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It's in the accent

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Moving schools is one thing moving schools from one end of the country to the other is another… Christine Sommers family have picked up and moved from the heart of Cow country in Wisconsin down to the Sunshine State so her Dad can take up a coaching position with U.F. Football.
Her Dad was originally from Tampa and has always wanted to move back there and he saw this as the chance his family needs, with her Mom an author that’s away on book tours a lot most of the time it’s left up to Chris to take care of her little sister…
Fitting in to a school run by the popular kids isn’t going to be the only challenge she faces when she upsets the girl that could make or break her…………………..
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.............................. I walked down the hallway and hit the button on the elevator I heard running footsteps behind me.
"I'm sorry… Chris I love you… Please listen" he stood right behind me his hands loosely on my arms "That's the translation" I closed my eyes.
"Sorry doesn't cover it Dimitri" I hung my head "If I didn't have this one shot at doing what I love… I wouldn't go on" I turned to look at him. "You want to know the reason I drove up here?" I didn't wait for an answer I knew Jackson Xander and Miranda were going to be at the airport to say goodbye which meant there was a possibility you were going to be there and I didn't want to have to face you or see you"
'Why didn't you listen when I called you at school" he asked
"Because I didn't hear you… and I don't know even if I had I would have listened" I fought back the tears "I thought for one really dumb assed moment going home to Wausau would be good to see faces and places I love… I guess I forgot how small it is and that Arron would have found out somehow I 'd be there" I wrapped my arms round myself realizing the hoodie I was wearing was actually Dimitri's.
"So I basically forced you back here to face him" he turned away from me and paced a little as the door to the elevator opened and some of the sound guys got off and smiled at me I nodded back a greeting. "Chris…" I looked at Dimitri "When we got in last night no one was awake other than William and Mom wanted to talk to him… what you said in the room just about him raping you" I nodded.
"He took me out side when I was about to go to the bathroom and threw me like last season's hunting doe in the bed of his truck and raped me" I snapped bluntly he sat in one of the two chairs that faced the elevator and put his head in his hand. "To cut a long story short I was told I needed to go to the hospital because he tried to choke me and William wanted to make sure my chords were okay… everything spilled out I gave the police a full statement and everything they needed" I couldn't hold the tears in anymore "I don't want to be that girl that's too scared to say things to people anymore… I'm sick of having no one" Dimitri got up and went to hug me I backed away from him. "I'm sick of finding guys that use me when I love them… and you have no idea how much I loved you"
"Hey Chris you want to get some breakfast?" Pete walked down the hallway toward us.
"Sure" I called the elevator again this time the doors opening immediately
"Guys hurry up the Elevators here" there was a sound like stampeding cattle as the guys ran down the hall Niko pulled Dimitri inside with is we were jammed in Dimitri's hand touching mine he stroked his fingers lightly down the back of my hand I so wanted to pull my hand away and either punch him or push it in to the pocket of his hoodie I was still wearing, but somehow it felt strangely comforting. We walked out on the to floor which held the restaurant half of it was sectioned off for all of the Nickelback group. Elena was sitting with William and the band Chad leant across the table and said something. Elena got up and came over.
"Christine" her face was how a mothers looks when she's worrying about one of her kids something I hadn't seen in my mother face for a long time. I felt the lump hit my throat as she hugged me to her the tears streamed silently down my cheeks. "It's okay Baby" she soothed "No man will hurt you again".
"Hey Chris" I looked up as Chad walked over his was pained. "How's the voice?"
"I haven't tried it yet" I sniffed wiping my eyes on my sleeves "Look I'm so sorry you guys have to deal with my crap" I was standing in front of one of the biggest rock stars in the world apologizing for getting beaten and raped.
"It's not crap Chris" his tone was sharp "When you come on tour with us he looked round at the guys who were listening "you become part of a slightly crazy dysfunctional family" the smile cocked on his face "I already said to Will that we'd treat you guys like little brothers and sisters" he hugged me "don't be afraid to come to any of your big brothers… come to the gig tonight and see if it helps take your mind off it"
"Thank you" I nodded he winked and walked over to where dimitir was sitting and crouched down.
"Dude okay one you're an idiot for letting her go. Two do everything you can to get her back she is going to make it huge with these guys" he pointed to Pete and the others. "But you need the security of people you love to keep you grounded and to make this job a little less lonely" he got up and want back to his table and sat down, I poured a coffee and felt a nudge. I looked at Niko.
"Okay so if two brothers sort of kind of wanted to go to a town west of here you got any idea how to do it?"
"Don't Niko" I begged.
"Chris someone needs to teach this dude a lesson and there's two Russian ready to do it"
"Niko he's not worth it" I sighed.
"Okay I guess we can use the GPS" he shrugged "Don't forget he has no idea who the hell we are"
"No but the police are already after him you guys beat the crap out of him and I might as well have just let him rape ma and get away with it again" I put my hand on his arm "I want my friends not meat heads"
"Jeez When you put it like that" he sighed "I was ready to kick the crap out of someone as well"……………………..


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