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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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.................. 'I don't like this" Pete hissed to the others as I walked into the other room and tried to find my things from my bags.
"Nor me… You should have seen the size of this dude he was huge"
"Fat" Kerion peered round at the sound of the tub filling came through the door.
"No he was built like a brick shit house" Alfie whistled.
"I think we need to tell someone about this"
"She didn't even want to tell me I had to drag out the information from her" Alfie paced.
'Someone needs to stop this guy if he's hitting girls" Pete walked to the door.
"Where are you going?"
"To find William" he left the room. I walked in wrapped in a towel.
"Hey can someone get me a coffee or something?"
"Sure if you wait a few minutes you can take it in the bath with you" Alfie said quickly, catching sight of the marks on my arms and my throat
"Good idea" I walked back into the other room and rubbed my neck, trying to be happy when I hurt as much as I did right now was hard I pulled some P.J.'s from a case and put them on the bed.
"So you want to tell me why you have marks on your face and arms?" I jumped at the sound of William's voice
"Chris are those finger prints on neck?" He walked to the door and turned on the main room lights "What the hell happened to you?"
"I ran into someone I was hoping to avoid" I looked down
"Her Ex" Alfie piped up from the doorway I shot him a look "Chris some dude hits you and you think we're going to keep quiet about it" the look of worry and concern on the faces of the five guys in the room made me break down.
"Christine this is wrong why the hell are you protecting him?" William crouched down by me 'I have a daughter a couple of years younger than you and if some guy was hurting her I'd want to know about it"
"Yeah well that's where being a good parent comes into play" I sniffed "I have career driven parents that forget birthdays" Pete sat next to me and put his arm round my shoulder.
"How much have you got bottled inside of you" William murmured.
"More than you'd believe"
"I want you to get checked out in the hospital" I shook my head. "Chris we're invested in your voice if he's crushed anything or damaged anything we have 3 weeks to make it right"
"Why are you so scared to go to the hospital?" Alfie looked at me.
"Because I'd have to tell them everything" I broke down
"This is beyond just getting knocked around" William stood up and pulled out his phone asking for the car to be brought round "Chris get dressed we going to the E.R." he walked out the room and made another call to Elena while I took my P.J.'s into the bathroom I knew it was no point arguing William was a guy that got his way. I put my hair up into a pony tail and came back out.
"You want one of us to come with you?" Kerion offered. I nodded he grabbed his jacket I looked at Alfie and Pete.
"I'm sorry you hooked up with a girl with baggage" I sighed
"Good job we don't care then isn't it" Alfie smiled "we're working and living together for the next almost two months we need to trust each other" I nodded.
"Lets go wait down stairs" Kerion opened the door for me…………………….
………………. William paced the room waiting for Elena to answer
Elena * Elena Carpov
William * Elena we have a problem
Elena * problem with what?
William * Chris
Elena * it's a teen thing my Dimitri hurt her feelings it'll work out.
William * it's got nothing to do with him… I'm about to take her to the E.R. she got beaten by her ex tonight. I was hoping you could maybe shed some light on to what's the story she's clammed up like my ass on a rollercoaster.
Elena * is she okay?
William * she's got some good bruising on her neck and her arms and a slight scrape under her eye… do you know if he's done this before?
Elena * I don't know let me talk to Dimi and see if he knows anything and I'll call you back.
William * thank you.
Elena ended the call
"You okay you look white Mama?" Niko asked taking a bite from the sandwich.
"Go get your brother" Niko didn't wait to be told twice by the look in her face he knew it was something serious. He took the stairs two at a time and pushed open Dimitri's door. Dimitri was leaning next to his window looking out rubbing the cast on his hand.
"Mama wants you and it sounds serious"
"But I haven't done anything" Dimitri groaned walking over to Niko
"I don't thik it's you she looks I don't know scared and angry I think" the two off them ran back down the stairs and intot he kitchen.
"Everything okay Mama?" Dimitri asked looking at her.
"What do you know about Chris's ex boyfriend"
"He was a loser and a totally douche" he shrugged breaking eye contact with his Mom.
"Dimitri… look at me" he looked up "Did he hit her" he looked at Niko and then groaned.
"Yes" he nodded
"He kept bugging her after she came here so I sort of got involved" I leant on his arms on the counter top. "I finally got her to tell me why she hated him so much…"
"And it was because he was hitting her" Elena pushed.
"He raped her a few times and she got pregnant" Elena sucked inher breath as Niko put his hand on Dimitri's shoulder. "He got pissed about it and hit her hard enough in the stomach that she lost the baby" his eyes dropped again this time Elena let it slid "She only told her best friend who then went and screwed the guy" a tear ran down hs face "Till I got her to open up and tell me… I was the only other person that knew her deepest secrets and I screw her over when she trusted me" Niko pulled Dimitri into a hug.
"I just got a call from William" Elena said flipping open her laptop and scrolling through for flights "Chris had a run in with this guy again tonight" Dimitri pulled away from hs brother.
"Is she okay?"
"He's taking her to the E.R."
"Are you going up there?" Niko asked
"Yes I need to make sure she doesn't feel swamped by so many guys"
"I'm coming with you" Dimitri paced
"I don't think…" he cut her off sharply.
"Я иду. Мне нужно видеть Крис"……………………..


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