checking up on us?

I groaned and rubbed the back of my neck

Lukas * yep

Me * it sucks point blank.

Lukas * strange going back there?

Me * oh yeah, I think we're all struggling a little being back here

Lukas * have you spoken to your Dad and your sister?

Me * oh that one is a long story… I'll fill you in at the weekend

I moved away from the crowd

Me * I'm getting out of here as soon as I can Lukas

Lukas * WHAT ? where you going?

Me * I booked a flight to Seattle, I'll stay there till the weekend and then…

Lukas * why Seattle?

Me * close to where we're going, and as far from here as I can get right now without leaving the country

There was a sigh at the end of the line

Lukas * okay, call me when you land and I'll have security for you

Me * alright thanks Lukas

Lukas * hey, I want your head in the game Miss. Sommers, this is going to be one hell of an album you guys are going to make okay

Me * Yes Sir

I hung up

"You're leaving" I jumped and turned round Miranda was standing there looking at me, her face full of confusion "But Chris you just…"

"I have to…" I held her hands "I can't deal with this crap Mir… I miss you and Xander like crazy but I get here and you guys tell me about all the crap going on and Niko all but gets on his knees to ask me to get back with Dimi" I shook my head "I'll admit I'm stinging from everything and just putting on smile for people"

"He did what?" she looked round for Nikolai

'Look forget it… I need to get away… I need to talk to people that know what's going on but don't, if that makes sense"

"You mean Kellan?" a smile played on her lips

"No not Kellan" I smiled a little "he doesn't know half of what's happened and I like it that way" I held her hands tighter "I just spoke to Lukas and he agrees for me to do what I need to do to be at my best. I have to get my head right and now I feel in a fog"

"Okay" she murmured "I feel a failure as a friend"

"You're not, far from it you're my girl… you and Heidi. I need your sanity, but right now I want you to make sure Jess is okay when she gets home… and I know I'm leaving her in safe hands with you guys being part of her life"

"I'll be her spare big sister, and Heidi and I will take her shopping when she gets back from her vacation" She hugged me "Call me" I nodded. Pete was standing by the waiting limo with Kerion and Alfie.

"Call us when you get there Lukas called and told us what you were doing" I nodded "Things are going to be okay Chris"

"I know" I hugged the three of them "I'll see you at the weekend. Love you guys" They nodded and I got in the car and closed my eyes as it pulled away from the school.

"To the hotel Miss. Sommers?" the driver asked

'"No the airport please" I didn't open my eyes till I felt the car stop and the warm breeze as the door was opened for me.

I took my bag from the driver and walked inside to the check in desk and was shown to the first class lounge. It always felt strange the looks someone like I used to get from all of the business men looking at me in my tank top, jeans and boots. I flicked looked at my phone and selected a number and hit dial while I waited for the flight

* Seattle Mercedes, this is Jon how can I help you

Me * I was checking that you took a delivery change scheduled for a SLR McLaren.

Jon * Er… yes, yes we did… looking at this it should be in by 7 tonight, it's been re routed from LA, it should have gone to Tampa am I right?

Me * Yes it's right… so it can be collected tonight

Jon * as long as the owner has the paperwork yes it can

Me * good, can you make sure the tank is filled

Jon * Yes Ma'am I can… is this for your husband

Me * no… I'll be there to collect it at 8

Jon * very good

I hung up I wasn't up for making pleasantries for people. I looked at my phone as it vibrated

New Message***Kellan***Hey call me*** 4.06pm***

I hit the call button

Kellan * well damn that was fast

Me * I'd just got off a call when I got the message

Kellan * friends right?

Okay that was a strange thing to ask at the start of a conversation

Me * Yeah… why? because right now I'm not up for dealing with more crap

Kellan * okay I got photographed out on a date

Me * and?

I was tired and even Kellan was wearing on me

Kellan * well, they were asking about you and my dumb sister told them we were just… well just…

Me * It's okay I get it. Don't worry about it.

Kellan * I wanted you to hear it from me Chris, that's all

Me * thank you

Kellan * it's nothing serious….

Me * Kellan, we'd agreed that we weren't going to go there when we have such crazy schedules, didn't we?

Kellan * I know

Me * It doesn't' mean we have to stop talking or…

"Excuse me Miss Sommers" a Steward walked over "Your flights' boarding" I nodded and got up

Kellan * Where you going? I thought you were heading home

Me * Seattle, to treat myself and get away from crap

I walked over toward the door to the jet way

Kellan * you need a hug right now don't you?

Me * that obvious?

Kellan * Yep and you don't have the guys do you right now?

Me * nope just me

Kellan * don't be alone Chris

He almost pleaded

Me * I'll be okay don't worry about it

Kellan * Yeah right, I care about you…

Me * thank you

Kellan * go dancing Chris

Me * on my own I don't' think so

I had to smile at that one

Kellan * got to a place like the Latin one we went to in Rome. I'm pretty sure someone will make you smile

Me * and my managers will kill me for going out without security

Kellan * okay think of Rome then and it'll make you smile.

Me * you can always do that… make me smile when I don't think I can

Kellan * I try my best

Me * I have to go, I'm getting the put the damn phone away looks from the cabin crew

Kellan * okay take care

Me * you too.

I hung up and turned my phone off and settled down on the flight……………………


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