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Accent in the Spotlight

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult


**Sequel to 'It's in the accent'***

Christine Sommers has been swept up in the whirlwind that has become her life, after moving to her Dad's home state of Florida and finding herself the star of the school. Christine had to deal with an Ex that wanted nothing more than to hurt her, a Boyfriend that drove her mad with his stubborn Russian ass...And giving up her senior year in high school after her band was discovered and was snapped up to Rock the world supporting a Rock band... How will the constant moving with the tour affect the finally back on track relationship with her and Dimitri and what suprises will happen................. View table of contents...

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................ I came out from getting dressed. Kellan walked over to me and kissed my cheek.
"I have to run I'm doing a press thing in Tokyo before I head back to Canada" he hugged me "Hold on to that guy Chris"
"I'm going to" I nodded "Call me"
"I will" he grinned He walked away and got in a waiting car.
"You okay?" I jumped at the sound of Lukas's voice 'Chad told me what Kellan said"
"I'll be fine I could hide my reaction before I told people but he said it…" I paused as Chad came over "In front of" I held my hand out and pointed to Chad.
"Yeah but I know about it" Chad shrugged
"I know but it's" I shook my head "I have a thumping headache" I sat on the wall and put my head in my hands
"Okay back to the hotel and get some sleep of a while we can sound check without you" Lukas put his hand on my back "You don't look so good" Chad pulled me up and close to him Lukas dropped Chad and I at the Hotel telling Chad he had 40 minutes to get back to the Arena. I opened the door to the room.
"This has really got to you hasn't it?" Chad stood behind me and rubbed my arms.
"It reminds me of what we… I won't be able to give and have with…" I stopped before my voice gave out
"Chris" he sat me on the bed and crouched down "There are other ways when the times right" his blue eyes seemed to bore into me "There's ways it can happen" He stroked my cheek "I'm not trying to belittle what happened to you in any way but things happen for a reason" I closed my eyes "You're almost 19 you have the world at your feet we have the world at our feet" he cupped my chin in his thumb and finger I opened my eyes "Live first Chris Love first and whatever we need to do when it's the right time for us we will do it"
"I'm holding you back" I got off the bed and walked to the window "Look at the others they have kids of their own with women that gave that to them. You have to be ready for that" I looked at him having this conversation hurt like hell right now.
"We've had this talk before" Chad was sharp "I'm not ready to have kids. Call me selfish but I want to do everything I can before I turn to changing diapers and midnight feedings. I'm not ready at all to have a baby" He walked to the door "Chris you need to realize I don't give a shit that you can't carry a baby I'm in love with you not with the idea of turning you into a baby machine… I have to go" he opened the door I closed my eyes as it clicked closed. I walked over to the bed and got in pulling the comforter over me and crying myself to sleep………………
……….. The door was knocking I got out of bed feeling like I'd spent the last week without sleep. I opened it Pete looked at me.
"Damn you look like shit?"
"Gee thanks" I walked back into the room
"I was sent to get you Lukas and Nickelback have gone to some Publicity thing on one of the local TV channels and I came to get you" He sat on the bed. "So what's going on Because Chad came to the arena in a hell of a mood" He looked at me "You and Kellan didn't do anything you shouldn't did you"
"No" I snapped I walked to the bathroom and washed my face "Kellan said something about having kids and I sort of chewed Chad out about him being ready for kids and me not being…"
"You are kidding" Pete butted in "I love you Chris but fuck you can be stupid"
"I'd hate to hear you if you hate me" I wiped my face and walked back out
"Chris he knows all about it… he's the one that's not interested in having a family he's still Peter Pan in that aspect" I sat down and listened "But he loves you regardless of what happens and what has happened I think you need to apologize to him"
"You're right" I nodded
"I know I am" He smiled "It sucks what that piece of shit took from you but nothing can change it so you have to get on with the rest of your life… you're safe you have a new family with all of us, and a guy that would do just about anything to make you smile" He got up and pulled me to my feet "Now move your ass we have fans waiting to be entertained and I think Alfie and Kerion were about to break Rock band" We left the hotel signing autographs for Fans outside. The Arena was all of three block so we walked. "Imagine trying to do this in the US?"
"We could 6 months ago" I sighed "It's been insane"
"You can say that again" He nodded as my phone rang" I pulled it from my pocket as we walked into the arena
"It's Xander"
Me * hey
Reba * don't hang up
I stopped walking Pete looked at me
Me * Reba?
Pete's mouth dropped open. He I stood in the middle of the floor with people setting up round me Pete had disappeared coming back with Alfie and Kerion.
Reba * don't hang up
Me * give me one reason why I shouldn't and why the hell do you have my cousin's phone
Reba * he's at basketball and I took it from his jacket
Me * not only a bitch but a thief as well
Reba * you're not little miss innocent yourself, all over Kellan Lutz and Chad Kroeger
Me * you really need to catch up what happened with me and Kellan was fun and didn't last but we are good friends and as for Chad he's what a guy should be
Reba * I'm having a baby
Me * yeah you should be what about 5 months by now?
Reba * you knew
Me * look round you Reba I still have friends in school with you.
Reba * I wanted to say sorry about what happened with Dimi
Me * save it
Reba * he still love you
Me * he'll get over it I have
Reba * I'm having his baby and he's not even interested in me
Me * what do you want me to do about it? Hell why should I do anything I was the one that told him you were knocked up and made him stand up to Elena and gfet his ass back to Florida.
Reba * you told him
Me * yes after he came to the hotel in Russia and tried to talk to me I take it you didn't know
Reba * no.
Me * look I'm sort of busy I'm in japan so what the hell do you want
Reba * I sort of hoped that you could… well
Me * Reba spit it out I know you've normally got something or someone in your mouth but what
Reba * My parents kicked me out and I haven't got any money and Dimi's really distant
Me * oh you so don't want to go there if you think I'm going to give you a dime
The guys all looked at each other
Me * tap the Russians. I can't believe that you'd even think for a minute that I would help you. You were screwing my boyfriend. All I have to say to you is put on your big girl panties and suck it up you made your damn bed you lie in it.
I ended the call
"Can you believe her" I paced the floor I looked mt my phone before dialing
Dimitri * hello
Me * you got her knocked up be a fucking man and take responsibility
Dimitri * Chris
Me * I don't care if your guilty about what you did or what you said if you weren't ready to be a Dad then you should have kept you god damn Russian cock in you pants
Dimitri * What?
Me * Man up I don't want another call from reba whining about you still loving me and oh poor her. I will not habd over a penny to anyone tell you over bearing control freak of a mother to look after the girl carrying her grandbaby
Dimitri * Reba called you
Me * why else would I even be calling you and so help you if you call my number back text or p[ass it on because I will take your ass to the cleaners
The guys were now holding each other up
Dimitri * Chris I miss you
Me * oh god go look after the mother of your kid and for once in your life don't fuck something up
I hung up
"What a day" I groaned crouching down "It sucks"…………………..


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