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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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................ "Okay so all the heat disappeared when you left" I looked round As Niko swaggered over to me as I closed my phone and wiped the tears from my cheeks.
"Yeah right it's eighty degrees" I stood up from the bench.
"I wasn't talking about the weather" he smiled "Okay I never thought calling you hot would make you cry" he walked over to me.
"I was talking to friends" I shrugged
"Some friends if they make you cry" I walked over to my car and sat on the hood Niko followed me
"They're my life" I shrugged "They're all out camping right now and I'm realizing how homesick I feel"
"We have cows here in Florida if you feel that bad" I shook my head and smiled
"Anyone tell you you're an idiot"
"Yeah but I'm a good looking Russian idiot" he smiled "That has to just do this…"
He stepped between my legs and pulled me to him and kissed me his hands resting in the middle of my back holding me against him. His mouth moved from my lips kissing along my jaw and down my neck. My head was spinning with emotion right now torn between missing my friends, the crazy rush that performing had created in me earlier and now Niko. His hands moved from my back to my legs wrapping them round his waist.
"God your hot" he murmured his hot breath on my ear somehow making me come to my senses I put my hands on his chest and pushed him gently
"Niko" I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath.
"What?" he groaned
"We need to stop" I looked at him "I'm sorry"
"Chris" he pleaded moving into kiss me again I unwrapped my legs from round him and shook my head.
"I can't"
"You've got a guy?"
"No… yes… it's complicated"
"Someone you left in Wisconsin?"
"I'm sorry… but I'm not the girl for you" he pulled me back to him
"Why don't you let me make that decision… I can kiss the other guy out of your head" he bent his head his lips skimming the exposed collar bone where the football jersey was hanging off of my shoulder.
"Niko please" I begged.
"Chris I promise I can take your mind off any jerk farm boy" His hand skimmed under the jersey and over my ribs heading upwards "I'm good" he groaned as his fingers toyed with the bottom of my bra.
"Stop" I pushed his hand away "I'm not…"
"Hey you ready to go?" The door to the restaurant opened and all the others piled out of the door Dimitri and Xander in front Xanders hand linked with Miranda's
"I'm going to walk" I said looking away from all of them I didn't want to let them see I'd been crying "Night" I pushed by Niko who was looking like I'd rained on his parade Standing with h is arms folded over his chest.
"Whoa you're Not in Wisconsin now" Jackson stopped me
"Chris you can't walk down the streets looking like that here" Miranda shook her head. "Unless you want to earn some money"
"I'm taking you home" Xander stepped up. I glanced at Miranda who was looking worried. Then at Niko who was leaning against his truck with his back to me.
"No you and Miranda go do something"
"We'll take you home" I looked at Alfie and Heidi
"Thanks" I kissed Xander on the cheek and hugged Miranda.
"What's going on?' she whispered I just shook my head.
"Night guys" Heidi put her arm through mine and walked with me to where Alfie was waiting by his car.
"Nikolai Sacha Carpov what the hell did you do?" Miranda poked him in the back "Do you have to try to screw everything with a pulse"
"I didn't" he groaned as they watched Alfie drive away "Not that I wasn't trying"
"I'm about to knock my best friend on his ass" Xander growled
"Try it you know you have a hot cousin and one of us was going to hit on her"
"Hit on her is one thing tapping her is another" Dimitri pushed his brothers shoulder "and what did we say?"
"Yeah well you wouldn't say no and if it's a chance for getting laid bro I'm going to take it" Xander stepped up to him making Miranda and Jackson get in between them.
"Hey knock it off" Jackson Held Xander back "Niko you're a jerk sometimes we've always had the stay away from friend's family members"
"Yeah well he wants your sister" he pointed to Xander

"Dude really" Jackson let go of Xander and looked at him
"OMG and you wonder why we keep away for you idiots" Pete groaned "it's like watching rutting stags going at it for the right to get the doe…" the guys all looked at him and looked back to each other "Do you guys think of anything other than the next game and who you're going to screw"
"He's right" Miranda sighed "you're best friends and it's about time you treat people with some respect and the boots doesn't mean she'll get on her damn back for any of you"
"I'm sorry" Niko sighed holding his hand out to Xander
"Me too" he nodded
"Look tomorrow night on the beach were we went last weekend" Jackson said looking round "and if you can put up with rutting stags you guys are more than welcome to come" he was looking to the band kids that were left. "I'll call Pete in the morning and give him the directions"
"Or you could just give them to your sister" Pete pointed to Miranda.
'Yeah I suppose I could" Jackson chuckled to himself. Xander put his arm round Miranda's waist and hugged her to him.
"You want me to take you home"
"Well I'm not walking and I don't trust his…" she jerked her thumb in the direction of her brother "driving skills"……………………


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