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Accent in the Spotlight

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult


**Sequel to 'It's in the accent'***

Christine Sommers has been swept up in the whirlwind that has become her life, after moving to her Dad's home state of Florida and finding herself the star of the school. Christine had to deal with an Ex that wanted nothing more than to hurt her, a Boyfriend that drove her mad with his stubborn Russian ass...And giving up her senior year in high school after her band was discovered and was snapped up to Rock the world supporting a Rock band... How will the constant moving with the tour affect the finally back on track relationship with her and Dimitri and what suprises will happen................. View table of contents...

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……………….. "Hey Sweetheart can you grab my phone" Chad called from the bathroom "Lukas is supposed to call about my new one" I rolled across the bed and picked up his phone.
Mari * I've left messages baby
Me * I know
Mari * you're not Chad
Me * ten out of ten, and why after you calling him anyway?
Mari * put him on the phone
Me * hey baby I think I should have kicked this to voicemail
Chad walked out of the bathroom with just a towel round his waist. I mouthed 'Mari' he shook his head and held out his hand flicking it to speaker.
Mari * will you just put him on
Chad * WHAT?
Mari * I'm in Japan with work I arrived last night and I was planning on going to the show tonight and I was kinda hoping you'd ditch the kid and we could go for dinner like old times.
Chad looked at me and shook his head again
Chad * come to the show but you won't be getting backstage and as for dinner I have plans with my girlfriend so you'll be dinning alone
Mari * come on Chad you can't tell me you weren't just a little happy when you saw me in our bedroom the other day
Chad * you tricked your way into my home and into Chris and My bedroom and then had the nerve to belittle her
Mari * bull shit she stood up for herself isn't she a little rough for you? Does she know when your screwing her it's in the bed we brought together?
Chad * I'm hanging up now and I don't have to give you an explanation for anything
Mari * you loved me once
Chad * yes I did and I got burnt for it so don't call me and don't even think of going after Chris.
He hung up the phone and looked at me
"I'm sorry about all that" he sat on the bed next to me.
"I should have looked at the I.D. before I answered it" I shrugged
"You do know that that bed will be gone by the time we get home" he reached his hand out and tucked my hair behind my ear
"It doesn't bother me a bed's a bed" I smiled "Hell after sleeping in so many different beds where god knows how many people have…" I stop and we both looked at the bed we were sitting on and started to laugh
"Yeah well the new one will have stronger posts" he chuckled pulling me to him "Because the night before we left I'm pretty sure can't be a one night thing"
"I'd better take lessons then" I kissed him
"I think you're actually a natural"
"I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing" I pulled a face
"Well if the music thing falls through then I'm sure there's a club somewhere that you can work at"
Okay right that's it" I pushed him back and got off the bed "Remember the little outfit you liked well that's no for the stage only" I huffed folding my arms over my chest and trying my hardest not to laugh. Chad got up and walked over to me.
"I'm sorry" he pouted "I have no fear of your career failing and as long as you keep the dancing for me" He kissed the side of my neck. I put my arms round him and hugged him. Mari calling was getting to me and I would do whatever it takes to keep him. "You know we have one more night here and then we get 4 days off" he moved the drapes to give us a view of the city.
"I know" I nodded
"I'm taking you away" He walked back to the bed taking my hand and pulling me with him "And all cell phones will be left with Lukas… four days of just me and you" I flopped back on the bed as he lay back
"I like the sound of that" I smirked "Do we need clothes?"
"Well the place we're going has a staff" he grinned "so I think we need some clothing"
"When are you going to let me do something for you?" I rolled on to my stomach and looked at him "You keep doing things for me and surprising me and…"
"And nothing" He smiled "Okay after this trip, you'll get to take a turn" he rolled me back on to my back
"Thank you"
"You won't outdo me" he teased pulling the tie open on the front of my robe.
"Is that a challenge Mr. Kroeger" I groaned bitingmy lip as he kissed my ribs
"Maybe, but you don't know what I have up my sleeve" he chuckled
"Oh this challenge is so on right now… Oh Damn" my back arched as his tongue drew tiny circles on my hip"……………..
………… "So are you going all Sexy school girl again?" Ryan laughed catching up to me as I walked toward the wardrobe room.
"No I'm calmer today" I linked his arm
"So no fuck the world attitude?"
"Not right now" I shook my head "hey do you know where Chad's taking me?"
Yep" he laughed
"Yep I know where you and Chad are going"
"Oh you suck" I swatted him
"Love you too Chris" he pushed open the door to the wardrobe room. "But I'm sure you're going to love it" he grabbed a t-shirt from the rail and walked back out leaving me to get changed into my stuff. I stepped out sending a text to Miranda.
"Well when you dress like that I can see what Chad's looking at" I spun round and was face to face with Mari. "don't worry he's just having fun with you now but believe me Chad needs more than just tit's and ass".
"Really so at least I know the reason why He's not about to take you back" I put my hands on my hips
"Oh he will I know him too well" she walked up to me "I know how to drive him crazy?'
"Yeah and that's just what you're doing right now" Mari jumped back at the sound of Chad's voice "Mari I don't know what you think we still have but from me it's nothing. You need to realize that not only do I not love you I can't a stand the sight of you or hearing your voice I've moved on" She glared at him.
"You think you'll last with that" She jabbed a finger in my direction "There's nothing she can do that I can't"
"Oh I'm so done" I snapped. I grabbed her and slammed her into the wall "You really don't want to piss me off because with the crap I've had to deal with, tearing you an new one will be like taking a picnic" Chad put his hands on my shoulders I shook them off "Get the hell out of his life and stay away from us… You had him… you lived with him and you left him… don't you think it says it all"
"Get off me Bitch" she hissed struggling against me "See what she's really like?" she shot a look at Chad
"Honey I've put up with bigger hassles in my life than you and believe me bitch is one of the nicer things I've been called" I pushed her again.
"Baby" Chad put his hands on my shoulders again I stepped back as I saw the security guards "Mari get out and get a life"
"Chris Stage" the stage manager hurried over
"I'll walk you" Chad kissed my temple and pulled me away from her
"Make sure she's gone" I looked at him "I wasn't bothered but now I am and I'm pissed" I took the ear pieces from the stage manager and pushed them in and walked away from all of them……………..


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