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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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................... I walked out of the house and looked round.
"Hey you" Jackson put his arm round me "Where've you been?"
"In the house" I smiled
"Xander was looking for you" we walked over to where all the kids from school were all laughing and joking around.
"Okay where have you been?" Xander eyed me.
"Talking to Dimitri" I shrugged as Heidi hugged me
"So we're performing" Kerion nudged me.
"Well I got a visit from Niko this morning and we're getting paid $500 to play here" he shrugged "didn't D tell you?"
"Er… no we sort of… kind of… so were playing" I said shaking my head.
"Yup" Pete nodded
"I'm voting for the FMB's" Jackson laughed "whose with me?" a heap of hands shot up I looked round and saw Dimitri and Niko talking to a guy about an inch shorter than the two of them his graying hair neat and tidy to go along with the neat perfectly pressed clothes he was wearing. I walked over to them Dimitri saw me and smiled.
"Her she is" he held out his hand to me. The guy turned round immediate I knew he was their Dad he looked more like Niko than dimitir but he had the same dimples when he smiled that Dimitri had.
"Ahhh now I see why my boys were so…"
"Papa" Niko and Dimitri both moaned he held up his hands
"I'm sorry forgive me" he took my hand and kissed it.
"Chris this is our Dad" Dimitri sighed
"You can call me Alexi and your Christine yes?"
"Chris" I nodded
"Okay Chris… so you and your friends are going to entertain us this afternoon I hear"
"Well so I've been told" I looked at Niko and then Dimitri.
"My daughter saw you at the game on Friday and said you were good" I looked round Nas winked at me and walked over
"Good Papa I think I told you they were better than good and the look on the faces of the guys was out of this world"
"Can you do the same again?" Alexi asked smiling at me.
"I… I..." Dimitri pulled me in between him and Niko where he knew I was comfortable.
"Papa let us talk to Chris" he smiled "and I'm sure we can work something out"
"Alexi" some guy called over to him
"Okay fine let me know and if the $500's not enough then" he kissed my hand again and walked away
"Okay when were you going to tell me about this" I looked form Niko to Dimitri
"Hey I had no idea till 5 minutes ago" Dimitri held up his hands "and if you want to say no then it's fine" he had his hand on the back of my neck his thumb doing the rubbing thing that he seemed to like doing.
"I didn't think you'd mind" Niko shrugged "But if you don't want to then it'll be okay" he squeezed my hand.
"Niko two minutes okay" Dimitri pulled me aside.
"I really didn't know this is what they wanted I promise" I rested my hands against his chest as I face him.
"I know, you've been babysitting me all day" I smiled a little "I'll do it singing has been the one thing that's kept me going… till now" I added he smiled a crooked smile
"You rock you know that" he chuckled.
"Do you think I should wear what I did on Friday night?" He sat on the small wall and put his hands on his thighs and tipped his head to look at me.
"Personally I think you look cute as you are but Wow Friday you… well… 'he shook his head. "You were smoking" I felt my cheeks turn red. "So you need a ride home to get changed then don't you?"
"Do you mind" I was pushing the thoughts of earlier to the back of my mind.
"Not at all" he got up and pulled his keys from his pocket "I'll go tell my parents you go and tell the guys where we're going because I swear Xander is ready to string me up for keep taking you places". He winked at me I walked over to the others and let them know Alfie high fived me as they started to set up there things on the patio which over looked the rest of the garden.
"You know we should make this a big thing and try to get in to the bars and clubs round here" Kerion suggested.
"I like the sound of that" I nodded.
'Yeah… we can become big and famous and you already have your own body guards" he pointed to where Niko and Dimitri were laughing with Xander and Jackson.
"You guys need me to get anything while I'm gone"
"Nope we're all good" Pete smiled "we'll work out a set thing while you're gone with the songs we dad at the beach and at school"
"Cool" I kissed the three of them on their cheeks and waked to Dimitri "I'm ready"
"Se you guys in a while"
"Chris be good" Xander called out
"I can't believe you just said that" I groaned as Dimitri disappeared into the house. I hurried after him.
"Okay we have to take my sisters car mines blocked in" he smiled throwing his keys down and picking up another set.
"Will she be okay with it?"
'I don't know she blocked me in so" he shrugged he took my hand and laced his fingers with mine and pulled me out to the cars, we got into a sleek black Mercedes and headed for my house. I opened the front door the message light was blinking on the house phone I walked over to it and hit play.
***Chris it's Dad, you're phones off… anyway can you get your sister to school in the morning by the time we get to Gainesville it's going to be late and I have a meeting at 8 in the morning… I'm sorry honey I know it's a pain but you know what football seasons like… love you kiss jess for me***
"Story of my life" I sighed
"Where is your sister?" Dimitri asked
"With Xanders parents in Orlando" I looked at him "yet more crap" I ran my hand through my hair "make your self at home I'll be as quick as I can" I walked down the hall to my room and pulled out a pair of leggings and the football jersey I wore the night at school I started to get changed. And walked back into the l;iving room Dimitir looked at me.
"You know what would look better?" he smirked
"My jersey on you"
"It's the same as this one" I shrugged.
"No that's' #18 mines #7" he bit on his bottom lip "you can borrow mine when we get home. It is clean"
"Well you actually need to help me with these" I pulled the boots from behind my back "It took me Heidi and Miranda to get them on me and it took Xander all his strength to get them off" I sat on the couch
"Okay he rubbed his hands together as I slid my foot down into the leather I swear he swallowed like he was trying to get down a Granny smith He stood next to me and grabbed the top and pulled as I pushed till my foot slid into place.
"Next" I gasped trying to catch my breath after the effort of the first one I slid my foot in and he grabbed the top again pulling to the point of me falling off the couch backwards Dimitri got his had stuck in the boot and fell with me landing on top of me on the floor………………


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