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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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.................... Mr. Sorenson held the door open as we got to the stage entrance that was busy with people running in and out setting up the stage. My hands were shaking and my palms were sweating as we walked inside.
"You okay" Pete whispered slipping his arm round my waist I could feel him trembling as much as I was.
"I can't believe we're here" I murmured as Miranda linked her fingers with mine.
"Christine" the unmistakable Russian accent of Elena cut through the air "You all made it" she came over and hugged me and the guys in turn as Lukas stood smiling behind her.
"Yeah" was about all I could get out.
"Excellent" she looked at the shirt I was wearing and grinned. "I see Dimitri got you his number" she chuckled putting her arm round me and leading me forward grabbing Alfies' hand with her other hand
"He gave it me about an hour ago" I said nervously looking round at all the packing cases all with NICKELBACK sprayed on them "are we supposed to be backstage" I whispered like a kids trying not to get caught telling a secret.
"Yes, yes you are supposed to be back here… I have these for all of you" Simon came over with a bunch of passes in his hand and put one round each of our necks. "Okay Lukas can you take the others back to the dressing room while we go up to the stage"
"Sure" Lukas took the clothing bags from Emma and Miranda 'you guys this way" they all walked off disappearing into the darkness. I swallowed hard and I could hear Kerion chanting 'don't puke breathe, don't puke breathe' as we walked up some steps and out on to the stage the house lights were up full and made me blink a couple of times after being backstage.
"And welcome to the world of Arena's' Simon threw out his arms. People were bustling around setting up lighting and sound and other equipment.
"I feel like I'm in a dream" I turned round on the spot trying to take it all in I heard Elena laugh a little
"Well you guys need to get yourselves together a little and we'll come get you to do a sound check in about 10 minutes" Simon laughed "this is where you'll be playing tonight and we've opened the doors to anyone who wants to come" I looked at him and raised my eye brows "We're hoping for at least 2000 people. I staggered back a little. As someone came over to him and started showing him some papers. "!0 minutes okay Elena you need to come look at these he held up the papers "Chase will you take these guys down to the dressing room" a tall guy in his mid 20's came over his ball cap on his head backwards a tool belt round his waist.
"Sure" he smiled at us "This way he led us backstage… Mrs. C has been raving about you all day you have us all waiting to hear you guys" he drawled in a heavy Canadian accent. "And I'm not just talking roadies" he pushed open a door.
"So what are you talking?" Pete asked putting his guitar case down.
"Oh everyone here and others" he laughed "later" he walked out and closed the door the four of us looked at each other. I sank down into a chair. I need someone to pinch me because this is…."
"insane, crazy, awesome" Alfie laughed as the door opened again and Miranda walked in with all of the others.
Well you guys all look like you've seen a ghost" Emma smirked.
"You need to go out there and look out" Pete whistled "it's scary"
"Oh we know rock stars" Miranda sang leaping round the room "I'm styling the band" she started to giggle and fell over Alfies feet as the door opened again and Lukas put his head round the door.
"Okay we're ready for you guys" he smiled at the pure terror written across our faces. "You'll be fine there's only the crew out there" I got up and pulled Alfie to his feet followed by Pete the four of us walked back the way we'd come and onto the stage Chase walked over to me and handed me a microphone while he put in the ear pieces.
"I have to aks is that what you're wearing tonight?"
"Oh hell no she has real good FMB's" Alfie smirked I groaned and shook his my head
"Wow looking forward to it" Chase grinned "maybe we could go out to eat"
"Back off" Elena said stepping from almost no where "she has a Russian boy tha't is all that"
"I'm sorry Mrs. C" he held up his hands "Can't blame a guy for trying" he walked away winking at me Elena mutter something under her breath before taking my hands.
"Just do what you did the other day two songs is all we need right now"
"I thought it was just a check?"
"It is but we just want to make sure" she smiled a twinkle in her eye. She walked off the stage and out into the empty arena where we couldn't see a lot. Kerion began his intro into side of a bullet with Pete and Alfie joining in. I let the music do the job of a drug and make everything in my head the way it should me. The song was done in the blink of an eye, Pete came forward and sat on a stool and started I'd come for you the tempo so much lighter than before from one extreme to the other. I got goose bumps as I came to the end the feeling was like nothing I'd ever felt and this was just a sound check.
"That was fantastic" Simons voice cut through the air "do half as good tonight and it'll be awesome.
"I think maybe we could help out with at least one of those songs tonight" I chuckle came from behind me "you were… Well of anyone is going to poach our songs then I'm glad its you" I turned round and almost dropped to the floor where I stood sitting on the riser was Nickelback. Oh god oh god I couldn't form words "So how about it? We won't steal your thunder but one song right at the end wouldn't hurt right"
"Hmmm" I swallowed the grapefruit that was lodged in my throat.
"That was mean Chad" Elena was on the stage now laughing "And I think When Christine manages to stop the stroke she's about to have she'd love to do a song or two with you" She out her arm round me.
"I vote something in your mouth" Emma called from the side of the stage I shot her a look.
"How old are you?" Chad asked looking back at me
"Er… 18 tomorrow" I croaked out.
"Okay why don't we try Last day and maybe Never gonna be alone".
'Hmmm… sure" I nodded oh god get a grip girl he's just a guy that sings I thought I my head… oh if Dimitri could sing like him and witht hat accents of his Damn he'd be in bed right now"
"So we'll see you tonight then" he offered me his hand I took it and shook it "And if we thought you were good screw what anyone else thinks" he winked as they all left the stage.
"Oooo pinch me I'm dreaming and I'm never washing my hand again" I gasped. Chad Kroeger shook my hand" I looked down at my hand I don't know what I was expecting to see.
"Okay Chris I'm doing this ofr you r own good" Emma laughed I blinked atr her as she slapped my face.
"Thanks I think I forgot how to breath for a minute" I smiled "Are they really going to be here tonight?" I looked at Elena" she nodded
"I was owed favors for getting the best rooms in twon so I asked them to come to the sound check"
"I think I need to go lay down" I stepped away from Elena "Thank you"
'You are welcome honey" she laughed "thers everything you need back in the dressing room I'll check on you all later" she walked away. Emma and Miranda helped me learn to walk again ireached in to my pocket for my phone and my hand clsed round The note Dimitri had given me.
"You guys go on I'll be two minutes"
""Okay but you need to get in there so we can start your hair" Miranda pointed out.
"I will" I waited till they'd gone and I sat on a box and opened the envelope
I can't believe I'm not there right now and if we lose the game tonight it's because none of us want to be here we want to be there supporting you guys,
Mom won't tell me anything about what's happening but she wouldn't screw you over… like mother like son.
I thought you'd like to finally know what I keep saying to you and writing it down I know will look crazy but
я тебя люблю means I love you.
so I'll be there waiting for my Beautiful rocker to come out and blow us all away with her now knowing that this Russian is in love with her.
I love you… я тебя люблю
D xoxoxoxoxo
Right now reading the note made me happier than just meeting Nickelback I was riding on such a high right now I don't think I could get knocked down by anything, I wanted to tell Dimitri I felt the same way but it was going to have to wait till after the show………………….


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