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Fighting the demons

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

SEQUEL TO THE ONLY WAY I CAN GO IS UP NOW *** .................. With a history like the one Autumn has and a husband that is playing in the NFL things can never go as easy as you’d hope. Autumn has to fight hard to stay away from the demons in her past and remember the people that love her will always love her when others want to tear her down…………… View table of contents...


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...................... I was talking to the doctor as the door opened and Drew walked in.
"I'm going to go check on some of my other patients now you have someone here" she smiled getting up from the chair "and I'll let you tell him" she patted my arm gently and walked out.
"How was your shower?" I asked looking at Drew.
"Felt good" he came over and sat on the side of the bed "I need to talk to you Baby"
"You look serious" I pulled myself up a little in the bed
"They caught Bret trying to get in to the hospital" He put his hands over mine as I started to shake "He was shot because he tried to pull a knife… they took him to the ER"
"He's here" my breathing was getting faster as terror gripped me again "Drew No" Drew pulled me into his arms
"It's okay… I went and confronted him" Drew stroked the side of my face "He's never going to hurt you ever again He died" I blinked and looked at Drew "He's dead we saw him die we heard the monitors flat line and the doctors call time of death"
"He'll still come I know…" I tried to understand what Drew was telling me
"Baby he can't he's gone to hell where he belongs he can't hurt you anymore he can't come after you and we can get on with our lives" He held my face in his hands "I wouldn't lie to you he's gone"
"So he can't" The tears welled in Drew's eyes as he smiled and shook his head "We're free of him" the words caught in my throat as he rested his forehead against mine and nodded I couldn't hold back the emotion I broke down feeling the feeling of dread and fear lift from me all I could feel was the aching from my body and the warmth of Drew's breath on my face as his lips found mine the deepness of the kiss made me feel safe finally. The sound of the door opening and a cough made Drew pull back a little but leaving him close enough that I was still wrapped in his arms Matt stood looking at us smiling.
"They carted him away to the morgue" Matt beamed walking over to us "You're free sis" Drew moved away from me so matt could tazke his place hugging me "No more being scared no more worrying"
"I know" I nodded against his shoulder.
"You mind if I go see B and Ethan and let them know" he asked
"Sure" I nodded slumping back against the pillows. Matt got up and dropped a kiss on my head
"Love you Autumn"
"Love you too bro" I watched as he walked out and Drew sat back down at my feet. "You look exhausted"
"I was scared… the emotions that were running through me when I was face to face with that…" Drew couldn't find the right words to describe Bret. "I walked out after telling him he would never have a holdover you and I couldn't stand Matt and Trent found me sitting on the floor" he looked at me "I wanted to hurt him so much seeing him lay there a tube shoved into his chest and blood everywhere…" Drew pulled a face 'But I knew if I did something stupid then he'd win and I'd be taken off by the cops leaving you alone again… so I said what I needed to and walked away"
"Thank you" I murmured he looked at me with a puzzled expression "For not leaving me"
"Sorry Mrs. Donovan" he smiled "You're stuck with me" he stroked the back of my hand with hs fingers stopping to run them over my wedding band. The door opened ad the doctor walked in and smiled.
"So did you tell him" I shook my head.
"Tell me what?" Drew asked looking from me to the Doctor and back again.
"I can come home" I said smiling wincing as it hurt the side of my face.
"Well if you have your car here then I can't see why she can't leave now as long as the papers are signed" the doctor sad handing me a file and a pen "I think you'll heal better at home" she smiled taking the file back as I signed the papers "I'll get you a set of scrubs to wear to go home and Drew there's a scrum of media outside waiting for a statement as you know so if you want to take the car to the rear of the hospital we can go out the back way" she walked out of the room.
"I can't wait till we can get home" he smiled getting up and reaching in his pocket for a set of keys.
"You're not the only one" I nodded as the doctor brought me a set of scrubs in.
"Call if you need help getting dressed okay" she smiled I nodded and waited for her to close the door.
"You want me to help you" Drew asked.
"Sure" I turned round so he could un-tie the fastenings of the hospital gown I heard the gasp as I pulled off the thin cotton for the first time showing him the cuts and bruises on my battered body.
"I wish I had of hurt him now" he muttered helping me on with the top and then the pants of the scrubs.
"Not pretty is it?" I asked facing him.
"I knew all of what he did but seeing the marks brings it all home" he swallowed hard. "I'm so sorry baby" he trailed his fingers down my arm and over the bandages of the burns on my wrists.
"You didn't do it" I sighed linking my fingers with him "Take me home Drew… Please…"………………….


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