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Life's what you make it

Novel By: Kirkyb
Young adult

Tiffany is living with her Mom and older sister in yet another rental. She's moved more times than most people do in an entire lifetime. With a hooker for a Mom and a dead beat drunk for a Dad that blew in and out of her life when he was low on money. Tiffany had learnt the hard way how to stand on her own two feet, she Knew that she was better than this life but trust's no one but herself.

She struggles to come to termns with the fact not everyone is two faced and that she can rely on others.......... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 5, 2009    Reads: 4,442    Comments: 30    Likes: 22   

.................. Sometimes in your life don't you wish that it you could just crawl into a hole and die. Like the time when you walk out of the bathroom in 2nd grade with your skirt tucked into your underwear and all the guys were laughing at you, or the time the cutest guy in school asks you something and you end up making a total ass out of yourself by talking way to fast or realizing you have something in your teeth. Well I think I was the girl that all those things seemed to happen to, but when I'd never been at a school for more than 2 years at a time I got the chance to start all over a lot.
This was my junior year and my older sister was in her senior class. Madi was the girl who people just seemed to take to she had the personality that made everyone like her, all the guys seemed to love her waist length long blond hair and she knew how to flirt and get what she wanted, and believe me it was normally in the back of some jocks car she turned tricks like our mom.
I'd rather keep myself to myself. People seemed to be more hassle than they were worth and the girls just seemed to be two faced where ever we went same shit different day type of deal. I wished I could have the normal life, not going back to the crappy side of a town in a rundown rental house with bad furniture and even worse neighbors.
I tried to keep my grades up where ever we ended up. I'd go home and study and go out to work any waitress job I could to save for the things I wanted for myself. My Dad blew in every now and then took the money from Mom got drunk and left again he'd never been a real dad like the ones you see playing in the park with his kids he was a drunk and bummed dead end jobs for his next beer, we'd had a whole lot of Christmases and birthdays that passed like any other day, I had got to the point where I didn't really care I needed to make something of myself to get out of this pit I seemed to have been raised in…………………
………….. I climbed on to the school bus and sat down not looking at anyone I pulled my book from my bag and started to read, I could hear the giggling and whispering of the girls behind me as my sister got on the bus and sat next to me and turned round and started to chat to them like she'd known them all her life.
"So did Ross come and say something to you" Alicia asked putting her perfectly manicured hand on top of my sisters on the seat.
"No why" Madi answered with a pathetic high pitched giggle.
"He was talking to Julie who told Troy who told me that he thought you were cute" Alicia said way to fast.
"He's a bit short" Madi pouted.
"Never stopped you before" I mumbled under my breath.
"Say something" Madi snapped glaring at me.
"Nope" I sighed not looking up from my book.
"Good, it's got nothing to do with you" Alicia said leaning over the seat and taking my book from me Madi started to laugh.
"Sorry. Did you say something because your voice is so high pitched I think only dogs can hear you" I shrugged "and by looking at the company you keep they ain't pedigrees" I took the book back from her and opened it up again.
"Your sister is a total loser" Alicia said flicking her hair back over her shoulder.
'I know she's like the rest of my family" Madi said digging me hard in the ribs, I got up and moved to a seat toward the front of the bus on my own, leaving them to be bitchy. The bus stopped at the top of the street we were living in I grabbed my bag and got off and started to walk.
"You need to keep your opinions to yourself" Madi snapped catching up with me "I won't save your ass if you piss someone off and they go after you".
"When have I ever needed you to fight my battles" I said putting my hand in my pocket for my keys.
"You should try making friend with people for a change what to be all false and bitchy" I sneered "No thanks" I opened the door to the house as Mom walked out of her room counting the cash in her hand as a guy was getting dressed on the edge of the bed. I walked past her.
"Tiffany you need to start dinner" she called after me.
"I have to get ready for work" I went to my room and closed the door behind me locking it I looked round the room and threw my bag on my bed and went to the closet and pulled out clean jeans and my work shirt I grabbed my hair brush and pulled my hair into a ponytail and stuck a pen in it before getting my jacket and walking back out of the door.
"You still need to make dinner" Mom said lighting a cigarette as the guy closed the door on his way out.
"I have to be at work in 40 minutes and I have to walk there" I said sitting down to put my boots on.
"Madi is going out with friends so what am I going to do for food" I stood up and looked at her "Maybe you should try cooking something for your self" I suggested.
"Don't get smart with me" Mom snapped picking up her phone as it rang. I shrugged and walked out and headed down the street. I pulled the collar up on my jacket as the wind started to blow I hate having a crappy jacket in the mid west winter……………………………………….


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