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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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....................... We stood watching the game till the final whistle we'd won by 30 points trouncing the other team most of our points coming in the third and fourth quarters. The team came off the field pumped from the win. Jackson and Dimitri ran over to us.
"Alfie since when can you guys rock out Like that dude" Dimitri laughed high fiving Alfie.
"Always" Alfie shrugged "We just needed our perfect girl" he pointed to where I was talking to some parents.
"Hey Wisconsin" Jackson shouted making me look round. "Dinner all of us" he put his arm round Kerions shoulder.
"Sure" I nodded I felt hands on my shoulders.
"Don't get changed though you'll ruin my dreams" a voice whispered in my ear I jumped as Nico walked by me and winked back over his shoulder bumping right into Xander who was looking pissed. "Xander you coming to dinner"
"Oh yeah I think I need to" he shot a look at me
"Awesome" Nico put his arm round Xander and pulled him toward the locker room.
"Jackson, Dimitri" we heard the principals voice above the crowd "Christine, Alfie" he waved us toward him. The four of us made our way over to him. "I know you guys all want to celebrate but first can you talk to the news crew" he pointed to where the two local news crews were standing.
"The four of us?" Dimitri asked
"Yep they have some questions for you guys" he started to walked over to them.
"Well it looks like we're the popular ones" Dimitri laughed "Ma'am" He offered me his arm. We all went over. The reporter smiled at the four of us.
"Okay we want you two" she pointed to me and to Alfie "In between our two Jocks" she smiled a huge cheesy smile at Dimitri and Jackson. Dimitri moved my arm that was still linked through his and put his arm round my shoulders as Alfie and Jackson were laughing together. Dimitri had the warmest brown eyes I think I'd ever seen where as his brother's were pale blue. "So Guys tonight's first home game was a little different to the usual high school game you actually had a halftime show" she started talking to us and the camera "How did it feel to have that?"
"From the team point of view it blew us away" Jackson smiled his arm draped round Alfies shoulder "We knew nothing about it and to me it helped us win the game at the end of the day"
"Yeah" Dimitri nodded "how can you not go out and win when you have the entire school behind you and giving you what these guys and the rest of the band did tonight" Alfie looked at me and winked he knew the jocks were beginning to soften a little.
"Christine have you ever done anything like that before?"
"No never… well not as a show for a football game" I smiled Dimitri's thumb was rubbing on the back of my neck and driving me to distraction.
"Do you guys think it's going to become a regular thing? because I think people will come not only for the football but also the show"
"That I think you're going to have to ask the principal about" Alfie chuckled.
"Well From the two extremes of groups here at Riverview high it's back to the studio" she ended the interview "Nice job guys" she shook all of our hands and began to walk away.
"I think we need to hurry up and get changed" Jackson said looking at Nico
"Yeah I think I do as well" I sighed.
"Hell no" Jackson, Alfie and Dimitri all said at once I looked at them
"You look amazing" Jackson chuckled please from the quarterback on behalf of the rest of the team let us all have the image of you dressed like that just for tonight as a celebration thing" he dropped to his knees and pretended to beg. I felt my cheeks flame red.
"Yeah come on Chris" Alfie smirked "you look hot and that was from my girlfriend" he pointed across the field to where The quietest girl I've ever known was sitting talking to Miranda She was only about 5ft compared to Alfies 6ft but Heidi was all about him and he was all about her.
"Fine I'll do it for Heidi" I laughed "And Jackson get up" I groaned. Dimitri's hand was still in the back of my neck.
"D come on" Jackson got up and headed toward the locker room as some of the guys were already out and talking to people in the parking lot.
I'm coming" Dimitri dropped his hand "thanks again guys and dinner's on us" he turned and walked away I looked at Alfie.
"Wow one gig can make that much difference" I put my arm round him as we walked over to his girlfriend.
"Oh yeah… I hope it last that's all" her dropped a kiss on my head "and Chris we'll play for you anytime"
"Thank you" I smiled letting go of him as Miranda skipped over to me.
"So what?" I looked at her as she handed me my purse
"You going to be the next big thing?"
"Yeah I'm a high school kid that has fun singing" I smiled linking her arm as we made our way to my car "So you must really like Xander for the Boss to know" I pushed my tongue in my cheek and looked at her as she flushed red.
"He's cute" she looked down and messed with the ring on her finger. "But he's one of them"
"Who?" I looked round where kids that I'd never seen talking were mixing together "all I see tonight is a group of high school kids"
"Smart ass"
"Ask him out" I nudged her
"I couldn't and anyway he was asking all about you" she sighed.
"Ew… I've said it before he's not my type" I swatted her okay sit by him at dinner. "I'll sit next to you or right across the table from you"
"Okay" she groaned "Oooo no Chri…" she couldn't finish the sentence before I was grabbed round the waist and spun round.

"Wisconsin you rock" I recognize Nicolai's voice most of the crowd were watching.
"Dude really" I laughed as he put me down. I turned to face him
"What do you mean really… I think it was down you you and the guys that we won" he put his hands on the sides of my face and kissed me…………………


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