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If you wore more than Jeans and a Hoodie

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Mallory was one of the guys growing up in the middle of nowhere. Dirt bikes, A.T.V.'s and snowmobiles’ was what she knew. Living with only her Dad and 4 brothers what else was she supposed to be.
The few girl friends she has are getting sick of the Jeans and the hoodie, and the guys see her as nothing more than one of them the girl who could go fishing with them, spend the day under a truck and not bat an eyelid at the crude jokes made at all the Girls expense in they're high school. But her best girlfriend Libby was determind Mallory was going to become the belle of the ball if it killed her................ View table of contents...

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........................................ "You've got to be kidding me" I said falling back onto my bed "He's sending me text messages right now" Libby walked out of my bathroom"
"Who" she laughed sitting on the end of my bed.
"Eli" I smiled sitting back up.
"Oooo hot dude sending you messages" she grinned trying to look over my shoulder.
"Yeah hot guy that has dated almost everyone in our grade" I shrugged.
"So what's he saying" Libby asked getting up and walking across to the dresser to check her hair again. 'He loves you and has for years and he wants to sweep you off your feet" I gave her one of those shut up looks and picked up my phone as it buzzed again.
***New Message*** Eli*** so Friday night no game whatcha doing*** 7.45pm***
See he wants you" Libby laughed.
"Okay you want to leave now" I said grinning at her as I started to test back.
***sitting here texting you DUH*** send
"How do you ever get a date" she groaned brushing her long brown hair.
"You know me when was the last time I had a date".
"Winter formal" She said after thinking for a while "Oh but that was when we were in 7th grade in middle school".
"Exactly what grade are we in now" I said getting up and putting a clean hoodie on.
"11th" She sighed. "Well if you ever wore more than jeans and a hoodie and acted less like one of the guys then maybe they'd see you as a girl once in a while".
"Ever thought maybe I like the way I am" I asked as I heard footsteps banging up the stairs I watched as Libby quickly checked her reflection again before the door opened.
"Where'd you put it" Wes said with his hands on his hips.
"HI Wes" Libby said grinning like an idiot I did a double take I swear to god her shirt had popped 3 buttons since the door opened.
"Oh Hey Libby" he said his eyes not leaving the cleavage that was proudly on display I groaned.
"Where'd I put what" I said sitting back down on my bed.
"The steering wheel from my truck you know damn well what" He said managing to tear his eyes away.
"Someone's taken the steering wheel from your truck" I snorted "Jeez who could you have pissed off enough for them to do something like that" I looked at Libby who was in between drooling over my big brother and trying to work out how the hell someone take a steering wheel from a truck.
"Do I have to beat it out of you" He growled getting red in the face.
Wes was 14 months older than me and acted like 14 years younger. We'd all got the same dark hair and grey eyes when I say we they're 5 of us altogether; Jordan is the oldest at 22 and works as a firefighter with Dad. Then comes Wes or doofus as I affectionately call him like I said he's 14 months older than me and had just turned 18, I was next and the only girl well I'm supposed to be a girl but I think, I have one dress in my closet everything else is jeans and t-shirts and hoodies school dances I tend to stay home. Then I have 2 younger brothers Jamie and Gage both trouble both 7 years old, they we're the Opps babies with almost 10 years between me and them. We live in a piece of land in the middle of nowhere perfect hunting and fishing land as Dad calls it Mom had gone to town shopping one week before Christmas 3 years ago and we're still waiting for her to come home, We don't tend to mention it because it always ends in tears and normally one of us getting mad. We all pull our weight doing things for Dad trying to make his life a bit easier, the house was our favorite place to be our Great Grandpa had built it when he was about 30 and it had been passed down and added to ever since it was always warm and cozy and never allowed to fall apart Dad had his pride in everything he did including the 5 of us.
"Oh it takes a man not his dinner to beat anything out of me" I said getting up and poking him in the chest "And why the hell would I want to piss you off" I looked at me he knew anything he dished out he got back from me. He and Jordan had taught me how to fight and not like a girl I'd made Jordan see stars two weeks ago when I was due on my period and he took the last Milky Way from the fridge.
"So who took it?"
"Fairies, elves, Santa Oooo maybe the tooth fairy when she came for Jamie's tooth last night" I shrugged Libby stifled a giggle "Take Jordan's truck he's at work tonight so he rode in with Dad" I sighed. "Where are you going anyway you've had a shower" he flicked me the finger and leant on the dresser next to Libby the color shot up her neck as his arm brushed hers.
"Meeting some of the guys for a scrimmage" I raised my eye brows but Libby jumped in before I could say anything.
"But it's dark and cold" he looked at her his eyes flicked from hers to her boobs.
"Er… it's normally cold when its football season" he laughed "and we're using the school field under the lights".
"Not heading to Eli's this week" Jordan looked at me and a smirk appeared on his face.
"Maybe depends on the company" he said winking at me. "Later girls" he walked out of my room I got up and closed the door.
'Sometimes my brother is a pig"
"Cute pig I wouldn't mind greasing him up and chasing him round a field" Libby giggled as the door opened again and Wes put his head round the door.
"Jamie and Gage are staying at Eli's little brothers tonight" He smiled "Oh and Libby I got the grease whenever you're ready" I thought she was going to die as he walked down the stairs laughing.
"That serves you right for drooling over him and for god sake there was less breast on show on the table last thanksgiving" I said creasing up laughing.
"Oh fuck off" She said shaking her head. "Just how do you get a steering wheel off a truck anyway" I walked across to my closet and opened the door pulling out his steering wheel.
"Oh pretty easy when you know how"…………………………………………………


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