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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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…………….. I remember singing with the others that afternoon while Kyle was allowed to go and train with the football team. Miranda had been and fetched my stage costume and was tweaking it my head was reeling still from the argument with Arron.
'Honey" Mr. Sorenson came over to me 'My sweet Christine" he took my shoulders "you need to focus… you have the world for a stage tonight and you need to be at the top of your game"
'I' know I just have a head ache"
"Boss why doesn't Chris go lay down for a while" Alfie suggested "we have the set planned and she's sounding really good and I think we could all do with a chance for a 10 minute break"
"Okay fine" he threw up his hands dramatically
"I'll be fine in a while I promise guys" I walked to the door Miranda, Heidi and Emma following me the four of us went to one of the empty classrooms Emma handed me some Advil and a bottle of water.
"I'm sorry I upset you" she sighed putting her arm round me
'It's not you it's him…" I looked at her "He's lying Em… I miscarried I didn't have an abortion" Miranda looked at me wide eyed as Heidi choked on her gum… look to cut a really long bad story short I got pregnant and he beat me" Emma got up from the chair and paced muttering under her breath a whole string of words that would have made a Marine blush.
"You were going to have a baby" Heidi's voice wasn;t much above a whisper as Miranda sat next to me
"It was a mistake… not planned" I ran my hand through my hair "Arron went off the deep end"
"Kyle's going to kill him" Emma hissed through her teeth.
"Please guys I don't want people to know"
"But Kyle Loves you"
I know if you do tell him he can't risk doing something to screw up his chance at school" she nodded "Please don't tell anyone" I begged looking round the room.
"Does Dimitri know?" Miranda asked
"Yeah… he was the first person I told since it happened" I nodded "And Niko knows as well he over heard me yelling at Arron" Em stood behind me and hugged me to her
"Okay forget the asshole dirt bag scum sucking leeching chewing tiny dicked douche bag" Miranda and Heidi looked at her and started to laugh "You have a hot damn hot Russian guy who's accent could get the panties off of a nun" even I started to laugh now "go out there tonight and remember the friends that love you and the hot Russian you need in you"
"OMG I don't believe you just said that" I groaned as Heidi and Miranda fell about laughing as the door opened
"Talking hot Russians" we all looked round as Niko put his head round the door.
"You called" he swaggered into the room and put his arms round Emma and Miranda's shoulders
"Well we were talking about you brother" I sighed
"Oh knock the ego thanks Christine" he pouted
"I'm sorry" I winked at him
"Okay D said be by the locker room at 4"
"Alright" he looked at me
"You sure your okay?"
"I'm sure Niko… I think I just realized my friends rock"
"Of course we do I'm Russian" he chuckled "4 don't be late" he turned and walked back from the room. I walked over to the window and pulled the blinds closed I lay down on the floor and drifted off to sleep while the girls sat talking quietly about hot guys and the pros and coms of hot band guys and the hot bodies of the jocks………………….
……………. I walked down the hall after splashing cold water on my face Dimitri was leaning against the wall in just his shorts a Football jersey slung over his shoulder.
"I thought you'd stood me up" he smiled as I got up to him
"I fell asleep and the girls left me as long as they could" I kissed him.
"I wanted to see you before you we have to go and you guys have to go sound check" he laughed "Hey what happens if I tell people I'm with the band"
"I don't know… if we suck I think they'll laugh at you" I rested my head against his shoulder
"You don't suck" he lifted my chin "I'll be there watching you"
"Oh now I'm more nervous" I groaned
"You'll be fine when you step out on that stage" he stroked his fingers down the side of my face "я тебя люблю" he breathed in my ear "я хочу вы"
"One of these times you're going to do that and I won't be able to control myself" I gasped catching his bottom lip in my teeth.
"That's what I'm hoping" he murmured kissing me wrapping his arms round me and lifting me from the ground.
"Mr. Carpov" the sound of the Coaches voice echoed down the hall "you have 3 minutes to kiss Miss. Sommers goodbye" he walked intothe locker room ad Dimitri put me back down.
"Here" he handed me a envelope "Don't open it until just before you go in stage tonight okay"
"Just don't" he pleaded "and this is also for you" he handed me the jersey over his shoulder I held it up it was a replica of his with his number 7 on it.
"I love it" I kissed him pulling it on over the tank I was wearing.
"Looking hot baby" he increased the accent.
"Mr. Carpov if you want to be benched then stay where you are" Coach barked.
"You'd better go" I chuckeld "See you at the show" he kissed me and pulled away.
'That's a Nickelback song right" he smirked as he opened the door.
"Oh yeah" I nodded turning and walking down the hall back to where the others were going to be waiting to head off the venue…………………….


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